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Re: my baby fell off the bed.

I'm in the club too. When dd was 7 months she fell off the bed. I was, of course, RIGHT there! Kids are so resilient.


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Re: my baby fell off the bed.

almost all babies at one point or another fall off someones lap, roll off the changing table, roll off the bed or something like that....I would watch to make sure nothing seems out of the ordinary but don't worry it doesn't make you a bad mom
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Re: my baby fell off the bed.

Fwiw: at about 10 months old I start teaching my son how to safely get off of the bEd feet first, on his tummy. I just slide him to the edge of the bed, roll him on his tummy, and then hold his hands while slowly scooting his feet to the floor. After about a week of "practice" my little guy surprisedus by waking up from a nap and just crawling out to the family room.
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Thanks everyone! He is going to sleep now, he seems fine. That is a great idea to teach him how to get off the bed!
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Re: my baby fell off the bed.

This happened to me a few days ago. My baby thinks it's a hilarious game to dive off the bed and have us catch him by the ankles. Well on a sleepy Saturday morning mommy's reflexes just aren't that good. He fell between the nightstand and the bed, smack onto the hardwood. He was upset, but stopped crying after a few minutes. I was still bawling that night. And we also worried about letting him sleep afterwards, but if he had hit his head hard enough to cause a concussion he would have been acting strangely, having trouble nursing, eyes would have looked weird, etc.

It's just a crummy feeling, but I'm sure your baby is okay!
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DD was just learning how to roll over and I had a horrendous migraine. I took her to bed with me hoping she'd nap so I could. No luck, she just wanted to play. All of a sudden I had to get sick, so I bolted up out of bed, ran for the bathroom and got sick. I was just wiping my mouth and heard a crash and a scream, she rolled off onto the laminate. She was scared, but ultimately fine. It happens to everyone!

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Yep, they ask fall at some point or another. It is no fun, but normal. You're still a good mama!

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Don't feel bad. If I had written this thread it would've been entitled "My baby fell off the bed... Three times". Between slow/sleepy reaction times, turning my back to blow my nose, and saying "he's asleep, surely I can take 30 seconds to pour a cup of coffee 12 feet away"... Yup, my kid rolled off the bed three times. He's fine. He also learned how to get off the bed feet-first shortly thereafter.
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I'm a member of the baby rolling off bed club also. I fell asleep nursing she rolled out of my arms off the bed. She was still young & I went crazy over it took her to er & everything. She did have a fracture but she was fine moments after I was a mess for weeks over it while at the hospital the nurses all were telling me how it happens so much as long as no bleeding in the brain they normally heal up fine. The baby's ped welcomed me to the being a parent club lol said your truly a parent now you've had your first & definetly not last emergency situation. Your for surely not a bad mom cause of it as long as baby's safe that's al that matters.
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Re: my baby fell off the bed.

DD2 fell off her sister's bed when she was about 5 months old. She fell on the carpet but I still lost it. DD1 fell down our stairs at about 10 months when I, in a Mother of the Year moment, left the baby gate open. Other than a bruise on her forehead , she was fine. Things like that just happen. Don't beat yourself up (although I understand and I do the same thing!).
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