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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

Partly. I have hyperemesis every time and mine doesn't stop during the pregnancy. So despite meds I still throw up multiple times daily and am barely functional all pregnancy. Still obviously we decided on a 3rd and went to lengths to conceive (all our kids are the result of fertility treatments). But I can say that this pregnancy with me being as sick as I am makes it easy to let go of our original plan of 4 kids. I just can't do another pregnancy.


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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

Nope. I've always wanted atleast 4. This pregnancy has been the "worse" one. Heartburn and back aches the entire time, and they have been horrible. But I do want another after this.
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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

I've had hyperemesis with both pregnancies and will be getting Essure after this baby. We've always wanted to adopt anyhow.

This pregnancy I started getting nauseous before I got my BFP (at 10 DPO mind you) and even with a whole cocktail of meds since week 6 I've lost 7% of my body weight at 14 weeks. I'm still on the meds, and finally starting to get some relief, I think. I can't do this again, especially if my pregnancies continue to get worse (I can only imagine how bad this would have been without early and aggressive medication). My husband never wants to see me go through this again either.
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My pregnancies have been relatively easy. Temperaments of all family members and delivery have had an effect on our family size, though. In addition, the disconnect between hubs and me during infancy is pretty rough for us. We like more couple time than most people we know. We think we are stopping at 3. We originally planned on 4 or more.
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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

personally, im never doing this again. (im almost 11w and super dee duper sick!). BUT- i said that last time, and i did get sick with my previous 2 pregnancies... my first child even resulting in hyperemesis hospitalization. i think you forget how bad it is, more so than the pain of childbirth (which haunts me so much that my ideal birthplan is OSMOSIS). haha, but this wasnt planned and there will be action taken to make sure that future accidents dont happen!
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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

This is my third pregnancy and it has been the worst.
I have horrible constipation for the first three months, like no amount of laxative works. I have to use an enema every time in order to move anything. Severe fatigue throughout the whole pregnancy. Low iron. Irritable uterus
so contractions start at about 20 weeks. Pubic symphasis dysfunction, which causes a lot of pain. Round ligament pain. Sacral/hip pain. And vular varicose.
Now my baby is breech, and has been since 32 weeks, I'm 35+ weeks and he isn't turning despite all my efforts.
I really don't want to be preggo again.
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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

It's been a big deciding factor for me. I didn't have the vomiting, some nausea, but that didn't take too long to pass. I spent 4 months instead being unable to walk far due to pubic symphasis disfunction and then had to be hospitalized and induced due to pre-eclampsia. I was miserable for four months, and by all accounts, both of those not only occur but get worse with subsequent pregnancies.

Of course there are other things, DH and my ages, he turns 39 next week and I'm 33, my fertility issues due to endometriosis, financial constraints etc, but that was a big factor. Before all that started there was a slim chance we might have a third child. By the end of 4 months of constant pain, I knew my uterus was closed for business. No way am I intentionally doing that again. If there happens to be an oops between now and vasectomy time, we'll deal, but as far as planning is concerned, we're done.

ETA: how on earth did I forget about irritable uterus? I started contracting hard at 28 weeks, but by 39 and 5 when they induced me my cervix was still long, high and closed. Nothing like going through mega amounts of pain and not being able to sleep more than a few hours at a stretch for months on end purpose at all.

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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

My husband knows NEVER to listen to me while I am pregnant, as I SWEAR we are NEVER doing this again! I am soooo miserable with sickness, RL pain, pubic symphasis, sciatic pain and severe fatigue due to extremely low iron... BUT, once I have that sweet squishy baby in my arms, I am ready to do it all over again! We have been blessed by God in our unplanned, long spacing between all of our children, that I *forget* just how awful pregnancy is for me. So, I would have to say, NO, my pregnancy misery doesn't dictate our family size! The squishy babies are soooo worth it!
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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

I have pretty easy pregnancies, but I know personally a few women that have chosen to have only one or two because of the horrible symptoms that they had. One is a doula friend of mine who had a very easy birth but said NO WAY is she going through the horrible all-day 9 months of MS again if she can help it.

I can't imagine going through what some of you ladies do during pregnancy, really! It amazes me.
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Re: Do your pregnancy symptoms decide how many kids you have?

Ah, DH tried to remind me I said I was never "doing this again" when I was so sick with #4 during the first half of pregnancy. She's my only girl and the one I was most sick with (same with my sister and her girl). When I got my umbilical hernia, I kept thinking "I'll never have to be pregnant again." to get me to the end. Then when I had my c-section, during recovery at home I told DH, "I never want to do this again." (3rd c-section), though I didn't get my tubes tied during surgery because we weren't 100% at peace with that and the doc stressed not to decide while pregnant. Well, now baby girl is 1 year old and I was way more open to having another, then last week felt sick and icky and thought, "I don't know if I want to go through months of feeling like that again!" as it affected how I treated my 4 kids and took care of them and then the thought of recovery too... ugh. But then my brain goes, "what if the 5th was a boy and my recovery would be easier?" haha. So it is playing a factor in our deciding, but it's not the end all be all. As you can probably read, I have no idea... could a magical baby just come to my doorstep? That sounds like a good option!
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