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Advice Needed

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Where to begin? I have a seventh month old son with very sensitive skin. He suffers from eczema that we generally keep under good control with elidel and hydrocortisone when he flares. He is on goat milk due to cow's milk intolerance (I am not a fan of soy) and organic solids. We only put him in 100% cotton clothing, in fact, we put him in the fuzzy fleece carter's pajamas a couple of times and he flared. In fact, he even broke out a little bit today after having him on a fleece blanket during his diaper-free time. He has had diaper rash a few times, but every time it seems to be related to bowel movements (more like a burn) than to moisture. We were using target diapers during the day and seventh generation overnights. I just ordered Bambo and Nature Babycare (we will see how that goes). I have also tried baking soda in the bath, milk of magnesia, triple paste, A/D, aquaphor, butt paste, etc. Needless to say, this time beats anything I have ever seen before (I have a four year old too). This time it started with daycare not staying on top of things while he was there (I have since pulled him and will be staying at home). Then I missed a bowel movement over the weekend, which made the diaper rash extreme. The rash around his waist and bottom appears to be a reaction to the seventh generation diaper as it appeared this morning. It has been diagnosed as an eczema related rash and being treated appropriately. So, we are considering going cloth, or rather I should say, I am considering going cloth, my husband is a little resistant. I don't know where to begin. Will it help or hurt? Very concerned about the the non-natural fibers in some of them, given how he has reacted to synthetics in the past. Which type, what brand, how expensive? It is so overwhelming to try to figure it out on your own, and I have no store within an hour or more to put my hands on any or get any advice. So here I am asking the people I figure know the most to please give me any applicable advice. All is welcome and appreciated.


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Re: Advice Needed

So you need something easy to use to get hubby on board & all cotton materials?
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Re: Advice Needed

He seems to be very sensitive to synthetic materials, and therefore if I were you I would look for cotton! it is the least allergenic material around.

There are several retailers who do a diaper "trial" program where you order diapers and use them for 20 - 30 days to see what really works the best for you, I would contact them and see if you can get as many cotton diapers as possible.

Another route would be to go all natural fibers, GroVia makes an organic cotton AIO that I love, and they are about to release prefolds and wool soakers, but for something to get started immediately, I would look at GMD (Green Mountain Diapers) - their site is incredibly informative.

The only hard thing with cotton is that some kids are also sensitive to wetness, I would suggest the GroVia BioLiners because they give a stay dry feel but aren't made of polyester. Raw silk liners are also amazing for the incredibly sensitive.

Other things to consider talking to the doctor about: food allergy testing and Psoriasis, my niece is allergic to ALL nuts, seeds, eggs and milk. She battled terrible Eczema until that was under control.

Poor baby- but you have come to a place where you will get support
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Re: Advice Needed

Hey Mama- I just looked this up and a lot of moms with the same types of issues really like Flip covers and you can use prefolds or Flips inserts (they make stay-dry and organic cotton). Hope that helps
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My heart goes out to your LO. My middle DS has eczema and we went through a lot of trial and error to manage it.

I would suggest starting with some all cotton prefolds and a few covers. I opted to stick with all natural fibers and its an inexpensive way to start. Green Mountain Diapers has wonderful prefolds and several options for covers. The website has detailed explanations and comparisons, and there's a page with suggestions for what you'll need to start.

My DH wasn't to sure about it either, but just folding a diaper into thirds and fastening a cover is just as easy as a disposable.
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Re: Advice Needed

My dd has eczema & could not tolerate disposables. We also could not use artificial fibers in her diapers. I mostly used organic cotton diapers with wool covers. We also had to watch what laundry detergent we used. We used Weleda calendula cream/diaper cream with her. HTH!

edited to add: you will probably also need to be sure to use natural fiber clothing & even tags in clothes can be a problem. My dd can't even sleep with stuffed animals because they give her a rash!

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Re: Advice Needed

it is so hard with allergic kiddos, i sympathize. does he have explosive or green/watery bowels? my son was the eczema king and was lactose intolerant (is still i think, but we havent tried- he's 5 now and still drinks his goat's milk yogurt every night). i exclusively breastfed him for 9 mos without introducing solids, and i had to be on a special diet the entire time so as not to give him a reaction. at the 2 yr mark he weaned and went on to goat's milk yogurt watered down--he still had a hard time with just the milk, the fermentation helped to break down the proteins further so he could digest them. maybe you could try that? and i would limit the amount of organic solids he has IF there are digestive symptoms and/or pains. my son's intestines would bleed if he ate something he wasn't supposed to (allergic colitis). anyhow, we did cloth diaper him and he tolerated it very well, whereas many fabrics and even wipes would make him break out. i ended up taking him to a homeopathic doctor who treated him and it helped A LOT. i never did steroid creams...with the homeopathic treatment he had something called a 'healing crisis' where it first gets worse, (he was covered in eczema from head to toe!!) and then he never had another patch or episode.

it does get better, just keep trying to limit the load his immune system/digestive system has to bear and stay positive! i know it's hard.
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Re: Advice Needed

Ohhhh!! Poor thing, and poor mommy! *hugs*
YES cloth will help! You can get a 100% organic cotton fitteds and super soft wool covers!
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Poor baby. Cloth will help. I'd try prefolds or fitteds and wool.
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Re: Advice Needed

Poor baby! I just wanted to share a cream that has helped my horrible excema (which only minimally responds to corticosteroids) that I discovered through cloth diapering my son. It's called "Earth Friendly Baby Organic Calendula Daily Care Cream". It's very light and not greasy and noticably improved my bad scaling patches overnight.( The Weleda calendula cream is also good but has zinc in it, and is greasy.)

I would also second that you try to find an online cloth diaper place in your area that does either diaper trials or monthly rentals, so that you can try a few things and see what helps and not be stuck with something that doesn't work. I would say to try a diaper service, because these usually involve either prefolds and covers or fitteds and covers and they are very easy....but they tend to clean the diapers with harsher methods (which may be something that would worsen the excema) and also they tend to be pricier than just buying your own diapers. Still, it may be a way to try cloth and get your hubby to consider it.

Also, this is kind of out there but are you sure he is not allergic to goat? I only suggest because I am and if I wear anything mohair or am even touching it briefly, my excema flares up.
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