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S/O What's your daily schedule like?

Obviously, every day is different, but what's your usual daily schedule?

6:45 up and shower
7:00 dress, coffee, start a load of laundry
7:30 kids up, change baby's diaper, wake up time (my boys wake up very slowly)
8:15 breakfast
9:00 kids free play, I transfer laundry to dryer and fold whatever was still in the dryer from yesterday and maybe start another load
9:30 or 10 get kids dressed. If we have any morning errands to run, we do them now. If we're home, I'm generally cleaning during this time.
11:00 small snack
11:30 little one down for nap. While he naps, DS1 and I usually do some kind of casual homeschool project, a craft, whatever.
1-1:30ish I prepare lunch (and set up dinner if need be). If I work that day, its on the earlier end. If not, it's a bit later.
1:45ish we leave the house. Some days, its for me to go to work (kids to Grandma's). Other days, its the park, errands, the play area in the mall, etc.
3:30 or 4 I do some cleaning while the boys "help".
5:00 start cooking dinner and DH comes home
6:00 dinner
7:00 baths
7:30 DS2 goes to bed. DS1 is usually playing Lego with dad or watching a movie with him.
8:30 DS1 goes to bed
9:30 DH goes to bed. I run a load of dishes.
11:30 I go to bed

ETA:if I'm working, DH brings the boys home from Grandma's around 5:30. I usually have dinner in the fridge or crockpot for them. Everything from 2:00-9:00 is DH's job those nights.


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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

Today's day

10 am get up balance the bank acc't
11 am nurse baby and put back to sleep
11:30 mix up some corn bread for dinner tonight eat breakfast, shower and dress wash dishes if I shower fast enough
12 start a load of laundry and fold what is in the dryer
12:30 get baby up dressed, fed, nursed and out the door to pay bills
3pm eat lunch nurse and feed baby
3:30 kids get home after school snack start dinner help with homework possible trip to library play with kids

I am so far behind today. Baby is cutting molars, has a rash and is very fussy.
6 pm dinner
7pm start getting kids ready for bed
8pm ds1 goes to bed this can be 30 minutes of negotiations
9pm dd goes to bed. I wake up my husband. He doesn't like the alarm.
Then dishes, finnish laundry, clean up the kitchen, straighten the livingroom, vacuum, mop, bathroom. Whatever else needs doing that didn't get done during the day. Play with baby. Sometimes I do my baking at this time as well. Last night I made 2 gallons of chicken broth for the month.
2-3am I get to go to bed. Some day I will get more than 2 hours sleep straight. Baby wakes to nurse 2 hours after going to sleep. About 1-2 hours later I get the older kids up. Baby will either get up for an hour at 7am or wake to nurse at 8am. I am up for the day at 10 am.
Usually after dd goes to bed at 9pm I try to spend 30 minutes with my husband as he gets ready for work. I also must get his things ready. Dinner, coffee, drinks, snacks.

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6:15am- get up, do friend's taxes, enter food program info, FaceTime with dh
6:45am- wake up kids, start breakfasts, get dressed, assist in getting kids dressed, get baby dressed, give baby snack in highchair
7:40am- daycare baby gets dropped off
7:55am- leave for school (we usually walk at 8:05am but drove today because of rain)
8:15am- Drive thru Starbucks :-)
8:30am- Get home, warm daycare baby's bottle, nurse baby, let babies play before naptime
9am- daycare baby down for nap, change stinky diaper, start diaper laundry, nurse baby.
9:45am- meet with party hostess to give hostess packet
10am- relax time, watch Price is Right, play on my phone...

Once the babies are up from their nap we play, get changed, have lunch, play again, then it's naptime again. We have to leave at 2pm to get the kids at school if its raining, otherwise we walk at 2:20pm. He gets picked up at 4:15pm, I start dinner by 6pm. The rest of my day is far less scheduled.
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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

We don't have a daily schedule. I homeschool so no school to get to in the morning. Kids normally wake up around 7:30 am and DH lets me sleep in until I get up, which is usually 8 or 8:30. We eat breakfast, play, do school work, etc. Depending on the weather we'll go for walks or play outside. I do a little cleaning in the afternoon and we have quiet time. Then we do some more school work, playing, etc before dinner. Kids are normally in the kitchen with me while I prepare dinner. We eat, do a little more school work, read stories, play a little and then start bedtime routine. Kids are usually more than ready for bed around 7 pm. Then after they are in bed I read, get paper work done, drink tea, watch TV or take a bubblebath/shower. Right before I go to bed I take the dogs outside one last time to pee, make sure cat has food and water and then I crash.

I'm a birth professional so if I have a client the days are different. Fridays are our long days (except for today) where we're gone most of the day doing groceries, errands, homeschooling group and a play group.
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My M-F

5:05am- alarm goes off

5:15- out of bed, shower

5:30-get dressed, do hair/makeup, DD will sometimes wake up, so my mom will take her

5:55- downstairs. Make coffee and bagel, grab lunch.

6:10- out the door.
7-4- WORK!

5ish-7:30- Get home. Make/eat dinner. Play with DD, give her a bath, get her in bed.

8-10- mama time, usually. Fold laundry, read, write, watch a TV show, clean the bathroom. Whatever needs to be done.

I usually get most cleaning type stuff done on the weekends. By Thursday I'm so tired I usually fall asleep at 9, if not with DD while I'm putting her to bed.
Single mama to my sweet D. Taking life one day at a time.
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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

6:15 wake up and get ready
6:30 wake girls up and get them ready
7:00 warm up baby bottle and cook breakfast
7:15 wake baby up and feed
7:35 brush kids teeth and head to school
8:15 back from school drop off, put baby down for nap
8:30 pump
9:00 exercise video of some sort
9:35 quick shower
9:50 wake baby up and feed
10:10 head to school to pick up pre-schooler
10:30 play at park
11:30 head home and prepare lunch
12:00 eat lunch
12:30 nap, rest time, computer time
2:00 me practice piano
2:45 teach ODD piano
3:00 naptime over
3:00-5:00 household chores
5:00 prepare dinner (meat portion has usually been cooking all day in the crock pot)
5:30ish eat
6:00-7:00 hang out with DH and kids
7:00 bathtime and get ready for bed
7:30 kids go to bed
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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

Wow you mamas are ambitious . I love looking at other people's schedules ... it inspires me to ORGANIZE!
My day is such:
7:40 - wake up
7:40-8:10 kids dressed/breakfast; usually start a load of laundry and empty dishwasher
8:15 walk kids to bus stop (older two)
8:20 change ydd into clothes and yds's diaper and out of pajamas. let dog out.
8:30 kids watch TV and i catch up on emails and internet-y stuff (like MFP, etc.)
9:10 leave for YMCA
9:30-11:15 work out at Y; kids in free daycare (usually large muscle and fine motor activities available ... Friday is jumphouse Friday so the kids LOVE it .
11:40 back home, lunch
12:00 yds needs nap, so i nurse him to sleep while ydd plays or watches another show
12:20 play with ydd a little bit, get her started on a project (like coloring, play-doh, set up play house, etc.)
12:40 - 1:30 homework for me while yds naps and ydd plays
1:30 yds up, switch laundry (it's perpetual)
1:45 snacks
2:00 go for a walk if it's nice, otherwise play a game with ydd (like hide and seek)
2:30-3:45 run errands (it seems i have at least 1 per day!!!)
3:45 start dinner
4:10 odd and ods home
4:25 eat dinner
4:45 homework for odd and ods
5:30 free time for older two (usually screens) while littles play and i clean up kitchen
6:00 baths for yds and ydd
6:45 bath for ods
7:15 beginnings of bedtime
8:00 they'd better be asleep or mama goes crazy
8:00-10:00 mama time (trashy tv)
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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

Depends on my work schedule.

4:30--wake up, throw on hopefully clean workout clothes, & brush teeth
4:45--leave house
5:00--crossfit (varies from 40 min to 60 min, including drive home)
6:00--make kids lunches, prep breakfast
6:30--wake kids up, feed them breakfast
7:00--they finish getting ready themselves, I sit down with coffee
7:20--take them to school
7:40--shower and get ready
8:30--mon, wed, fri i help my oldest with homeschooling, she is pretty independent, though, so many times i run errands, clean, volunteer at elementary school, etc. on tue, thur I go to work.
2:40 pick up kids from school and this is where we get crazy!

monday--dd2 has dance from 5-8, dd1 has tumbling from 730-830
tuesday--dd2 has dance from 4-5 & ballet school 630-730, dd1 has dance from 6-9
wednesday--dd2 has dance from 4-5 & tumbling 530-630
thursday--boys have gymnastics from 330-430, dd2 has dance from 5-8
friday--dd2 has girl scouts every other friday 3-4.
i work 4 evenings a week around my kids' and dh schedule. we are not in baseball, soccer, or football season right now so this is my "easy" time of the year. i also play trumpet in a concert band but on hiatus right now.

my kids are really independent so they get their homework done on their own. dinner is provided (notice i did not say "made" or "prepared" lol) by my husband or me, depends on who is home that day, and the kids get ready for bed a little after 8. boys go to bed at 8:30, dd2 at 9, and dd1 doesn't have a bedtime. i go to bed around 10:30.
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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

We have preschool two days a week, here is what those days look like. Otherwise we are home during school time cleaning and playing

7 wake up, eat breakfast
8 get dressed get things packed up for school
8:30 leave for school
9:15 pick up the little boy I babysit
9:30-11 run errands, grocery shop, library
11:30 pick up preschooler
12 lunch
1 nap time for toddlers (big boys watch a movie)
1-2:30 I throw in some laundry, do dishes, have some quiet time
2:30 snack
3 start dinner, start picking up from the day (if I don't start it now I always run out of time after the little boy I babysit leaves)
4-4:30 little boy I babysit gets ready to go leaves
4:30 finish up dinner
5 dinner
6-7 playtime with the kids
7 start getting ready for bed
8 everyone is asleep, I work on lesson plans and choreography (I teach ballet), knit, tidy up dinner dishes, get things ready for the next day and then spend some time with DH
Hi I'm Sara mommy to 4 little Mischief Makers
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Re: S/O What's your daily schedule like?

I started back to work so now our daily schedule looks like this

5:00am-- I get up, dressed, ready for work, make coffe/breakfast, feed and let dog out
5:30am--DD wakes to eat (if not i pump and eat breakfast at home)
6:00am--leave for work--eat or pump on the way
6:30-2:30--work for me
7:00am--DH gets DS1 up and ready for school
7:40-- DS1 gets on the bus
7:45 to 9 DH gets DS2 and DD up and ready for daycare and they leave
9:am--? DH works. Usually till 9 or 10pm sometiems he doesn't go to work till later int eh morning.
3:00pm--I pick DS2 and DD up from daycare
3:30pm--DS1 gets dropped off from school
3:30-4:00 snack for the boys, feed DD
4:00-5:00 supper prep, boys play or help with supper
5:00-6:00 eat supper, clean up
6:00-7:30--DD eats, boys play, chores.
7:30--boys in bath, story time
8:00--DS1 in bed
8:15-10:00-- feed dd and get to bed, get DS2 to bed, DH gets home, watch TV for me
10:00pm-- I try to be in bed.
10:00pm-5:00am-- sleep, feed DD, pump ect.
wife and mom-- no other special labels. Just trying to do the best I can.
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