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Please tell me it gets better??

DS2 is 8 months old. He was a great baby until about 6 months. Slept great, nursed great, he was happy, everyone was happy! Then, once he hit about 6 months, he turned into the spawn of Satan. He stopped sleeping through the night, waking anywhere from 2x to up four or five times a night. He nurses to sleep so he'll only settle for me. I don't mind nursing him down, but it's so frustrating when he's awake a million times a night, and then barely naps during the day. He's got horrible eczema on his face, which I know is an allergy to something but I just can't figure out what. He seems to be very sensitive to things I eat (chocolate, caffeine, broccoli, tomatoes, etc) so I've cut everything out, but I just don't know what's going on. In case it was something he was eating, I cut out all solids and just gave him breastmilk. No improvement so it must be something I'm eating, right? I just don't know what's wrong with him or how to fix it. DS1 got better after 6 months, not worse like DS2. I'm just so tired and at the end of my rope.

Sorry, this post is kinda pointless and all over the place. I just really need someone to tell me it will get better


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it will get better! The eczema might not be a food allergy. Have you had it looked at? My DD2 had horrifying eczema at that age (going on three and still struggles with it, but on a much smaller scale), and she is allergic to things in her environment, not food. PM me if you want to talk about it.
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Re: Please tell me it gets better??

it does get better - DD was going through the 4month sleep regression still at 6months, so I recommend googling that and looking into some tips on helping babies make the leap between REM cycles on their own rather than relying solely on caregivers. white noise machines are hugely popular for that.

as for the eczema, I agree with lensesforeyes, it might not be food. I have a friend who's daughter has horrible eczema and for her (actually for a lot of children here), it's the aridness of where we live. A lot of kids here only get baths once a week or every other day, etc to help their skin. Laundry detergent can also do it - even dreft has been known to cause eczema in some children.
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Re: Please tell me it gets better??

My baby was pretty awful and cranky at that age. I think a lot of it had to do with frustration at seeing how cool the world is but not being mobile or independent enough to go where she wanted or do what she wanted. It got a lot better when she got more mobile.

I also noticed a huge correlation with how much sleep she got. She has always needed way more sleep than others, and turns into a beast if there isn't enough shut-eye. At 18 months she is still sleeping 3 hours more than the average for her age, and the first 3 months she basically slept 21+ hours a day. So despite my best efforts to have a good napper that could sleep anywhere, I had to really prioritize napping. We made the room super dark, and I gave anyone the evil that made the slightest peep during nap time... no one was allowed to go in the hallway. What worked best for me was always putting her to sleep still awake, even when that was hard. Sometimes that meant doing it 3 or 4 times in a row. Or if she only slept 15 minutes, I would put put her back down for another nap because i knew that wasn't enough. I would sometimes let her cry, but had a 15 minute cap on it, and only if she wasn't escalating and getting really worked up. By taking care of napping and not having an over-tired baby, she slept so much better at night.

I felt very alone and overwhelmed. For my sanity I had to get out of the house everyday. So we did lots of trips to the library and shopping because she did really well when we were out. I also would take 2 showers a day sometimes because she would happily lay on the floor in the shower or in my arms and I loved it when she was happy and content. GL, it gets better! She's just the happiest and sweetest little 1 year old now. And usually I can lay her down for nap or bedtime and she curls up and I put the blanket on her - at one point that seemed like an impossible dream. I actually look forward to those special bonding cuddling times, including the occasional middle of the night wake-up.
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My dd got horrible drool rash around 6 months...she was however happy for everyone but me.. I am sorry you are experiencing this. Once all the teeth come in it should get better.

My ds is 18 months and the last 5 teeth are making him satan! I also think he's frustrated because he can express what he wants.
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DD2 gets eczema on her face as well. She tested negative for all common food allergies. For her, it's environmental. Things like grandmas lotion or any little bug that activates her immune system flares it up. She's never been a great sleeper. Woke up 4-5 times a night til around a year, then things drastically improved. Good luck!
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Re: Please tell me it gets better??

This happened to one of my twin DDs, it turned out to be a combination of a food allergy to soy and an outside allergy to baby wipes. You just have to play the guessing game and figure out what is going wrong. It took about 2 months to figure it out on our end. After I changed to cloth wipes with water and all cloth diapers while cutting ALL soy from the diet she became my happy little girl again. Sorry mama, I know it is HARD!
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