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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

Originally Posted by Addicted2Chocolate View Post
We only shop for our 3 girls. Hubby and I don't exchange gifts.
Our 15 year old is getting a used iPhone because her current phone is a piece of crap.

7 year old is getting a used iPad 2 to replace her kindle

2 year old is getting a used kitchen play set I found on Craigslist as well.

I love Craigslist.
Me too! I've picked up most of my list either from CL or a local FB Swap Page. I know there are people that frown on giving "used" items, but my thought is that my money will be able to buy alot more used than new. So, if my kids want items that are expensive, chances are it will be used.


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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

I wonder if its not cheaper to hit the store than to stay home. That said this week's online Christmas shopping I managed to get M done, myself done, and although its not what he wanted it will help so one of the boys too. For M's I used $33 in amazon gift cards free from swagbucks and $10. For the boy, I used the kohls gc my mom gave me for my birthday + some. The boys will be sharing a LEGO set they picked out back in Aug that I used half of my credit card rewards money to obtain. Still to come my $25 Old Navy gift card free from mypoints for something for the boys. If M cashes in his rewards points the other boy will get the same item from Kohls "free". The items I wanted I don't have gc to obtain as they are specialty items from MT (lotion and tea).

My sMIL was a $10 item from amazon free with swagbuck g/c. My mom $5 from LTD. Nieces and nephews $20 for 5 of them and their parents too. Still to go MIL, FIL and my dad and 1 son.

The boys here only want new mattress as they can feel the springs in theirs. They are getting toppers instead.
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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

I'll participate, I should have put a list together of who I need to buy for:










A (friend):

DD teacher
DD busdriver
DD daycare:
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Oh great!

DSD ~ Coach bag (second hand but it is beautiful) *

DS1 ~
Vest *
Lego alien kit*
Lego storage table *
Wimpy Kid book*
skull pj's*
Lorax dvd *

Ds2 ~ Power Rangers Megazord*
Power Ranger Gigazord *
Llama Llama book *
Percy engine *
Thomas DVD*
Robot pj's*

DS3 ~
Boad book *
Cars pj's *
Ball *
Fishing set *

Train table to share *

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This thread is awesome!
I haven't bought anything but I have ideas of what I'm getting!

DH: Running shoes, clothes, anything Ford truck related...
DD 2yo: leapster leap pad 2 and accessories OR Innotab 2 and accessories cant decide, clothes, boots...
DS (almost 1): boots, clothes, age appropriate toys...

Inlaws,bil,sil's, and my mom: gift cards
Brother: clothes...hasnt told me what he wants

Family friends-
B&S: gift cards
girls: clothes, nail polish, make up; girl stuff lol
Boys: clothes, boy stuff lol
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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

Wowza!!! You ladies must spend a ton of money with all the gifts you buy?! I dont think I could be happy doing that- we would be broke for sure lol. My husband has 13 brothers and sisters. I have 4 brothers and sisters. Yikes! We decided we are just buying a few things for our kids and then getting gifts for each of our parents. So 6 people.

Joining in on the fun though

Older daughter-
Purple baby doll stroller from Toys R Us: $4.99 got it!
Fisher Price Play Medical Kit from Toys R Us: $7.49 got it!

Younger daughter-
Pink baby doll stroller from Toys R Us: $4.99 got it!
Thomas the train movie, curious george movie: $10.00 got it!

Then... Right before Christmas my youngest turns 2! On December 21st. So presents for her birthday will be:
Goodie Games Cookie Shapes from amazon: $15 (price fluctuates... Somewhere around that).
Learning Resources Pretend and Play Snack Set from amazon: around $13.00

Making our 4 parents 50 hour candles, and taping waterproof matches to them.
Want to make something else as well... Not sure what.

Ooops... Forgot to add my husband and i are getting each other gifts as well.

My parents will be buying gifts for our kids too. (An Android tablet!!!) crazy, spoiled 2, and 3, yr. olds I have). Also, an aunt and uncle will spoil them.
Hi, I'm Lauren. I love my husband and my girls.
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I'll join too

cashmere sweater on sale
Cologne.. Still looking...
Stocking : pen holder he requested


Wooden Waldorf people set with pouch
balance Board
Stocking: winnie the pooh movie, .play silk ( traded for) thumb piano

Wooden tea set
Felt cookies and dough to cut out
Stocking: winne the pooh books and hand crank music box, play silk ( traded for)

Nook color ( used)
nook case
stocking : Gift card and modern alarm clock ( traded for)

Kindle ( used)
Waldorf momma and children set

A BIG bone

brother: something 15$
Mom photobook
MIL photo book

That's it

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Great idea! This year we are doing JOY (Jesus, others, yourself). So, my kids will get a Jesus based gift which will probably be a new Bible. The others gift will be for them to share. They will also pick names from the angel tree and each buy a gift for another kid. The yourself gift will be something they asked for. Their stockings will have things I've picked up throughout the year, toys from the handmade toy swap and undies or socks as needed.

Group gift- pjs (black Friday), Legos (second hand $20), apples to apples, movie (black Friday), Samsung galaxy tablet (Costco $180, bought with my scentsy money so not out of our budget)

Dh- watch (groupin $39) and he is building a new island which will be our gift to each other
Dd- knitting kit (Costco $10), diary (costco $10), CD player (big lots $20), bible, 2 outfits and a knit scarf
Ds1- Lego transformer set (Walmart sale $30) , bible, 2 chapter books, 2 outfits, knit football hat
Ds2- angry birds blanket (Costco $15), fort set (Walmart sale $30), bible, 2 outfits (Costco $7.50 each) and a knit dragon hat
Ds3- toy story recycling center (Walmart sale ($25), bible, 2 outfits (Costco $7.50 each) and a knit Viking style knit hat

Dad- $20 lowes gift card
Mom- necklace, kids will make fleece blanket
Mil- scentsy body gift set ($16), kids will make fleece blanket
Fil and his wife- scentsy warmer and bar (I have instock)
Aunt- knit scarf, necklace
Niece 1- nail polish gift set
Niece 2- minny bow set
Niece 3- minny shape sorter
Bil's step son??? What to buy a teenage boy that you don't know?

We will draw names for my husbands siblings.

Teachers (5)- the kids will make those frames with the initial covered in buttons and jewels, scentsy fragrance foam (buy 1, get 1)

My EA- probably a scentsy gift set
Teacher I job share with- probably a scentsy gift set also

3 dogs- big fun bones

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Re: Christmas List/shopping thread?

here are my people

DS(5)- not entirely sure... i have a few stocking stuffers ive picked up from dollar generals clearance bin, but i need to see what i have (theyre hiding in the trunk of my car, lol

my niece(almost 5)- not sure

niece(4.5 months at christmas)- i think i'm gonna make her a carseat poncho. maybe something else

my cousin(3.5)-making her a dressup box... got 2 dresses at a garage sale, some accessories from DG on clearance. im gonna make her a cape, maybe a crown, with fabric i already have. there is a 70% off pirate costume at DG, if its stil there at 80% off, i'll buy that too. need to get a bin to put it all in.

cousin(10)- i have no idea... 10yo boys are HARD! got 2 little handheld electronic poker games from DG clearance. i'll probably get some replacement batteries, then maybe like $10

cousins (maybe... parents of the above, we usually just do gifts with the kids)-

my sister and BIL (maybe) dont know... my finances are extremely limited, and theyre out of town... but sending something for their daughter anyway.... maybe ds and i will make ornaments or something. then i can make some for my grammy and uncle too

sister and BIL (maybe) same as above

my mom (lives with me) not sure... she needs a new purse... also need to get her something from ds

my dad (out of town) got him a sweater on clearance, and another little poker game like i got my cousin... probably not much more than that. ds picked him out a shirt, but his bday is monday, and we might give him the shirt then.... or maybe i'll give him the sweater, and find something else for christmas

exh (from ds... he usually makes him something) dont know.... have to figure something small out with ds (ex is PCSing, so the gift will have to be shipped to hawaii, eek!)

ETA- forgot ds's PK teahcer and her aid.... the school has a list of likes on the webpage, which is nice. maybe a GC and something made by ds.... maybe his daycare teacher too, but she just quit, and i dont know if we'll have a new one by then
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Re: The official 2012 Christmas List/Shopping Thread

here we go!

Me - normally nothing, DH shocked me last year and gave me $50 cash to spend on myself

DH - ???

DS1 (8yo) -
angry birds blanket
angry birds shirt
angry birds coloring book
Pixar collection leapster game
small dry erase board
Piggy bank
2 plush angry birds with sound
bounce ball kit to make your own
smithsonian gemstone dig kit
estimation station
Scooby Doo Pop N Race game

to purchase:
nothing specific

DS2 (5yo)
super why books and plush doll set
angry birds blanket
angry birds shirt
angry birds colring book
2 angry birds plush characters
I Spy board game
Find - It Star
Scooby seek and find book
small dry erase board
piggy bank
bounce ball kit to make your own
Jack and teh Neverland Pirates Memory game

to purchase:

DS3 (1yo):
Cloud b aromatherapy pillow pet
ride on toy
stacking cups
large jingle ball
classic wind up tv toy that plays music
2 cars
mega blocks
set of 5 CARS
set of Toy Story characters

to purchase:
fabric to make blankies
water drum

nephew (5ys)- have: angry birds plush with sound, angry birds shirt, angry birds coloring book

niece 1 (1yo)- baby doll, possibly another item

niece 2 (2yo)- Disney Princess purse, glove, jewelry set and a bunch of hair bows

niece 3 ( 3 1/2 yo) - Barbie, a Barbie dress

cousin (14yo ?? female) - ???

cousin (20 something male) - ???

couple #1 - ???

couple #2 newlyweds - ???

MIL and FIL - ???

grandparents #1 - ???

grandmother - ???

aunt and uncle - ??? the like wine, but I don't drink and don't have a clue in that dept

various other aunts and uncles and families will get a food goodie. Haven't decided on that just yet.

DS1's teacher - body wash set

DS2's teacher - body wash set

DS1 and DS2 have the same coach, but will get him something separately. havne't decided on what, though

Total OOP so far - $0 - ZERO thanks to winnings and swagbucks!!! My goal is "no spend" for gifts :-)
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