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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

I am right there with you!

I had this conversation at work. My son wrote his name on a coworker's marker board eraser. I was LIVID!! She said that her daughter went through that stage when she was about his age. He is in kindergarten and exploring with writing.

I would try and move the markers out of reach. Hopefully it is just a phase.


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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

I would get a locked cabinet to put those things in.

For the untreated wood, it should sand off right? For the cabinets I'd try rubbing alcohol. My kids write on things sometimes too and RA has saved our brand new couch from all colors ink.
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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

My 6 year old is autistic so a little different ball game but still frustrating! We have gotten rid of all markers in the house. At one point in school they wrote on huge sheets of paper that were on the walls and then again on all their desks. So my son thinks markers are ok on walls and tables. What we have done is bought only washable crayons and I have tubs of crayons and 8x11 sheets of paper throughout the house. There is one on the kitchen table, play room, living room, and his room. Things are going good.

The first time he ever wrote his name was in marker on my chair. So it was hard to be mad because I was fairly proud. His room is "decorated" in letters and I have a drawing of a person in my stairway of a head with LEGS, it was his first time adding legs, lol.

Paint also goes immediately on walls for some reason, lol
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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

DS started doing that after DD was born (mostly on walls. but also his table and some toys). I took away ALL writing and drawing utensils, and only let him use a couple of crayons at a time while supervised and then put them away again. I also put my own pens and pencils where he can't get them. I also make him wash whatever he draws on (even if I have to redo it later)

I told him in no uncertain terms that if he does it again, all his crayons, markers, etc are going straight to the trash. I talked to him about respecting our home and all that, and that it would cost us money to have the walls repainted.

At the same time I realize it's one of his ways of adapting to the new baby so I make sure I praise him when he's being very nice and I spend more quality time with him.
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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

My oldest 7 used to & sometimes still does & my 19 month. Mr. Clean or off brand for walls, & woods even sharpies.... whip it too or alcohol. Whip it for animals & towels. Oxiclean I find best for fruit stuff on clothes. Shout on grassy stuff type & clorox 2 for blood. Pen on fabric soak in oxi too. Washable markers just wash clothing......
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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

I'm with you on thinking it is insane to have to lock things like writing utensils up because a 6 year old wont behave.
I think you plan sounds fair. If she cant respect her property she does not need it.
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I put things that I don't want the kids to get in my bedroom closet, with one of those door knob covers on them. Mainly I store Christmas and bday presents in there, but I don't even tell them what's in there. I have taken my kids' stuff away for the same reasons, but they don't actively try to climb up to it. Can you hide it somewhere in your room, so she can't get to it in the morning without getting caught? Or, another thing I do with my kids when they can't be trusted to play nice or follow rules is make them sit right by me for a while. The others play, the offender sits while I work or helps me work. I explain that if I can't trust you, you have to stay right by me.

Also, for the bare wood stuff, you could always paint it to cover it up.
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I'd punish her with cleaning chores, and then get her a doodle bear
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Re: My almost 6 y/o is writing on EVERYTHING! I am going bonkers

We've gone through this, too. It's no fun. I threw away all the markers, and I made the offenders watch me do it. I made sure they understood that the markers were thrown away because of their lack of self-control. (I have other children, and I simply cannot spend my entire day policing this one child.) I made the child in question clean as much of the writing as possible, although some stuff was just marked forever. We homeschool also, so it isn't possible to throw away every writing utensil in the house, lol. We'd never get any work done. However, I kept everything in a single drawer, and watched that like a hawk. In your case, I think I might invest in something lockable, just to reduce the worry another notch.
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Is there a place you could make be a "safe" doodle zone? Where she can draw without mom or dad, and only there without supervision. Like, this is the doodle chair and table. You can ONLY doodle here. And give her drawing materials that CANT be abused? Like the fill with water markers that only show up on certain paper? Or the paint water color sheets that show color with just water added? The bears that you can draw on with a marker and it only shows up on there?

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