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Re: Big families? Negative reactions.

Originally Posted by finleyjudemommy View Post
Your sister in law actually said that? I would have slapped the snot out her then.....(sorry)

As for large families...if we didn't need intervention that costs a boat load...I'd have a million and whomever didn't like it or had a comment could take a tinkle in the wind....
YES YES she did plus lots more. If it wasn't for her sending a facebook pm saying awful things bout my children I would has slap the piss out of her or worst. My SIL is a itch an hates me an my children but I don't give a rat rear as it's my children an we love them. She even made a comment a long while back that me an my DH is to OLD to have anymore children. That was said while I was in the hospital trying to see if I was having a heart attack. There is alot more that my SIL has said so we don't have no more dealings with her or my DH brother since my DH brother will not say anything postive to us either. So we've washed our hands of all their evil.

Our holidays will not be the same as family get together's again since our SIL done what was done.


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Re: Big families? Negative reactions.

We get it all the time. One of my Dh's friends actually gave him a name of a urologist. People are still coming up to me saying they didn't know I was pg (due next week). We told family and that's it. No clue if we really are done but I think so..
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Re: Big families? Negative reactions.

I have never had an actual negitive comment (that I recall). I've had strange comments, but nothing rude.

I mean, why do other ppl care how many kids someone else has? Do those ppl have to take care of the kids? Usually not. It's just silly, really.
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I am the oldest of six and I remember all kinds of rude comments when my mom was pregnant. I was there when they told my grandparents they were expecting once and they were really mad. I always thought it was crazy they even cared,it's not like my parents asked them for anything. I will probably be very blunt and even crude if someone ever says anything rude to me like that!

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Re: Big families? Negative reactions.

Yes we'd definitely tell them (we're planning on waiting until at least 2nd trimester for all future pregnancies though), but it's not an issue for our families. DH comes from a big family so 4+ kids is the norm. Most of the families on my side have 2 kids each, but my mom loves DD so much that she would prefer if I had 12 more so she could love on them, too.
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Re: Big families? Negative reactions.

I have to jump in. I am new here, but when I read this it hit close to home. My whole family knew we were going for #3 so it wasn't a shock, but my Dad was still mad about it (of course he just adores her now). Everyone figured we were going for the boy since we had 2 girls. But now that I want #4 I must be out of my mind! Everyone says we won't get our boy, but who ever said I was trying for a boy? Maybe I want 7 girls!

I don't think I will tell my family if we get preggers again because they are all SO negative about it. I have actually been told I should have a hysterectomy!!! Seriously? I should gut myself because THEY think I have too many kids? No. The crazy thing is I come from a Italian-Catholic community where 8 kids is normal! It is just my FAMILY. My own parents.

It really upsets me that people think they get a say in how many kids I have. My husband supports us and we are doing ok. Worse yet, my Dad keeps telling me I need to go get a job and help out. Umm...hello, KIDS! And this is something DH and I discussed, I do go to school and do work from home where I can to get some extra income...really, since when is being a SAHM such a disgusting thing to people?
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We had a little bit if this too...not rude comments but some family was less then enthusiastic when we announced we were having #4 when our oldest was just 3 1/2. And ppl make the "are you done now?" and "you DO know how that happens, right?" comments all the time. I felt we got treated like we were not being responsible with birth control but its our family choice!! It's good we ourselves are raising all our precious children so no one really has to worry about how many we have!!
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Re: Big families? Negative reactions.

Yes. but not everyone right away. We have already told everyone we want like 20 kids and don't believe in BC, but we still get a lot of crap from some. Mostly my DH's friends and family. Im sooo feed up with everyone felling like they have a say! Even the the ER doc I saw last week when I went in for heavy mid cycle bleeding lectured me on how I have enough kids, I HAVE 2! We got the same lecture from my DH's best friends dad after our first! ugh.
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I learned to roll with it my last pregnancy (#4). It's none of their business anyway!
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I waited a whole to tell people we were expecting #6, partially because my sister is/was TTC and ours was an oops. I also just didn't want to hear people's crap about having so many kids. Whenever people make rude comments I just say"well which one should I get rid of?"
That usually shuts them up.
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