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someone elses milk?

My son is 11 months old and I've been EPing for the last 6 months. I've had issues with supply and such so I planned to stop pumping when he turns one. Yesterday my cousin, who has a 5 month old, asked me if I would want some of her milk. She says she produces way more than she needs. DH seems to be weary. I guess he just thinks its weird that our son would be getting milk from someone other than me. He also brought up the age difference. When someone gets milk from a milk bank do they try to match up the age or would that be of any concern for me?


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I've donated quite a bit to the milk bank. They pasteurize all of the milk that comes in and then they blend it (homogenize) with "at least two other donors' milk" before refreezing it and shipping it out to the NICU's.

Bottom line is in my opinion, if you know the medical history of your relative, and approve of their diet, you shouldn't have any issues with using her milk.
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Re: someone elses milk?

I would not be comfortable with it because I would not be able to 110% trust that nothing harmful went into the production of that milk.
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I've used my friends milk before and I've given milk to another friend. Theses are close friends that I know their history and that they don't drink, smoke or do drugs. I don't see a problem with it.
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Re: someone elses milk?

In a perfect world a 5 month old baby would only receive 5 month old milk. But in this world, it's not a big deal. Donated milk, regardless of age, is perfectly fine, as long as you know and trust the health history of the person donating. I so wish I could donate the milk I have but I can't because I take a heavy narcotic daily. I'd think that if a mama is willing to a)breastfeed b) pump extra and c) donate that they have a big enough conscience not to take any meds or drink heavily, etc, but you never know.

You can get milk from a milk bank, which will have been pastuerized as explained above, but its very very expensive. That's why most mamas who need milk who don't have NICU babies do mom to mom donations.

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Re: someone elses milk?

I'd do it in a heartbeat. My BFF pumped for my DD a few weeks ago when she was really sick. Her DD is 10 months old and my DD is 4 years old. She offered the milk to help give my DD her antibodies. A stranger..probably not. But someone you know, sure.
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Re: someone elses milk?

Human milk is for humans. Yeah, mama's milk is best as it is specially formulated for your baby, but human milk from another woman despite the age difference is going to be much closer to your milk components than milk from another species or plant.
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I gave my one year old Some milk from my best friend when she had surplus and they were a year apart.
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Absolutely would do it. I have donated to other local moms for yeats. If you are on facebook, check out eats for feets, human milk 4 human babies, and milkshare. Very common.
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Re: someone elses milk?

I have shared milk with a close friend (but never taken any from anyone). My friend knows me well and didn't even blink when I offered it and immediately said yes. She knows what kind of person I am, the types of medications I consider safe while breastfeeding and my lifestyle.

I did look into milk donations when I was pregnant and nursing my barely 1 year old (she really needed the nutrition and couldn't do cow's milk) but couldn't find anyone that could follow our ridiculously long food elimination diet. But you bet I would have taken the milk if I could have found someone!

Only you know what is best for your baby/family, but it isn't that uncommon!
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