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Does anybody else not actually know what a 'normal' cycle is for them?

Before I got pregnant the first time I was on the pill for about 8 years. Before that I don't think I paid much attention to my cycle, wasn't sexually active and it came every 4ish weeks but no idea when I was ovulating etc, was too young to worry about it too much.

Now, I have been breastfeeding for almost 5 years, had 3 children, and I know that BF affects my cycle. After all 3 of my kids I have had at least 6 cycles before things even begin to straighten out, I have gotten pregnant both times before my cycles went back to normal or were regular. I have been breastfeeding the entire time, tandem breastfeeding twice now.

So I really have no idea what is normal for me! I feel embarrassed when I go to the doctor or midwife and they ask about my normal cycle length and I have to say that I really have no idea! I am 34 years old!


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Re: Does anybody else not actually know what a 'normal' cycle is for them?

I used to know. It was predictably 44 days, which is long. I went on birth control pills for over 10 years, got off, and had a baby. My cycle has been back for a year and it still hasn't settled. It started out at 45 days, but the days have been slowing shrinking down to 34. That's still kinda long, I guess.

I wouldn't be ashamed about not knowing. For some people, cycles change over time. For others, cycles are unpredictable. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't know what might be a normal cycle for them.
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Re: Does anybody else not actually know what a 'normal' cycle is for them?

I stopped nursing back in May and I haven't had a normal cycle since then. I'm all over the place. Any where from 22 days to 35. It really stinks since dh and I are ntnp. And of course I keep forgetting to write down when I start so I know my 2nd to last period started Oct 11, and I had one already in November and I just started spotting about an hour ago. I was kind of hoping it was implantation bleeding but I haven't had that with any of my 3 pregnancies so I'm just guessing AF is coming. I'm going to start keeping better track now though.
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Re: Does anybody else not actually know what a 'normal' cycle is for them?

I don't have normal, predictable cycles. They've come as early as 18 days apart, or as late as 55 days apart.

I never know when I ovulate, either. That's the most frustrating part. I got used to being a week or two late but not knowing when I ovulate just drives me up the frigging wall!! Rarely I get clear ovulation signals, most times I'm not sure one way or another, occasionally I don't get any signs at all.
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Mine have been anywhere between 30 to 60 days! I am currently on day 50, with a negative test this week so I am assuming that I'm not knocked up, lol. I hate never knowing when to expect it. I hate the look I get when I tell any medical professional about it. They always want to put me on BC pills, and are mad when I won't take them.
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Re: Does anybody else not actually know what a 'normal' cycle is for them?

The only time I've ever been regular was on birth control. When I'm off, my period is all over the place. We had a hard time TTC #2 because of it. When I breastfeed I have no period at all.
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