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Vbac vs c-section

My fist was a c-section... A not so fun scary emergent one. Any reason I shouldn't try for a vbac?


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Re: Vbac vs c-section

I probably won't because of some other medical issues I have (I am not pregnant now but this is in the future, I"ve thought about it a lot). If my DR feels I am a good canidate I will (he is very pro vbac and actually prefers folks who are good canidates to vbac as he says it's better for mom and baby). I however, have some other stuff going on so it will really be decided by the two of us last min.
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Re: Vbac vs c-section

I think it would depend on the reason you had a c-section. If baby was breech or something like that last time and baby is fine this time, I say yes, definitely try for a vbac!
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Re: Vbac vs c-section

I agree that it can depend on why you had a c-section, but I am a firm believer in VBACs and I think all women should have the option.
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I had an emergency c-section then a VBAC. Assuming you can (no repeat of issues that caused your 1st), I say VBAC! My recovery was soooo much easier with vaginal, and I plan on doing vaginal for baby #3 as well

Assuming it wasn't so much of an emergency that they tore things and your incision is low and horizontal (which your doc will know), then it's no higher risk of uterine rupture then a scheduled c-section.

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Re: Vbac vs c-section

My dd was an emergency c-section - I am hoping to try for vbac this april... she was a severe shoulder dystocia (9 lbs 8 oz at 38 weeks and I was very swollen and sick in my pregnancy and she was also sunny side up)... I delivered her head and they pushed her back in for c-section. My ob practice- 3/5 are vbac advocates and believe that I qualify as long as my pregnancy a) stays healthy b)this baby doesn't grow bigger than 8 1/2 pounds (although I know studies show that baby weight doesn't really play a factor). My ultrasound has shown that I don't have placenta accreta and they are continuing to monitor size (which I know u/s's can bite me in the butt later since they aren't 100% accurate and are +/- a pound!)... I am working with a doula this round also which I did not have and am also doing yoga. Oh... and my pre-pregnancy weight was 55 pounds lighter than when I got pregnant with my dd, so I am much healthier... I'm hoping to do it. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Re: Vbac vs c-section

Go for it!

My first was an emerg c/s, my 2nd was a RCS b/c the practice did NOT allow vbacs. When I moved and became pg w/#3, I found an *amazing* pro-vbac dr. and vbac'd my 3rd child (9 pounds 7 oz) and my 4th child ~ both unmedicated. I am now pg w/#5 and going for a 3rd vbac!
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Re: Vbac vs c-section

I think most women should be able to vbac. It should be, I think, an individual decision. Although I am very pro vbac I am not a vbac candidate. I have had 3 emergency sections.

A previous poster mentioned the ultrasounds being up to a lb off. I friend was induced early because the doctors said she had a big 8lb baby. Her little girl was born at 5lbs +ozs.

My sister was told her second child was going to be a relatively small 8-9lb baby(her previous had been 10lb 5oz). She delivered vbac a 10lb 13oz baby. Far from the small 8lber she was expecting. So sometimes they can be much more than 1lb off. Sometimes they are as much as 3lbs off.
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Re: Vbac vs c-section

I totally recommend at least trying to do a VBAC! I did and I am so glad! Recovery is a ton faster AND I remember the first few days. The only downside for me was tearing, which I think could have been avoided had I not been induced...
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Re: Vbac vs c-section

If you are physically able and want a VBAC, then go for it! My midwife said that I would be a good candidate if I lost weight and no longer had high blood pressure. Speak with a professional about factors that could risk you out of VBAC possibility. I know that they recommend not getting pregnant until your CS child is at least 9 months, too, so that your incision has adequate time to heal before the pressure of a VBAC. Good luck, mama!
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