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Re: How big of a family

DH is the youngest of 9 and I'm the oldest of 4. We both want a "big" family but realize that can mean whatever we want it to. Right now we have 2 and would like to have #3. I get morning sickness pretty awful though so I don't know how many I will be able to have, but figure like others say, we'll take it one at a time. (Though 9 sounds like way to many to me, I'm sort of hoping to stay closer to 4 or so.)


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I always just wanted 1 boy and that was it. When we got married tho we had a girl. So we figured our next one would be a boy. But we had another girl! We were so sure our 3rd would be a boy since his family seems to have 2 girl then a boy but to our surprise we had another girl! Then we stopped for a while and decided that we still wanted that boy so we tried again and finally had a boy! Then we went on birth control for the first time and I got pregnant immediately but we had another boy so now we have 5 kids. I love having 5 kids tho. It's so hard but so much fun. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Our baby is now 8 years old and we ended up getting pregnant again over the summer that ended in a miscarriage but it opened our minds to having another one so #6 is up in the air! We miss having a little one around and we are financially stable so having another one wouldn't be hard for us.

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Re: How big of a family

I love that story from PP. My DH thought he'd only have 1, then we got married. I always wanted 4, but he just wanted 1 more. So we had 1 girl, then convinced him to try again...another girl! His first from his first marriage is also a girl. Soo FINALLY I convinced him to try 1 more time....A BOY!! we were thrilled and he said we were DONE! I wanted 1 more because I wanted 4 of my own. But nope! sold all my baby equipment and everything...then low and behold he changed his mind! So another babe we had...another girl. We're happy, we're done, sold all baby stuff (again), and now he's talking about maybe another???? WHAT!! Our baby is only 15 months....and he was supposedly "done" a long time ago! I'm open for whatever children are God's blessing, and I'm happy with whatever He's got planned for us
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Re: How big of a family

Mine and SO's kids are not SO's biological children, so he became an insta-dad. He's very happy with them and he loves parenting but we love kids. So, right now, we think we'll have three more. We randomly decided on three more because we have 3 names picked out, one for a boy and two for girls. It may not even be possible but we'll keep dreaming for now!
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Re: How big of a family

We are done due to medical issues. BUT also happy that we are going on in life now and will be able to enjoy our older ones nad not be held back due to newborns/nursingones/toddlers etc. I have seen that begin to happen now since i have older and younger (oldesst is 10 neest is 2 weeks) I wan tto enjoy my older children and have been in the baby mode for all these yrs I forgot that they grow up and are gone all too soon. SO I look forwad to rafting trips/hiking/horseback trails/skiing, all the things we can't do when traveling toting along our precious little ones
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Re: How big of a family

We are very Conservative Christians so we don't believe in birth control. We want a large family but are thankful for the two we have even if we aren't able to have more. Everyone we talk to thinks one or two and your through so they aren't very happy when we say that we want like 20 kids!
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Re: How big of a family

We are always TTC if I am not pg, LOL. We would love 8-12, or more if we could. I am 24wks with #4, my oldest is 6 and youngest is 2.
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Re: How big of a family

I agree with the 2 PP. Eric and I plan to "fill our quiver".
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I say I want 5 and my hubby says 6 but they are not set numbers.
We don't use birth control.
We are TTC #3 :-)
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Re: How big of a family

We just let God decide then we don't even have to think about it
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