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I stopped letting my ds1 see me naked when he was about 4...stopped taking showers with him when he was 3. To me it was just a natural progression.
Once ds2 was born, my ds2 saw me breastfeed a lot so he did see me topless then bit never seemed uncomfortable or anything.


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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

Dh has never really showered or bathed with either girl, and I think the days of him wandering nude in front of the girls are numbered. DD1 is finally noticing and asking questions about him and it's making him self conscious. I fully don't care so long as everyone's comfortable, which he's starting to not be. I have no sons, and my mother and I still change shamelessly in front of one another, so I anticipate no need to cover up in front of my girls pretty much ever.
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

My 7 yr old and 5 yr old see me naked. They come into the bathroom when I'm in the shower, they walk in on me changing all the time.

I don't remember when I stopped showering with the boys, but nakedness just isn't that big of a deal in our house. It all depends on your personal comfort level.

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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

Well, my mother is 60 and I'm 31 and we still change/shower in front of each other.

With my Dad, it stopped very young. Although I'm perfectly happy to take off a shirt and put on another on in front of him. He isn't quite as happy though! LOL
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

We are very casual about nudity here we dont prevent the boys from seeing me, to me that would be odd. I will bath with them until they express interest to bath alone. But here there is no stigmatism.
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I'm more concerned about having CPS called on me. Probably because it happened to my mom.

My little sister, she was maybe 5 or 6? I'm not sure. She drew a picture at school that included a phallus. CPS was called, my mom was interviewed, my sister was interviewed and taken to therapy sessions, etc etc. After weeks and weeks of this they decided she wasn't being molested and that was the end of it. But it was very scary for my mom.
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Re: At what age is it not appropriate?

I say 2... Only because my first memories are at age 2. (It runs in the family to have very good "recall") I personally would prefer for my DD to not have questions at age 3 about Daddy's parts. Plus I think a lot of people think co-bathing is weird. You can get away with it when they are little but as they get older people think it is weird.
At that age is when I also think that little girls need to go to the "family" potty or have mom take them. I'd feel uncomfortable with DD seeing strange men at urinals! DS was 4 or 5 and went to women's restrooms with me. But since we go in stalls he was not "seeing" women pee.
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My girls are 11, 9, and 3 and while the older two would rather eat fried worms than be naked around me there is no issue the other way around. Never occurred for there to be an issue. No nudity around their father but he only sees them in public anyways
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My daughter is 11 and has been modest since she was 2 years old. I have no idea why since we never acted like it was a big deal to be naked. I'm almost 33 and still go into the bathroom and talk to my Moma when she is bathing.

My son is not modest in the least. He is 6 and we stopped showering together when he was 5. Mostly because our shower isn't big enough. He will still run through the house naked after he showers with a towel lying behind him...he pretends to be Batman, lol.
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I am a pretty modest person but for some reason it doesn't faze me to have DS see us naked. He is 2.75 and showers with me once or twice a week. I figure he nursed until he was 27 months so he knows that area pretty well!

Growing up in a house with only one bathroom, I remember being in the bathtub and my parents coming in to use the potty. Probably happened until I was somewhere between 8-10. They walked around the house in their underwear frequently since the only shower in the house was nowhere near their closets. Seemed pretty normal to me and didn't warp me in any way and DH says I'm the biggest prude he's ever met.

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