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She sounds totally normal, mama! When my son was tongue tied and REALLY wasn't gaining weight, I fed him from the same breast for two consecutive feedings so I could be sure he was getting plenty of the fatty hindmilk. We also cluster fed a lot in the evenings and fed quite often during the day (so then, he didn't want to eat that much at night; it was nice!).


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Re: Newborn isn't gaining :(

Just wanted to offer some words of encouragement and my own story. If I hadn't have educated myself so well before, I'm sure that we would not have been successful in breastfeeding and that someone would have coerced us into quitting.

My second baby was 10lb 11oz at birth. He did not see his birthweight again until a little after 3 weeks old. I had cracked and bleeding nipples and mastitis within the first week. He didn't get seedy/yellow poop well until after they are "supposed" to (probably a week old and still no yellow). We are still going strong and breastfeeding at nearly 8 months!
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Re: Newborn isn't gaining :(

Your doctor's office will probably let you come in and do a pre- and post feed weight with their scale. Otherwise, a lactation clinic or lactation consultant can help with that, too. What you do is weigh baby in a clean diaper, nurse for a normal feeding, then weigh again without changing baby, even if she pees or poops during that time.

My DD didn't gain well her first couple of weeks, but she was mad and a screamer, so she let us know that she wasn't happy. My midwife suggested a small change in the way I was holding her while nursing and it made a huge difference. A skilled LC (preferably an IBCLC, IMO) could give you some good hints.
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Originally Posted by ktmelody
I would offer the breast every 1-1.5 hours. 2-3 hours is too long for such a tiny baby. Even my 9 pounder ate every 2 hours.

Is she wetting and pooping enough? Is her poop yellow and seedy?
This. And offer both breasts. Some babies are happy to starve at that age so you have to be I control of the clock. My slow gainer ate every two hours. I made sure by setting my watch!!!!
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Re: Newborn isn't gaining :(

Thought I'd update. I tried feeding her more often and both sides after posting this and her poop started turning green (still yellow but with a green tinge in it instead of orange). So I went back to feeding her every 2-3 hours and one side at a time and when we went for another weight check she was up 6oz in 6 days. I started pumping and taking fenugreek too so hopefully that's what helped. Since then I definitely noticed she's gained and is finally outgrowing her newborn clothes! We don't go back until mid January but I expect her to be well into 8lbs by then!
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