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WWYD? re: lice and company. UPDATE in OP

Apologies in advance if this thread makes your head itch!

Last Tuesday I found lice on my 3 oldest kids (established infestations w/nits, nymphs and mature bugs). My mom combed through my hair and found 2 on me but no nits. We treated, combed, cut the kids' hair short, vacuumed, laundry, everything. I found one on my pant leg and a few baby bugs on my ODS head on Wednesday. Since then I have combed through their hair 2-3x a day and found nothing. I combed through my hair on Saturday night and found 2 more bugs and maybe a dozen nits. I was really surprised to find that but then again, I hadn't been checking myself as thoroughly as I had the kids. I've checked myself yesterday and again today and found nothing.

So my situation today is that my husband invited another family over for dinner tonight. Do you think I need to warn them? I'm pretty confident that we've gotten rid of them but of course it's impossible to be sure. I'm going to check everyone's heads again and vacuum before they come. WWYD?

Update--Thanks for the advice everyone! We called and explained the situation. They didn't feel it was a big deal at this point and are choosing to come over anyway. I just combed through my hair really carefully and still have no signs of anything. I did a ton of research this past week--everything I read said that lice can't survive more than 24-48 hours off of a food source, and eggs can't hatch unless they are at human body temp. So hopefully the risk of spreading is pretty low at this point.


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I would warn them or cancel so they don't feel obligated to come anyway.

I would be really upset if we were invited and not told of the issue. Two days isn'g enough time to be sure it's taken care of.
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Re: WWYD? re: lice and company

I would want the heads up. I would still come but I am not overly anal about that kinda of stuff.
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Re: WWYD? re: lice and company

I would tell them or re-schedule dinner for a little ways down the road when you're sure the lice are gone.
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Re: WWYD? re: lice and company

If I were your company I would want to be warned. I get all paranoid because I have really long hair and I don't want to cut it, plus is sucks to have to use those chemicals on your kids (no flames, we would certainly do so if I found any signs of lice).
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Oh dear, please cancel and set a date to reschedule! You don't need to tell them why...just that an unforeseen circumstance came up.
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Re: WWYD? re: lice and company

I'd reschedule.
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I would cancel without hesitation
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Re: WWYD? re: lice and company

I would reschedule. Several times we have thought the lice were gone. They came back.

We finally got rid of them by adding essential oils to our shampoo. Then we would let it sit 5 minutes before rinsing. This would kill the adults but not the eggs. Since we made sure to shampoo daily we would catch the lice shortly after hatching.

We have used the OTC lice shampoo. It not only didn't get rid of the lice it peeled the skin from my daughter's head.
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Re: WWYD? re: lice and company

Yes! YES! please do them a favor and reschedule. I wouldn't even just warn them, I would cancel altogether. That way, there isn't any awkwardness on their part not wanting to hurt your feelings by canceling. When DD had lice, I had to bite the bullet and call everyone she had come in contact with the past few weeks. It SUCKED! But, I honestly lost respect for the friends' mother I suspect she got it from. When I called to tell her DD had lice, she said 'Oh, we've had it around here for a while'. My daughter spent the night over there and she failed to tell me this. Needless to say, this was a few years ago and she hasn't spent the night since.

On a side note, for the girl's hair, after the treatments, I CHI'd every single hair on her head so the ones I didn't see would FRY!!!!

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