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DH wants tobe thrifty, but he still stuggles sometimes. He has gotten really great at curbing the impulse buys, which is awesome. Our biggest problem now is that he just doesn't know what is a good bargain and what isn't if I send him to the grocery store or target, for example. It is just an issue of not shopping enough to know. And for gift giving he tends to wait until the last minute and therefore doesn't take the time to find good prices. He texted me from Kohls yesterday to ask a question and I found out he didn't have a coupon. you never go to Kohls without a coupon!!! I reminded him to let them know at the register that he forgot the coupon at home and to not make a purchase if they didn't give him the 30% off. (Btw...we really did have a coupon at home and if I had known he was going shopping I would have given it to him. I wasn't trying to cheat ohls out of money.

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Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

He is much thriftier.
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Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

My dh is so not thrifty. Now he doesn't go out and spend money on random stuff, in fact he hardly ever buys anything. But he is not excited about a lot of the things I do to try and save money. He says the same things about working and not having to scrimp by. But like you said I do it so we can have other things or so he won't have to work as hard, or so I won't stress as much.
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Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

Well I ACCIDENTALLY saw what my hubby got me for Christmas.. He is SOOOOOO NOT thriftier than me. Lets just say I spent $14 on him for Christmas and he spent an amoun tthat made me blush and now want to tell him I know what he got me and take it back, no matter how bad I have wanted it for these yrs
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Talking Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

Originally Posted by ctj101502 View Post
Okay so title says it all!
AFM: DH was home for the last week since newbie was born...

HE REFUSED to wash out the ziplocks and refused to hang stuff and used the dryer instead. He said he works so we can dry our clothes and buy ziplocks.... I know why he works, but I do those things so he doesn't have to work more nad so we have savings and such.... Plus I find it fun to save as much as we can and not to waste. He is the first out hter helpiing with the Chickens nad gardening and even making everything before we have to buy it,but I officially decided he is not as frugal as me...
You made me ... DH looked at me with that look (when home after our newbie was born recently) when I told him I reuse the freezer baggies... he said, "You're kidding me, RIGHT?!?" I informed him I was NOT & that I would rinse them myself, if need be... he actually complied, which shocked me... LOL. I pretty much never use baggies other than for freezer foods (we reuse glass jars for the fridge), so it isn't like there are a lot of baggies to wash... & freezer baggies are thicker & easier to wash... but at times there can be a dozen or so of them if making chili, etc. where I am using a bunch of frozen beans, tomatoes, etc. I do not reuse baggies that contain any raw meat... cooked meat, yes, but not raw.

When we used to use baggies in the fridge too, DH was NOT on board w/that... maybe because there are less to wash now & because I only use the thicker freezer bags which are easier to wash, he is??

Oh, & DH is against a clothesline too... but mine I suspect is because he says we will look like hillbillies if we have one in the yard (yep, same guy who will walk around wearing a striped shirt w/some shorts or pants that are another clashing color... I actually had to get rid of some of his shirts for this reason... he would wear striped shorts - vertical stripes - w/a plaid shirt or something else CRAZY!! LOL). SOOOOOOOOOOOO when I line dry outside (I hang stuff in our basement to dry year round) in good weather, I hang the stuff over our deck railing... nope, now THAT doesn't look funny ... but I do NOT care... I like to save money however we can, PLUS it is healthier... & he knows don't mess w/that! LOL

During the summer I was going to a rummage sale & DH REALLY ticked me off... I said I'd look for stuff for him & he said not to... he doesn't want USED clothes.... I almost popped him in the eye!! Now this was from the man who is 41 & is STILL wearing shirts I bought him when he was 20.. no joke!! AND apparently he misses the fact that any clothes I get him are USED (minus a few very rare times when NEW clothes on super clearance were actually cheaper AND it coincided w/his bday... so I bought him SHORTS & SHORT sleeve shirts on super clearance in the FALL )... he is a very smart guy, but seriously, I will hear him pull something out of his drawer & he'll say, " I don't remember THESE shorts (or whatever)...." & I am to myself because I recently bought them from a g sale or rummage sale...

So my DH doesn't want used clothes, but he wears his jeans that are so old even I am slightly embarrassed by them... which takes A LOT to embarrass ME when it comes to clothes and material things... my clothes are ALSO as old if not older than his. BUT the part that REALLY irked me is that ALL of my clothes & all of the DC clothes are USED... so I let him have it & said if used is good enough for the kids & ME, then HE gets used clothes too or he doesn't get any . We simply can't afford to buy new clothes (or new of much anything) AND even if we could, I don't see any point when used is so much cheaper... plus I like "broken in" clothes... I find they fit better .
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My hubby and I are about equal, I think. He is actually the first one to get into couponing. He can shop online like no one's business, lol. So if I need something that I know will be cheaper online I tell him and he will sit for an hour or so and get this amazing deal by comparing places, finding coupon codes, etc. He is also completely on board with cloth diapering! He is an amazing cloth diapering daddy!
Of course, I am way more willing to do the "little" things everyday, like line drying and cooking completely from scratch, etc. I tend to bring in income little bit by little bit as well through swagbucks and survey sites.
The thing that worries me is we can easily convince the other one that we "need" something or that it is such a good deal we have to get it NOW! Lol. But thankfully, both of us have pretty good common sense when it comes to money and we almost never fight about money.
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Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

At first I was a lot thriftier than dh. Mostly because between my sons constant intestinal issues, and the point in life we were, we could not afford diapers, wipes and groceries. i went over every single week on the grocery budget,and we could not afford it. So i started part time cloth diapering ds, and then went on to fulltime, wipes, have added paperless paper towels, have learned to upcycle things that are worn out to make them look better or repurpose them, part time momma cloth (until i finish a few other projects and can make enough for it to be full time) Now dh is completely on board with it, we talked about family cloth but dh was not into that yet. I was able to talk him into starting a small garden this spring, and he will even let me get some quails to keep the bugs for eating our tomato plants.
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My DH has come a long way when it comes to being thrifty. Our marriage fell apart 4 years ago and we had a resurrection of sorts of our marriage and family. He went from not ever even looking at our checking account to now having weekly budget meetings with me. He even designed his own budgeting excel spreadsheet so we can keep track of our spending. He used to just go out and buy clothes and cds and other things without thinking about where our groceries or bills were going to come from. Now he loves to go to the thrift store with me. He even remodeled our kitchen for me with repurposed cabinets and appliances we got from a friend. We both have our unthrifty moment. I forgot to mail our car registration on time and we got a $20 fine. I also can't resist going out to eat once a month as a family. But usually I use coupons or wait for a kids free night, LOL. He likes to splurge on the kids and me for birthday's and holidays. But never himself anymore. He really is a thrifty (and amazing!) hubby.
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Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

no, he's not. For example, our Tivo crapped out on us last week. It's our only entertainment, so we wanted a new one. We paid $60 for it. It came yesterday. Today, he tells me that "when we get money" he wants to upgrade it. That means tax money. I ask how much and he says "about a $100". Thankfully, I didn't say the first thing that popped into my head. instead, I told him I didn't like that idea. There is NO reason to "upgrade" when we JUST bought a new one Another thing. I don't buy paper towels. He complains ALL the time about not having any. I do all of the shopping, so i just don't buy them. After many months of his complaining, I picked up ONE roll for 50 cents and told him to make it last. LOL I don't use them, only cloth. He drives me batty because he likes to think he's thrifty, but he is not. He'll go to the store to get item A for $15. he'll come home with item B and say " it was only $10 more and it's cooler". He doesn't see the big deal because "it's only a few dollars more".
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Re: Is your hubby as thrify as you?

lol,. I'm the spender but not too much..Im a spender when it comes to food though I am also the money handler. hehehe My DH is thrifty specially for himself but not to others. He won't buy things immediately for him self so most of the time I am the one buying all his clothes and others.
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