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Newborn Lotto

CLOSED! Winner has been contacted.

329 lives were touched. Truly incredible. Thanks to all who entered.


First the nitty gritty. Items will be coming from Canada in a pet friendly home. I will cover shipping to US and Canada. I'm doing my best to disclose these items to the best of my ability but keep in mind your EUC definition may not be another persons EUC definition.

This lotto will run from December 13th, 2012 to December 23rd, 2012.

All items were bought on FSOT by me and used for approximately 3 weeks by me.

Grovia's are in EEEEUC (close to perfect elastics and no stains)
LiL Joey's are in EEEUC (close to perfect elastics and no stains)
Fuzzibuns are in EUC (great elastics on some, a bit relaxed on others. No stains and a couple have wrinkly PUL but work fine)
BG are in EUC (No stains, great elastics, laundy tabs not very sticky and some aplix is kind of worn)

All diapers are in usable and sellable condition.

The reason for this lotto is to spread some love. After we had DD#1 we met a missionary couple who fled South Africa with nothing but the clothes on their back and their 4 small children. The mama was pregnant with a girl due in 3 months and we gave them EVERYTHING we had for their baby.

When we became pregnant with our second little girl we were a bit overwhelmed at having to buy all new things again and were blessed beyond what we needed by friends and random people. We had to buy very little for dd#2 despite starting from scratch.

To be part of this lotto[/B]
I'd like to ask each participant to do one random act of kindness everyday it runs and update your post on what you did that day. (A total of 10 acts please even if you join on the last day ) You don't have spend money and it can be anything you feel lead to do for another person. It can be anyone but it has to be something you normally wouldn't do. At the end I will draw a number.

Lotto is for:
1 Happy Heiny (with insert)
10 XS Fuzzi Buns (with inserts)
3 NB Grovia
5 LiL Joey

All diapers are boyish/gender neutral.

Thank you and good luck!


"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear." -- Ambrose Redmoon

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Re: Newborn Lotto

what a nice lotto! not entering, as i have a toddler, but i like the random acts of kindness part
All in a days work!!
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This is a wonderful lotto and a wonderful idea!! I would love to enter in hopes of winning for ds coming in a few weeks and to participate in the kindness challenge.. So great!
Dec 13 - offered up our warm home to our neighbors who's heater went out last night.

Dec 14 - Dh hurt his ankle yesterday.. And at 37 weeks pregnant the last thing I want to do is wait on him.. Instead of ordering out or
Grabbing fast food I've decided to make homemade lunch And dinner for my family. Seems little but at this stage in the pregnancy it's a lot of work !!

Dec 15- tipped my hairdresser extra well for the holidays

Dec 16 - today I complimented the older woman who was working on the drive through we ate at.. I hope I made her day by being a patient customer

Day 17 - checked in a friend who I knew was having a rough day..

Day 18 - put a bag together to donate to a church ministry for those less fortunate

Day 19 - took over all my coupons from the last month to my neighbor. She is a big couponer and mine were going unused.

Day 20 - helped friend coordinate her sons bday party at the last minute

Day 21 - today we are going to lunch at a local taco stand.. I will give the owners a little extra with the check to bless them for the holidays

Day 22 - fed the delivery men who brought our washer and dryer this morning

Day 23- today I tried to encourage as many people as I could at church.

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Re: Newborn Lotto

I love this idea! please enter me. my little one was born on the 15th of last month and we can still use these items....he is very small on bottom and we arent picky on colors or anything for our dipes. I was also without an income at the end of the pregnancy due to bedrest and that has been a struggle for our family. I am self employed with no traditional benefits. We would absolutely appreciate these diapers!!!

okay so here is my random acts list...

Dec 13th I was trying to sell a really nice cover locally. There was a mom that really wanted it. Even though we need the cash for Christmas gifts, I went ahead and agreed to trade for some of her knitted items. I have no idea yet what she can make or the quality but I know she needs this cover and she was thankful to trade when she didnt have spending cash

Dec 14th worked with our local cloth diapering group to gather and mail a whole newborn stash to a mom in need from my DS due date board. I will be mailing the package on Monday the 17th!

Dec 15th went thru my maternity clothing and gifted some to an expectant mom at my church. She is expecting a rainbow baby!

Dec 16th gave two covers to another mom from our local cloth diapering group....she was collecting a Christmas package for another mom in need.

Dec 17th emptied my coin purse for the Salvation Army bell ringer

Dec 18th offered to help a mom load up groceries into her car. she had three kids with her and I know thats tough!

Dec 19th donating clothing to a needy family

Dec 20th sent some clothing to a child at my daughters school

Dec 21st gave away some free fleece items on my local cloth diapering board

Dec 22nd bought snow clothing for some of my daycare kids that did not have any yet

Dec 23rd donated a few more items to my church nursery and also got on the church nursery volunteer list!

My husband is joining in too....we really want this lotto!

Dec 13th put up lights at our neighbors house. It is for an older lady that has never had Christmas lights on her house before! He also cleaned out her gutters

Dec 14th will be feeding our other neighbors cat for a week, while they are away on vacation

Dec 15th held open a restaurant door for about 30 minutes! LOL we were there waiting for a table and he likes to help

Dec 16th a coworker had a house fire and he donated money towards this person fund to get back on their feet

Dec 17th checked on my neighbors house

Dec 18th put out the trash for another neighbor

Dec 19th called the cops when he saw something suspicious at our local Sonic and there was some younger girls working there alone. then double checked that they were okay

Dec 20th gave away at least over $50 of his handmade wooden toys from his WAHD business!

BONUS! Things our oldest daughter has done. She is five and learning to help others.

Dec 13 she went with her school to a nursing home to sing carols. she said she hugged old people! LOL

Dec 14 she wrote out thank you cards for all the little girls that came to her birthday party. this was her own idea!

Dec 15 we went thru the kids toys and gifted some items to our church nursery...including a full size play kitchen

Dec 16 took a gift to a child at her school

Dec 17 put all the newspapers that were in a neighbors yard, up at her front door

Dec 18 cleaned up the living room without being asked. She has never done this before and I was shocked! LOL

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Re: Newborn Lotto

I would LOVE to win this lotto. We just found out we're expecting twins

Good deeds:
12/13-My grandma has a bad ankle and needed help Christmas shopping, so I just ordered half her list on Amazon for her, getting her shopping almost done, AND free shipping!
12/14-Going to my son's school to volunteer today
12/15-Donated some money to the Ronald McDonald House (not a ton, but I like to think every bit helps)
12/16-Our friends' elderly neighbor LOVES kids and never has company, so we took the kids there to visit with her
12/17-Filled two stockings for needy kids through our church
12/18-Helping my Grandma make all of her Christmas cookies today
Heather-wife to the sexiest plumber you've ever met,
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Re: Newborn Lotto

wow what a fabulous idea! please pick me. I just found out I am pregnant after losing a baby to a genetic disorder and this would definitely help make my Christmas merry and bright!

well dec 13- I have been helping a family that is recently divorced and threw a bday party for their now 1 year old bc he would not have gotten a party otherwise.
dec-14- signed up to volunteer at a local hospital--- we lost a baby a few months ago and I would like to be there for moms with babies in the nicu since I have been the mom who lost her baby and it was so difficult. I would like to think that my horrible experience can help me to help someone else.

dec 15- helped others to get things done around there houses and took some family members out to dinner
dec 16th- my husband and I went to church this morning and we gave our good seats to some other parents so they could see their child in the Christmas program
dec 17th- I am helping out a family today that is in foster care and I watching their little girls to help out.
dec 18th- my kids cleaned out some of their toys last night and we are going to give them to children in need.
dec 19th- its my daughters bday and normally we give her 3 presents and still did but we had her also pick 3 more things in her room that she would be willing to give to a child in need. so today at pickup one of my daycare families in need will be getting some "new" toys and we even wrapped them
20th- well today I am not feeling well so I had my husband do an act of kindness he went to the store and saw a family who looked in need and he gave them a gift card to help pay for their items. I am really hoping to win this so I didn't want to skip a day

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This is an awesome lotto I would absolutely love these for my next baby I was unable to cd from the beginning with my little boy because I did not have enough Nb diapers this would be awesome I don't have. Vehicle right now because my transmission went out about 2 weeks ago and I live 8 miles in the country but I am constantly helping others even when they seem not to help me when I need help

December 13
I gave a friend some frozen meat I had in my freezer because she is having a hard time and I had extra

December 14
I sent my brother a happy birthday message today even though he refuses to communicate with me because 2 of my children are Hispanic

December 15
I am watching a friends kids (for free ) so she can christmas shop

December 16
My step mom came to my house and went grocery shopping at my house she got milk eggs sugar tea bags meat canned veggies cereal and several other items they had no money for food and did not know what they would do for the week I usually don't share my cokes because they are so expensive but I even gave her a case of them

December 17
I helped a friend clean her house up it was really really bad and plan to help a few more days so she can have a clean house for Christmas

December 18
I sent a lady 3 pair of fleece shorts and a pair of wool leggings for free that I never used but had bought while pregnant

December 19
I cleaned out my little girls room and have a mom 2 boxes and 3 bags of toys blankets and clothes

December 20
Today I am cleaning out my sons clothes and baby stuff that he has already grew out of and we are giving it to a family that has a 14 yr old about to have twin boys

December 21
I cleaned on a friends house again we have now got her kitchen and bathroom finished but so much more to do I washed and folded 8 loads of laundry and still can't see her laundry room floor

December 22
I am back at my friends house cleaning again today oh how I wish I could get her to donate so much of this stuff I don't understand why some people are unable to part from stuff I am a minimalist and like to have a clutter free house it is so much easier to keep clean that way as well

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Re: Newborn Lotto

I would love to be entered. I am becoming a foster parent, so these would be put to good use.

my random act of kindness today, i run an after school program and we are picking up a former student at no cost tomorrow bc her mom is working a late shift. Such a good kid, cant wait to see her tomorrow!
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Re: Newborn Lotto

Today, 12/13, I shoveled out our neighbors sidewalk down to the main walkway (we live in townhomes) since I was up early today before school.
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Re: Newborn Lotto

I would love to enter but not for myself. My sister is pregnant with her 6th and desperately needs some diapers.

I gave my sis a wool cover to use for the baby.
Donated to the Angel tree
My kids and I picked up all of the wrapping paper and boxes after Christmas at someone else's house while everyone else played games.
This morning a lady at church had left her purse in the sanctuary so I ran it out to her. It turns out she had left it intentionally and was coming back in to get it.
I, like everyone else on the road was stuck in traffic. No one was letting cars on side streets in. So I waited and let a few cars pass.
I vollentered to work last minute even though I had to drive an hour each way. They couldn't find anyone else.
We wrote a letter to Santa and went all the way across town to deliver it to Macy's so they would donate $1 per child to make a wish.
I baked cookies for my husband to take to his starving coworkers. but mostly I have been taking care of vomiting, feverish kids, and now i am sick.
I took a big bag of newborn clothes over to my sisters house for the new baby. Her last baby boy is 8 so she doesn't have much left.
12/22/12 today I made a mattress for friend to give to her granddaughter for Christmas.
12/23/12 gave a toy to a coworker that she was looking for to give to her granddaughter.

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