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clothing sizes and cloth diapers

Ok mamas, did you find you had to size up in clothes in order to accommodate your LOs fluffy bum??

My first is due in February and I started washing clothes this weekend. Looking at some of her pants and onesies, I am fearing they will not fit, or at least not for very long. Even some of the 3 month stuff looks tiny.

How many of you have to size up in clothes with a cloth diapered tushie?? I'm afraid that the next size larger is going to be way too long! TIA.



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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

Yes, no, kind-of, a bit, completely, most of the time?
I use BG Freetimes, they are really bulky so yes I have to size up all the time (2 sizes in Carters!) When I put an Elemental on I sometimes have to size up, but a few things do fit. When I use a fitted and cover BUBBLE BUM even 2 sizes up gets tight!
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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

For the nb stage with my youngest I didn't. Then he exploded in size overnight it seemed. He outgrew his clothing even without his diapers. This was when we switched to longies instead of putting 2-3T pants on my 20lb 4-5 month old.

Ds1 we didn't but I think baby clothing was made bigger in the behind back then. When he potty trained I had to get him suspenders to hold his pants up. Belts were not conducive to potty training.

Newer clothing I think is being made with a sposie bottom in mind not cloth bottoms.
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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

It will totally depend on how your kiddo is built....
My 3 week old is still wearing newborn size clothes at 8 pounds and just starting to fit into 0-3 month things. We are using several different newborn AIO's for her.
My 2 year old is a skinny boy and he is just now fitting into 18-24 month bottoms even with cloth (usually a BG 4.0 or a TB Easy Fit). He's about 27lb and at the 50th percentile for his height/weight but just built very slender. If we weren't using cloth he wouldn't be able to keep his pants up!
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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

I agree with the first answer here, yes, no, depends on the diaper, the baby, the clothing brand and other things. I have girls, I don't use the covers that come with dresses (my chance to show off the cute diapers!), I buy one size larger in pants, but some brands still fit well. When I have her in a prefold and cover, forget it...2 sizes up, a sunbaby might actually fit, gDiapers are usually one size bigger. At bedtime she (normally a 3-6 month) wears 6-9 or a 12 month because I overstuff due to a fear of leaking...we bed share, I don't want to be peed on.
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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

I had to move into the next size a little bit sooner than I would have in sposies for DS (onesies needed a little more length, pants needed a little more room) but I wouldn't say I had to "size up." I had to learn not to buy tight fitting pants though (no baby jeans). With DD her torso is so long and her hips and legs are so tiny that the cloth actually makes her proportional clothes-wise. Even then she was wearing 3 mos tops before she could wear the bottoms lol. Totally depends on the build of your kiddo!
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Re: clothing sizes and cloth diapers

We didn't use especially trim diapers and we had no issues with out growing clothes really. The only time we started having a problem is when it was one-ish and learning to pull up his own pants, then they needed to be baggier or needed to be in his grovias instead of the covers and tri-fold prefolds.

Usually the first few months you use alot of one piece rompers - def no problem there. I did get onsie extenders in fear he would outgrow things. Although we did use them a few times, i don't think they were really necessary. For example I did get more use out of his 3m clothes, but I didn't think to start his 6m clothes early. When he got to the bitter end of his 3m with extender, the 6m were already fitting REALLY well and we didn't get as much use out of them. I learned then that multiple sizes can fit at once and the extenders were really necessary unless I really wanted to use something longer.
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I think it depends on the child. Both of mine have had to be sized up due to their build. DS1 is tall and super skinny. We had to buy bigger sizes to accommodate his height and his CD helped keep his pants up. DS2 is just big all over. He was born at 10 lbs and was 18 lbs by 8 weeks old and had monster thighs. I had to size up to 3t pants to even get them pulled up past his thighs. I gave up on regular pants and just did longies with him.
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My dd is always in one size bigger pants than tops, in general. She's super long in the legs too so she really needs the longer length in bigger pants too, but the extra bum space is nice. I don't use leggings... My fav pants are project Pomona jeans (etsy) and Circo (target) and Jumping Beans (kohls) fleece and cotton pants.
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