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Re: can you share your envelope system!

Double post!


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Re: can you share your envelope system!

We use an all cash system, and I love it! I have one of those coupon organizers that goes in my purse. DH gets paid once a month so I do carry around a lot of cash (especially at the first of the month!) but it doesn't bother me.
Our catagories are:
Eat out
Free money
All of our other bills are paid online or by check, and things like taxes and insurance money are on an auto transfer to a savings account.
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Re: can you share your envelope system!

I will be following this thread! The prospect of trying to set it up is beyond overwhelming right now because we have basically zero income. But we're both working HARD on that and I have faith that it will work out soon. I plan to implement DR and a cash system in 2013!!
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Re: can you share your envelope system!

Working on setting up an envelope system for us as well. This will be very helpful !!!
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Re: can you share your envelope system!

We have been using the envelope system since October. We used to use all the time but in the last year we got away from it. So we are back on track and doing alot better. This month we will be adding more envelopes as we see a need for other things to keep separate in our budget. My dh gets paid every other week [ every 2 weeks] so I put out $$ for those 2 weeks.

So far, we have these envelopes.
Petty Cash -
Food $200 - $100 each week on groceries - any extra $ goes to the petty case envelope
gas $100 - $50 each week for our cars [$25 mine - $25 DH]
postal box rent $6 -$3 week a for our PO box rent
DH lunches @ work $80 - $40 each week for his lunch money
kid allowance $20 - $10 each child --[ $20 each month per child ]
savings 5% of his paycheck - we transfer 5% of his check into our savings. We make sure we pay ourselves into our savings.

I am wanting to create another envelopes for toiletries and TP, napkins, papertowels, cleaning supplies.. another envelope for car mainten/ repairs and also another envelope for clothing.
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Re: can you share your envelope system!

We use the little envelope book that came with our Dave Ramsey class, but there are some cute ones on etsy if you want something like that. I make our budget ahead every month and these are my categories: Savings, Housing, Utilities (this includes our phone bill), Food, Transportation (this is car payment, insurance and gas, no maintenance), Clothing/Miscellaneous, Medical, Netflix, Tobacco (my husband dips. ugh.), and "Blow" which doubles as our entertainment budget.

We get two paycheck a month but it isn't realistic for us to pay half of the bills one paycheck and half the other because different things are due different days. Before the month starts I've already made my spreadsheet with how much is going in each category, but then I sit down and list out which paycheck pays for what, depending on where it falls in the month. Right now we don't have any sinking funds for "extras" because we are throwing every last extra penny in savings/debt reduction. If I know I'm going to a baby shower and need to buy a gift I put a line in the budget for that. We have a rule that if it isn't in the budget, we don't buy it.

We do everything in cash except for the car insurance, netflix, and savings.
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I've tried envelopes before and failed but I finally have DH on board so we should do better. I found a really east template online to make these:

Click image for larger version

Name:	image-239428570.jpg
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I used thick paper I had, almost card stock and the are holding up much better than the regular envelopes I was using. (Plus they're pretty!)
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Re: can you share your envelope system!

I'm really interested in getting into an envelope system. I actually have the Dave Ramsay book, and the "Envelopes". Question though. How does everyone deal with bills that automatically come out of the bank acount (ie car payment, mortgage, student loans etc)?

Should I just figure out how much exactly will be 'left over' then take that amount of $$ out to budget ?
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Re: can you share your envelope system!

can you share the template?
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Our envelopes are filled weekly, and are fairly generous for our family of 5.5. The goal is to stair step most categories down over time.

-Fun money $30
-Gro $130
-Household/toiletries $20
-Restaurants $75
-Entertainment $10
-Child care $15 (I pay the teen $15/week to watch the kids for 1hour for 4 days while I clean)
-dry cleaning $30
-casual clothes $10
-hair $10
-car maintenance $10

We auto draft the bills. We pay at the pump for gas (goal is $100/week). I am starting several sinking funds that will stay in savings (suit replacement, car replacement, home improvements, gifts/parties, etc).

Our "envelopes" are actually just the plastic mini-accordion binders you can find in Wal-mart or target for a dollar. I did splurge on a $4 binder last week. It was pretty and made a bit sturdier. (Though the cheapies will last for years).

Eta: hubby's income is irregular. So I usually keep a few hundred extra in the account. When/if the excess is forecasted to stay over $2-300, I will transfer anything over that amount to savings. I did set direct deposit up to send the first $x to checking and the remaining to savings, but occasionally he gets a bonus check, or his paycheck will dip below that $x, so the cushion minimizes the transfers I have to make.
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