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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

I think my DS was about 11 months, he was night weaned at that point and slept a lot better in his own space. I was also pregnant and still nursing him so I was feeling really "touched out" all the time - so I appreciated being able to stretch out in bed without anyone touching me. He's almost 3 now and still comes into our bed early in the morning for a few hours.

DD is almost 14 months and still sleeping in our bed. We tried to get her to sleep in her own bed but she's been crawling out of her crib for months so it was a no-go. She tends to squirm to the top of the bed and not want to touch anyone when she sleeps, so I don't mind her in with us for now. It's almost like she's not even there, lol.


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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

Our daughter left our bed for good at 24 months. Sometime when she was 3, she started sleeping in a twin in her room.

We moved recently, and now we are all in the same extremely large bedroom, my daughter in her twin at one end of the room, and my husband and I plus 17 month old at the other end.

I have to say that I LOVE that we are still all in the same bedroom. No boogeymen here!

Quick story: When we were at our old house and 3 year old Gigi was in her daybed in our bedroom, I just naturally and casually mentioned to one of our aunts that Gigi would graduate to a twin in her bedroom "when she decided she was ready." I remember I said that because our Aunt looked at me funny and said in a haughty way, "Isn't it YOUR decision?" And I thought about it for the first time and decided that no, it wasn't just my decision, but hers too. They have a lot of say in the rhythm of our lives anyway, why not factor our children's needs in the beginning rather than trying to "fix" them at the end?
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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

I started transitioning her to her own bed (and quickly to her own room) around 7mo. I would say she was full time in her own room around 9mo. I would have let her stay longer, but for our family it was not the best for everyone's sleep. If it is still working for you then who cares what others say.

When she started getting active she starting seeing our bed as a huge space to crawl around and just wanted to play. When I finally got her asleep she ended up sleeping at an angle that basically made DH and I be hanging off of the bed. I slept with my head at the food of the bed on many nights because it was the only way to make our sleeping jigsaw puzzle work I tried to just have her sleep in her pnp in our room, but she needed the out of sight, out of mind from mommy. Now she is a great sleeper most nights! It is so nice to have some alone time to just hang out and watch tv with DH most nights after 8:30 or 9pm!
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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

DS is 2.5 years old and is in a double next to our bed. We hope to have him in his Jack n' Jill room by 3. We are due with #2 in April. I am sure we will have the new LO in with DS a littler earlier but definitely after baby is weaned.
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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

DD is still in our room most of the time. Sometimes on a crib mattress on the floor and sometimes in our bed. My oldest was around 3-4 but ds2 was 9 months. He didn't sleep well with us or us with him so I put him in his crib one night and it was like magic. He went right out and has not had much trouble since. Dd on the other hand has some emotional and social delays so I'm letting her set the pace. I cannot sleep with her when she is restless and kicks though so thats when she goes to the crib mattress.
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Dd1 was about 5mos. Dh was waking her in the morning so she went to her own room. Dd2 was also about 5mos. She outgrew the bassinet so she went to her own room. However after the 1st time she woke during the night she got a bottle then went to bed with me. She stayed in her own room all night from about 9mos to 15mos and then came back to our bed at some point during the night until recently(she's 5.5 yrs old now lol). Ds moved to his room-it adjoins ours and we leave the door open-at 1wk. He is just to loud for him to be in our room and me actually get some sleep!
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My two term babies mapped in their cribs in their rooms upon arrival from the hospital. Both sttn at 9 weeks and were overnighting in their rooms from 11 weeks on. DS3 was a preemie. He always slept in his bassinet the first 3 weeks to help with his temperature regulation. He sttn at 12 weeks and moved to his room at 15 weeks.
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Originally Posted by Cassie330 View Post
My son will be 9 months old on the 7th and I'm getting a lot if pressure from family members to move him to his own bedroom but I don't think either of us are ready for that. He still nurses a lot during the night and I think we would both get a lot less sleep if he were in another room.

When did you move your child to their own bedroom? How did you know you both were ready?
DD2 slept primarily with me until we night weaned at a year. She would often nap or start the night in her crib, but when she was still nursing 4+ times a night it wasn't worth it. It's nobody's business but yours.
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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

#1 half the night started at 6 months, full time at 12 months

#2 part of the night starting at 9 months, full time by 13 months

#3 part of the night starting at 13 months, full time by 18 months

We started the transition whenever someone (us or the baby) were getting significantly less sleep by having them in bed. We took it nice and slow
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Re: When did your baby start sleeping in his own room?

My daughter still sleeps with us along with our youngest son and she's past 3 years of age. She will be having her own room when she turns 6-7.
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