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Does anyone else here suffer from kidney pain during pregnancy?

I never experienced this until I got pregnant with this baby. Around 7 weeks I got this awful pains that came in waves in my right kidney, they went away after a couple hours and the ob said to just see how I feel the next day, I felt fine so I didn't go in. Well around 14 weeks it happened again, I ended up in the ER, which was pointless, they sent me home and didn't even give me a reason for the pain. Well I had to drive 30 minutes home in extreme pain, I called and talked with the on call ob that same night and he told me to go right back to L&D, they pushed iv fluids and strained my urine all night long, they did an u/s on my kidneys in the am and said all looked fine, they did find blood in my urine. I went home and have been fine for the most part, I've had a few episodes here and there but they never last long. Well last night (i'm 18 weeks today) I was at a partylite party with some girlfriends and one of them noticed I wasn't my normal self...I told her the kidney pains were back..they lasted a few hours and then I went to sleep when I got home. I woke up this morning with not much pain but now its starting to hurt again...when I push in near my kidney it kind of stings.

If the u/s showed nothing, is this just a pregnancy thing I'm gonna have to deal with until baby is born? How normal is this?


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I had kidney stones during my last pregnancy although it was never fully acknowledged by a dr. The u/s showed no stones but my dr said that u/s won't always detect them - they may be small stones. When they strained my urine they did find a few small stones. At the time, I came down with pneumonia so they flat out told me they weren't concerned with my kidney pain at the moment. It was excruciating. But eventually they passed and I haven't had another episode yet. Good luck!
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Re: Does anyone else here suffer from kidney pain during pregnancy?

yup, I do.

I have had bouts of kidney pain on and off during the past 2 (maybe 3, can't remember that far back) pregnancies.

I never do anything about it, other than to drink a bunch of water, and then take it easy.

I did have kidney stones after my last baby was born, 2 mos PP. But it wasn't caused by diet or any genetic factors. I had been taking too high a dose of calcium magnesium during the pregnancy, and had passed some stones DURING pregnancy, but mistook that pain for false labor and ignored it. Around 6 wks PP I passed a stone, found some tissue in the toilet but shrugged it off. Soemtime around that time, I got sick with food poisoning, lost 6 lbs in two days, became SEVERELY dehydrated (I was nursing too) and just couldn't get re-hydrated. Then around 8 wks post- partum, I woke up with blinding, awful pain in my back where my kidneys were. Finally went in to be seen and they found a few stones, and blood in my urine (which indicated I'd already been passing stones - which I already suspected).

My options were to be admitted to the hospital for IV fluids and observation for a few days (um, no thanks!) or to go home and drink one glass of water every hour for 2 days and come back for additional testing. I chose the second option, and when I went back, the stones had either dissolved or passed (not sure which - probably dissolved). They wanted to put me on a round of abx "just in case" - I declined.

Now that I am pg again, I do have pain in my kidneys randomly here and there. Mostly I think it happens b/c I am dehydrated or not resting enough. I am not taking Calcium magnesium this pregnancy, I totally learned my lesson. LOL. I'm not the type to run in to be checked for things, unless I am in immense pain, or have some very severe symptoms. So I never go for the kidney pain. I never even mention it. I figure there's nothing they can really do right now anyway, and it will probably go away when the pregnancy ends. *shrug*

I should probably add, everything else is normal for me. My labs are all normal, my iron level is good, my BP is low (but normal for me) ... .perhaps if I had other concerns, I might worry more about the kidney pain...

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