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Re: What temp do you medicate?

Originally Posted by jaelynsmommy61607 View Post
Thanks for all the replies. Seems like a lot of different opinions on when. Ds2 has had a fever all week from 101-103.5. Thursday it seemed to have gone away. Took him to daycare friday and picked him up with another fever. It was 101.6 and I wanted to see how he would be and were it puke go before I gave him anything. Finally around 10 I made the decision to take him to the er and got chewed out for not medicating him at 101. Was told he could seize with that temp blah blah blah. I'm really frustrated with the whole thing. They double dosed him with Motrin and Tylenol.
He could seize at ANY temp. Most of the time, febrile seizures happen due to a drastic, fast change in body temperature. It's not the actual temperature itself (unless it's really high) that causes the seizure, it's the quick change in body temperature. I would have told them to shove it up their... well.


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Re: What temp do you medicate?

Originally Posted by l_Kimmie_l View Post
I medicate in the case of fever and uncomfortable behavior. I will also medicate if the child tells me they feel bad or something hurts. I would not stay uncomfortable or feverish, so I will not leave my kids in that state either. I am glad my kids are rarely ever sick enough to need meds, but when they do, I am happy to dish them out for their sake.
This exactly. i medicate the child.

I don't like to be uncomfortable and misserable and I am an adult, why would I make my child wait it out.

My kids are also rarely sick so i have no problems giving medicine when they are.
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I've only medicated when DS was too miserable to sleep. I don't think he can get well if he can't rest.

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Re: What temp do you medicate?

I'd probably only medicate above 105.
Fever has a purpose.


I use homeopathy a lot. I don't even medicate myself. DS was just given Motrin yesterday for the second time in his life. after i dealt with him crying from teething pain for almost 8 hours straight.

then i later found out that i should've just given him Gaia Kids relax tonic and he would've been fine without the meds.

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I usually only medicate if they are uncomfortable.

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Re: What temp do you medicate?

102+, I medicate based on the sheer number alone. We alternate between ibuprofen & tylenol, every 4 hours if necessary. I also medicate for voiced or obvious discomfort, but never lethargy. I prefer my kids sleep off a fever below 102.
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Re: What temp do you medicate?

Food for thought

How are febrile seizures prevented?

If a child has a fever most parents will use fever-lowering drugs such as acetominophen or ibuprofen to make the child more comfortable, although there are no studies that prove that this will reduce the risk of a seizure.
From the NIH site
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Re: What temp do you medicate?

I generally go by fever is a bodies way of fighting an illness so I don't medicate for most fevers. Once a fever gets to maybe 103 or 104 I medicate. I know it is rare to have a high fever that causes damage but I also know it can happen since in the past I worked with developmentally disabled adults and knew their case histories of what caused their issues and there were examples of fevers causing damage.

If it was pretty high I would call the pediatrician emergency line and ask if they thought I should go in or not. The exception to that is newborns. I would bring a newborn in with any fever. My youngest had to be hospitalized as a newborn for a fever. It was nothing and went down fast on its own but there is a good chance it could be a serious bacterial infection that can get bad fast.

If there fevers are 102 or lower I would only medicate if they were miserable or if it was keeping them from sleeping at night I might medicate at night only so they can sleep.

I don't use homeopathy but I might try natural proven stuff and do try to hold off on western meds unless they are needed.

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I've never medicated a fever but I have medicated for pain. I would likely medicate for a fever at 103.
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Re: What temp do you medicate?

for my 5 year old, over 101.5-102 or so and usually only before bed so he can sleep. Anything below that and he really needs to be laying down, being still, letting the fever do its thing. If I give him something, his fever comes down and he's running around, being crazy (normal) and then feels worse after the meds wear off. My threshold is lower for babies obviously
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