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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

It will get better. Get an antibiotic fir the mastits, lanolin for you nipple. I would see a LC or LLL leader to double check you latch. Pumo just to comfot to help with clog ducts.


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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

Originally Posted by lizxvx View Post
I've been using a combo of cold black tea bags, 'natural nipple butter', and breast milk. Any other recommendations?
I've had the best luck with Motherlove nipple cream. Its the marshmallow root that makes it unique (other ingredients are olive oil, beeswax, shea, and calendula). It works well on yeast rashes as well lol.
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

It gets better!

We've had our own share of bumps in the road, but we persevered! My older son and I nursed until he was three, in spite of a lot of things that we struggled through, my youngest daughter is still nursing at 3 1/2, and my youngest and I are going strong at 15 months. I had a million reasons to stop if I wanted to-clogged ducts, mastitis (twice), lots of biting, a bite that drew blood, over supply & over active letdown, lots of vomiting from Noah, feed sensitivities, constant night waking, tender and sore nipples from AF and pregnancy, pregnancy as a whole, constant night (and day) nursing...and on and on. I kept trucking and we made it through-you can too!
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

Just like everyone else said >> It gets easier!!!

I used the sheild for 2 or 3 months and finally we were able to toss it. We are almost to a year and still going strong. Hang in there

And I use lansinoh lanolin when mine are starting to get sore.
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

Yes, it will get better! I liked Earth Mama Angel Baby nipple cream.
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

Yep! Lansinoh really does help and you can just keep slabbing it on. An almost hot wash cloth on the clogged duct and massage really helps. Also..turn your baby to where he/she has their bottom lip drawing from where the duct is clogged. My lactation consultant literally had me lay back and turn baby upside down just to get the bottom lip where it was pulling on the clogged duct. I have a major oversupply, I still block feed at 12 months in, which I feed on one breast for every two feedings, so we are really familiar with clogged ducts here. It does get so much easier though after the first two months, they really are the hardest. I had mastitis three times during the first six weeks, but like the others said, if you can call your doc they will give you some meds and it will feel better literally within 12-24 hours. You can do it! It almost becomes comical when it starts coming so naturally and nothing seems to bother you anymore! You can get through it and will enjoy every minute of it!!

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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

It does get better! I remember those days so well. I my little one's poor latch took off a chunk from one nipple. It was bleeding and so painful for awhile. Took about 14 weeks to completely heal over. My OBGYN Rx a nipple ointment with antibiotic, antifungal and mosturizer to use with each feeding. Maybe ask your doctor about a compound ointment for sore nipples. I really think it helped me heal. I have had mastitis 8 times with 2 babies and it is miserable. My Dr. was willing to give me an antibiotic with refills. I keep a bottle on hand and as soon as it sets in I start taking it. A lot less stressful since I don't have to run to the Dr. or Urgent Care on the weekend when soreness and fever starts. With all the problems with my first one I went on to nurse for 20 months and was sad when I weaned. You can do it and will be happy down the road that you stuck with it!
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

It gets easier. lansinoh for you top help.
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It does get better, but you may need to work on your latch. You shouldn't keep having a lot of chapping and bleeding once the latch is good and the nipple has healed. If you have a lactation consultant available have them watch you nurse and give suggestions, and also check for tongue tie.

I just kept reading articles on good latching and trying to make adjustments until it gradually got better. What worked for me:

Holding the breast for baby

Side lying nursing

Cross football hold, and bringing baby straight in

Switching sides every two hours - helped me with oversupply but might not be good for everyone

Good luck, Mama, you are doing great!
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Re: Please tell me it gets easier..

It's so worth the hard stuff. I had so much pain with my first the first month or so mastitis and I literally had to brace myself for the pain when they were sore and cracked. I think the number one thing I did to improve things was to ditch the natural vegetarian nipple butter and just use lanolin. It was the only thing that healed my cracked nipples. When you figure out how to nurse on your side while you sleep that is really when you realize how lucky you are that you don't even have to wake up all the way to feed and comfort your baby during the night. It will get better very soon once the mastitis is treated and you heal your nipples. Seriously lanolin is like magic
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