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We are expecting our second in April and also considering a minivan. We drive a Toyota matrix right now which is ok, but not much front to back room for rear facing carseats. We also travel frequently to visit family and I think a van would be more comfortable on the highway.

I'm glad to hear people say its a good vehicle for a family of 4 since we are not sure if we will have more kids after this one.


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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

We waited until we had 3 kids and the youngest was nearly 2 to get a minivan. We never did, but figured we could rent one if we needed something bigger. But, we never have visitors that we drive around, so it was a non issue. We took a couple trips a year, and just packed on the roof. A $700 roof system was cheaper than a minivan . So, for us, it was a good choice to wait and hopefully this will be the only minivan we have, as the kids will be leaving the house when it dies!

But, we don't have a dog or drive other people. I think it makes a lot of sense if you're having daily problems moving the dog and a stroller around to get something that works for you and your family. I am sure if we had that situation we would have had a minivan much earlier.
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We are 4 and have a minivan. Want to know a secret? I bought the minivan before I ever even had kids in mind. They drive nice, plenty roomy, better gas mileage than I got with my SUV and was a great road trip vehicle with friends.

As for family life. It is awesome. I have the stow and go seats so I put one middle seat down. My 9 month old is RFing in the other middle seat and my 3 year old on the back bench. I still have the cargo trunk area in the back for stroller and other stuff but put my groceries on the floor behind me. It has electronic doors that are easy open from my key, middle windows open and lots of storage. I adore it and would never get a different type of car.
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We also have 2 kids and a large dog... It would be strange for me personally, but I've never really cared for minivans, except I'm always jealous of the sliding doors. I wouldn't think twice about someone else with our same circumstances having one, and it sounds like it would make sense for your family.
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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

I think you will love having a minivan. I know I do, heck my mom still has one and she and my dad are empty nesters (they did have a hundred pound dog too though). When we got ours right before baby #3 arrived, we took out one of the bucket seats in the middle (the one next to the power door) and that space was so nice for helping our older two kids buckle their seatbelts in the back, and for loading groceries and stuff, or for my parents' dog. I loved having that big open area but we had to put the seat back in for baby #4.
Come to think of it we had one when I was growing up and my parents just had my sister and I. We didn't get along so it was nice not having to sit really close in the car.
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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

Came back to add - it's awesome to never have to worry about space. Extra kid over for playdate? No problem! Someone needs a ride home? No problem! Something came up and you need me to bring your child home from school/preschool? No problem!

Or as they get older and add in sports equipment, lawn chairs for games, it all fits.
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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

We got our mini van when dd our first child was less than a month old. We currently have two los and are ttcing for #3. We like to take road trips and normally take our small dog with us it is best for us to drive as our children do no do well on long trips.(we would probably be kicked off a flight if we flew with them).
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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

Seems to me that a van is expected with two kids! Everyone was joking before my twins were born how long we'd make it before buying a van (we have a small suv).
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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

We got our mini van before we had kids too...we had gotten a dog (St. Bernard) and were sick of stuffing him in the back of a 2 door car! Plus, we knew we planned on having kids soon. Now with 2 kids it is so easy to travel and not have to plan packing carefully because we can fit anything in (ours is an extended version, we fit a full size couch in the back with the seats out).
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Re: Family of 4 and a minivan-too much space?

minivan here too! We have 2 kids and 2 dogs, we bought our first minivan when dd was 6 months old. With all the "baby" stuff and two dogs we had no room when traveling and we knew we would have another child. We have lots of room now. We drove our van with the kids and dogs down to FL from MD for Christmas, we had plenty of room for 5 days worth of clothes for each person, Christmas presents, dog food, snacks, ect.......and the in car dvd player is a life saver!!
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