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c&w's mama
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Re: what was I thinking?

I agree, just put the doll away for now. If she likes dolls, she'll be thrilled when she gets her all over again. Glad you found detangler- for your sanity. We started with bitty at 3-- but only did that because she loves dolls at home and at school.

I know, they're super expensive. We almost (even MIL independently of me!) got my just 5 yo a big AG doll (just based on my dd's interests) but none of us could quite do it. We all know who it will be so we're already excited- but I will use more restraint regarding the timing after reading this. Right now, we're reading the historical stories that come with a mini doll (but it was a deal I couldn't pass up)-- this was our compromise (just adults since dd had no idea we all wanted to get her one) and she plays with the mini doll. I view all the other things as a way to gauge interest in the big one.


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Re: what was I thinking?

Yeah, that sucks when you buy a great toy, and it just turns into a bomb. I got my son a pirate ship for Christmas, and since getting it, he hasn't played with ANYTHING else at all. Not any of his cars, or his action figures, the play guitar, the play food sets, nothing. My DD has played with some of his toys more than he has. xP
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Re: what was I thinking?

There are several cheap knock offs of american girls. You can get get them at target or Walmart and they are about $20 to $30. What about one of those with the ag clothes until she is older for other ag doll? Just to clarify the dolls are store brands not counterfeit ag dolls.
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My dd is only 21 months so I haven't heard any of the AG doll hype. What's so special about these dolls? My dd loved babies and baby dolls, but is happy to pretend her big brothers trucks are babies. Lol.
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I think what makes them special is the stories. Without those they are just another doll. Have you read the McKenna books to her? I would start there and get the doll back out when she is showing interest in the books. Or when she is able to read them independently.

I loved the books but never got a doll (too expensive.) I would pour through the ag catalog and dream though and that was fun too!
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Re: what was I thinking?

I had American Girl dolls when I was little, but I didn't get my first until I was ten. I still have them and they are in great shape. With my girls, I'm trying to follow the official age recommendations. American Girl 18" dolls are for ages 8+, while the Bitty Baby and Bitty Twin lines are for 3+. I think my second daughter will end up getting her first AG a couple months before her eighth birthday, but I suppose that will be close enough.
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Re: what was I thinking?

I have three girls and I am waiting until they're all 8 years old and up.
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My girls all get their bitty babies at 1.
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Re: what was I thinking?

I got my first AG doll at 8, my sister got hers at 6. They are all (6 in total) in great condition still, with the exception of my sister's first doll, her hair is a little bit worn looking, but other than that great.

Definitely only use a wire brush and water on hair to keep it in the best condition.

Right now my DD (2) is very into baby dolls and just got a bitty baby for Christmas. I'm surprised with how nicely she treats them, even the one doll she has with hair she brings to be daily to brush and put her hair back up if it gets loose and frizzy. I could see getting her an AG doll around 6 or 7, but that would be the earliest, and even if I was 100% sure she would take care of it.
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I think it depends on the child. My niece is 6 and got one for Christmas and plays with it constantly and takes very good care of her. My cousins are older and theirs look terrible and don't get used much.

As a kid I wouldn't have wanted one, I loved barbies but not baby dolls either. I think it depends on their play style also.

American girl dolls are recommended for 8+
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