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When did you start K?

At what age and at what level were they at? And what did you use? What did you do to get them to this point?



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Re: When did you start K?

It depends on the kid really...

My oldest was READY at 4 so that's when we started, he was reading chapter books at 5 and he's almost 8 now and I have a hard time finding books to match up with his maturity level and his reading ability.

My daughter is 5 and was just ready this year to do it LOOSELY. We don't do it super intense at all. She'll continue with a loose k schedule next year.

My youngest is 3 and will be ready to do some stuff (letters, numbers, phonics) a little more intensely this fall so we'll start pre-k type stuff then and he'll be ready for K at 4.
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Re: When did you start K?

My son turned 4 in September and we started K that same month. Now we have been very relaxed about it and we are only on lesson 39. I hope to finish before the baby pops out so we can have a break once the baby comes home for a while.

We are using Calvert.
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Re: When did you start K?

Definitely depends on the child. ODD started just before she turned 5. She already know her letters and most of the basic sounds. DS didn't start until he was 5 1/2. He could've started earlier and done fine, I think, but he wasn't interested, and I saw no reason to start on anything. He also knew all letters and most sounds before we started. YDD started very loosely just after she turned 4. She was the earliest, but we were super laid back with her in a way we weren't with the older two. The main reason she started was because the older two do school and she wanted to, as well.

Now, what I used to get them to knowing letters and sounds was just fitting it into conversation throughout the day. They would ask how to spell something or what a word said, so I would walk them through it. I didn't do anything formal with it. Math was similar. We would count as we picked up toys and would sometimes do simple addition or subtraction, but nothing formal, and often just for a few minutes spaced throughout the day.
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Re: When did you start K?

We do very little traditional schooling with textbooks until the child is 6 years old. If I could legally wait until they were 7, I would.

My current 6 year old is using Horizons K math, Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons, All About Reading, Letter tiles and then copy work for handwriting. He is also doing Apologia Astronomy and living books for history (we are working on a timeline as we read)

Since he loves numbers, we also work on whatever concept it is that he is interested in. One day last week we were doing simple addition, two days later he wanted to start learning to multiply. He came to me and said "9x9 is 81" I said "Yes but we are working on 9 +9" His response was "I want to learn to add lots of numbers fast and to do that I can multiply it sometimes."

He had taken an old chart belonging to an older sibling and gone into his bedroom. He literally taught himself the entire 9 family in multiplication. 9 x 9 is his favorite because "It is using all the same numbers as 9+9 but you switch the numbers in the answer around from 18 to 81. It is like having 9 sets of 9 beans."

I find his love of numbers, and the speed he is grasping different concepts, a little scary
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Re: When did you start K?

my DD was 4 when we started....she was totally ready....she will be 7 in April and reads anything she can find, even books written for adults.....its crazy how well she can DS on the other hand was 5 in Oct. and does school very loosely, cannot read at all, has very little interest in YDS was 3 in Nov. and he is just like my DD, he loves to sit and do all kinds of 'school' i give him....i can totally she he will be ready for K at age 4 bc he can count to 20 knows his letters, etc
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Re: When did you start K?

My oldest started K at 5 in PS. Typical.

My second is 6 (and now we HS). We started some K work at 4 and it was alot. Too much. We had to slack way off. She is still doing K work but much more efficiently. I should have just waited until she was 5 1/2 or 6. I will be waiting on formal ed for my youngest(3 yrs) now that I've learned better. And I'll be using a bit more common sense on judging when she's ready.

ETA: forgot to mention what we are using for K! We've used all kinds of stuff since starting at 4. BJU, various dollar store and Walmart books, Get Ready for the Code books, Shiller math, Horizons Math.
Currently we are using a combo of Math U See and Horizons Math (about to finish Horizons and will be starting with CLP math in combo with the MUS). For reading/phonics, a combo of Explode the Code (we are finishing the last book of Get Ready for the Code this week) and Horizons Phonics (also starting this week).
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Re: When did you start K?

My youngest is set to start K officially next fall, but we started him this fall because 1) he wanted to, and 2) I wanted 2 full years to complete K with him. I had no illusions that we'd be far ahead, quite the opposite in fact. He's all boy, short attention span, and if we go weeks without doing anything, that's okay cause we have 2 years to do it
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My oldest was 6 days away from the cut off for starting public school. We actually had him enrolled in a prek scheduled to start that fall, but canceled and decided to hs instead, because we felt that he was ready for kindergarten. so he was a few weeks away from turning 5 when we started. We used My Fathers World curriculum and still use it (3rd grade now). I don't know if you're looking for Christian curricula, but if so, I highly recommend that one, along with lots of library trips.

My middle child is 3 now, but I don't think we'll start her at 4. I've been doing some pre k with her this year and I think she'd benefit from going over this content a second time, just amped up a bit. So it definitely depends on the child.
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