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Re: From anti-vax to pro-vax?

I was pro vax (pretty much did what the ped told me to do without second thought) with my first. When she was 18 mo I joined DS and it opened my eyes. It seemed like a lot of people were against vaxes, and I wanted to know why. Initially I freaked out, so much so that I became fairly anti-vax. I started delaying/skipping vaccinations, and would feel very anxious for the shots we did do, worried that I could be doing something awful to my child. I was simply scared to vaccinate anymore.
Then I started doing research about a year and a half ago, and lots of it. I started sifting through the things that scared me, and researched them one at a time. I researched the effectiveness, the pros/cons, ingredients, diseases, societal impact, etc......all the aspects of vaccinating. And by researching I mean reading scientific articles, peer-reviewed research -- I didn't put weight in the anecdotal stories you read about on the internet. There are convincing and emotionally charged scare tactics on both sides. I think any issue involving our children can become emotionally charged very easily! I lost track of how much time I spent reading about it; it really was very interesting, and I wanted to make the best decision for *me* regarding *my* children.

Anyway, sorry this got long. To sum it up -- I went from uneducated provax to antivax, and I am back to being provax again (on schedule), this time being educated about vaccines. I am very comfortable and confident being pro vax, I don't feel anxiety anymore when I take my child in to get vaccines, and don't feel any anxiety when I take my kids to the grocery store (we have a significant pertussis outbreak here, and a measles outbreak last year.....I think I would feel nervous bringing my kids to crowded public places unvaccinated. That said, I have a friend who does not vaccinate and she swears that she never feels worried that they will catch something). I think it is normal to have fears on either side, much of it is fear of the unknown (again, on both sides!) I found it helpful to identify the reasons you are scared and unsure, and seek evidence to support (I had to ask myself many times "Is this a rational fear or an irrational fear?" "What is the science telling me?" "What are the risks vs benefits?" "Is this an emotional response/opinion or an evidence based response/opinion?" etc etc)


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This is a great thread! I'm glad I'm not the only one who, even after tons of research, wonders if I'm making the right decision! I really wanted to do a delayed schedule, but for us, it was cost prohibitive. I would have had an extra office visit fee for the extra times I had to take the kids in. My ped was supportive of the delayed schedule, but I decided to stick to the CDC schedule, except the hepatitis they get at birth since they have all been born at home. So far (3 kids) we have not had had any adverse reactions other than slight irritation at injection sight and just feeling kinda blah afterwards. We don't get the flu vaccine mostly because its been kind of spotty in protection. In our area this year, MANY people who had the vax still got the flu really bad, even hospitalized.
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Originally Posted by MyLovely

There's no longer mercury in the overwhelming majority of vaccines, and where it still is, it's in very trace amounts. Here is a great chart! It's also important to remind yourself who you trust more, the vast, overwhelming majority of scientists and every medical organization in the western world, or people on the internet.
Good point and thanks so much for the chart
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