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I just pull out cash for all our other spending (other than gas). Took dh a while, but he's got it now.


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I prepay half of the month's bills with each paycheck.

Dh gets paid on the 25th and will pay rent (due 1st) and car note (due 10th). Paid again on the 8th and will pay student loan (16th), phone (18th), and insurance (25th).

Spending money is cash in envelopes.
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Re: Paying bills

DH gets paid every Friday and I get paid every other Friday. Once a month, I schedule all our payments through online bill pay so that no matter what they will get paid before they are due. Then every Friday morning I log on to my bank account and move up all the bills that will get paid within the next week and schedule them to get paid right away. So bills get paid on Fridays, basically.

I do it this way because I want to make sure everything gets paid (if I get sick or if I can't log on to online banking) so I want to schedule the payment, but I don't want to automatically set everything up to come out of our accounts on Fridays in case there is a payroll issue and a paycheck doesn't get deposited immediately.

I keep enough money in the account to cover gas and food or other expenses for the following week and I leave a small buffer of a couple hundred dollars. Anything over that gets transferred into savings.

I tell DH that I only leave a few hundred in the checking/debit account, so he can't spend more than that without consulting me first. My DH is also a spender - he considers money to be "fun tickets" so if I leave it in the account, he will spend it. By moving it into savings and telling him we don't have any money he's less likely to make any large purchases without calling me first.
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Originally Posted by Nickel+3
I prepay bills. No matter when they're due I pay the beginning of the month. We only get paid once a month though.
We get paid twice but I do this too.
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I split our bills. On the first I pay a,b, and c bills and the 15yh x, y, and z bills. Instead of splitting the amounts I just split up the bills. To do this I've had to call some places and change my due date. It might make the bill higher for one month bc you may end up paying for a month and a half due to the change or could make some lower. But it's only one month if you need to make adjustments to the due date then back to normal
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Re: Paying bills

dh uses the credit card so we never have an issue with the account I split finances up also. he used to do the same as your dh, then when I gave him a credit card from my . account it stopped affecting our bills.
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Re: Paying bills

We pay everything at the beginning of the month with the first paycheck of the month(or the last of the previous month if it falls around the 30th).
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Originally Posted by BNC
We pay everything at the beginning of the month with the first paycheck of the month(or the last of the previous month if it falls around the 30th).
This is us. We use the first paycheck if the month to pay all the bills (rent, cell, credit card) and then the next paycheck is to live on. It generally means that the checking account is close to empty at the beginning of the month (we had under $20 yesterday) bur now the next 3 Fridays, we live on.
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My paycheck is used to pay bills, direct deposited into a separate checking account and everything is auto debit. This month's money goes toward next month's bills so there is always enough if that makes sense. It is basically just running on autopilot.
DHs paycheck is what we live off - groceries, gas, non bill stuff. That goes into a checking account with debit cards attached. This lets us have a little more breathing room when DH has a good month :-) and if he doesn't well we tighten our belts and the bills still get paid.
I set this up years ago bc DH was always overdrawing the account and bills were going unpaid.
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Re: Paying bills

We just pay certain bills out of each check. We have a spread where we have our paydates listed for each month (we get paid every two weeks, so it isn't a set day of the month or anything like that) and we pay the bills with the check they are due closest to.

For example here is the info for January. (Below this we have our actual pay check amounts and how much we'll have left after paying these 'set' bills.

Mortgage 1/18/13 --> 800
Daycare 711 <--- Both ---> 474
Power 1/18/13 --> 140
Water (Automatic) <-----1/4/13 50
DSL (Auto, CC) <-----1/4/13
Student Loans 130 <--- Both ---> 133
IRA 300 <-----1/4/13
Car 343 <-----1/4/13

This is just something basic that we made up that works for us. We have the bill set to pay (if using bill pay) on our actual paydate so it comes out right away. Once these bills are paid use pay off all of the credit cards and anything left over goes into savings.

eta: It lost the formatting, but I'm sure you get the idea.

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