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Re: Do you feel the need to know where your child is?

Yes I do. As a mother I have to know where my child is going just in case any unexpected things might happen. You know the feeling of getting worried when your child is not yet home and it's very late at night!


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Re: Do you feel the need to know where your child is?

I think it depends. DH and I always tell each other where we are going with the kids if it's out of our ordinary routine.

If we are visiting family together and grandma takes someone out, she will tell me where they are going.

If I send my child to stay at grandma's for a few days, then I don't need to know every little thing they do ahead of time. I do get updates after though.

If I send my child to the neighbor's house to play, I would expect a call if they decide to go to the park, etc. DS1 knows that if he goes from one kid's house to another, he needs to call and tell me he's changed location.

If I am with a group of friends, I would freak out if one just left with my kid without telling me or DH.

I got trained early by having to send DS1 to his father's house.
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Sometimes. Generally I have an idea where DH and DS are when I'm at work but sometimes they surprise me by going to the library or stopping by Walmart. They always let me know if they are leaving town.

No one else can transport DS in their car so they can't go too far. Sometimes Grandma is babysitting for a Saturday afternoon and they go across the street to the park or walk around the block but I don't worry that they will venture farther than that.

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Yes, I do feel the need to know where my children are, always. If that makes me controlling or a worrywart, so be it.
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Re: Do you feel the need to know where your child is?

The only time my kids our out of my care is when they are with DH, MIL, my sister and my mom. I trust these people completely to act in my children's best interest at all times. If DH spontaneously stops at the playground with my girls instead of coming straight home from the store or my mom decides to bring DD1 shopping with her while babysitting it is no problem. My answer is as long as I know who they are with someone I trust, it really doesn't matter where they are. DH NEVER really knows what me and the kids are up to when he's at work. To not give him the same free reign with our kids would be a slap in the face.

DD1 goes to half-day PreK. I know they do neighborhood walks some times depending on the weather. This doesn't bother me either.
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Re: Do you feel the need to know where your child is?

No. But I can't imagine she'd be going anywhere with anyone other than her grandparents. I trust them so I wouldn't be concerned.
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Re: Do you feel the need to know where your child is?

My DH takes our children wherever he wants.

I am surprised by all the answers thst talk about "letting" the DH or "my" children. DH and I are equal partners. I don't let dH do anythibg with our children. He has a different relatuonship with them that I do and thay is good for them.
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I like having a general idea of where she is going to be. I wouldn't leave her in the care of someone I don't trust. I pretty much assume that whoever is taking care of her has her best interests in mind in going out. In other words, when I was working and my dad was watching her, I trusted he wasn't going to do anything to compromise my trust in him.
It goes the same for everyone else. I do ask general plans, though. What time will she be back? Will she be fed or do I have to send money? Does she need anything extra to take? Etc..
In return, if I have someone else's child, I respect the parents' wishes on those things.

I do want to add that she had a play date after school with one of her friends. The mom asked if DD could go with them if they went out. I asked a million questions, but I was firm that I would be there at a certain time to pick her up. When I went, they weren't home. I tried calling the mother, but she didn't answer. DD hasn't been back for a play date since, and she won't go back.
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Yes. Even with dh, I want to know what errand is currently running and play by play updates as he moves around the city.

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I don't need time stamps and exact locations, no...but a general "We are running to the store to grab-so-and-so" would be nice. That's not because I distrust anyone, I just like to know in case of emergencies.

We had a sitter though who one day decided to take my kids to her apartment without telling me, and I was NOT happy about that because A) I had never been there before, didn't know where it was/what it was like/that she had a snippy dog and B) she had only been our sitter for less than a week.
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