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Re: What is your grocery budget?

500 family of 8, sometimes more if holidays season our we are hosting taking meals too people. we buy 2 fryer chickens and 4lbs of beef and 3 packs of bacon per month grass feed organic only. (thinking of buying a half cow and pig from friends down the road) I buy dirty dozen organic and milk is raw organic. come summer garden gets going, but we eat alot of fresh veggies and fruits so that is the main part of our budget. we also eat 3lb if almonds, 2.5lbs of cashews and around 15 lbs of different bran a and lentils every month we don't stray from our menu much so I know what we buy, plus we have keifer smoothie every morning so I can even break down that we go through 4l b s pic spinach, 15lbs of banana s etc if you really want details.

this does not include anything but food. I am not sure what I spend exactly on cleaning etc items.I go to a scratch and dent place and buy my organic shampoos and conditions and toothpaste every few months and spend around 50-60$. I make my cleaners and some come from food since I use . oil for starting, baking soda and vinegar we etc.

oh and I price match so I can get the best deals on some things I don't buy organic, like cream cheese butter etc. I would love to buy organic everything even for flour and beans, but I can't or we would spend roughly a grand on food and though we can say a hundred up here and there, we can't double our budget


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Re: What is your grocery budget?

Family of 7. DH, myself, 6yo, 5yo, 3yo, 2yo, and 1yo. The kids eat as much as I do. Our budget is $400 a month for groceries ONLY (does not include any home/bath items or eating out). We don't buy any organic/grassfed (not in the budget). We eat meat at every meal along with a lot of veggies, as we follow Paleo/Primal eating.

I try to do a big shop at the beginning of the month for meat, around sale items. This month I bought 30lbs of boneless/skinless chicken breast, 17lbs of pork roast, 3 pork rib racks, a whole spiral sliced ham, 3lbs of chuck steak, 5lbs of ground beef, 2 whole chickens, 4lbs of shrimp, & 3lbs of tilapia for less than $150.

I'm trying to get a garden started so we can free up some $$ to save up toward a quarter cow (grassfed).
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Re: What is your grocery budget?

I really need to follow you thrifty mamas more closely... we are a family of 3 (myself and 2 kiddos) and spend $100-$130 weekly on groceries (mostly organic and/or local) and $40-$60 a week on eating out *yikes*.

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Re: What is your grocery budget?

Ours is $300 per month for food only. We are a family of four. We eat some organic but I'm just one that if I can get it for about the same price we do it. All our grain/carbs are organic, fruit and veggies are a mix, other cooking items are a mix. During the summer we have a garden so I grow veggies and get fruits (tons of fruit trees ours aren't producing much yet) from my parents place. I can and preserve much of that.

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$300 a month for 2 adults, a 3 year old (who never stops!), and a 6 month old who is now starting some solids. That includes all toiletries. I coupon heavily for all toiletries. We utilize Costco for things we eat frequently and baking supplies. I do coupon for food as well but we do a lot of baking from scratch and try to limit as much processed food as possible. I buy some organic, a lot of our produce is organic and butter some others because Krogers has a great organic line for decent prices.

We garden in the summer so we have a well stocked cellar.
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Re: What is your grocery budget?

We are a family of 4 and one small dog. we live in the Virginia. We spend $100 a week. we buy some organic. We used to spend $135-$150 a week but I stopped buying a lot of junk food and processed foods. I also bake a lot of things from scratch with saves us money. This budget does include tp,cleaners, laundry detergent,and dog food. Hoping to cut the budget down a little more. This does not include going out to eat, which we have brought down from 6x a week to 2x a week9or $35 or less a week), sometimes even just 1x a week($15-$20). My dh loves going out to eat and as the bread winner I cannot justify cutting all of the going out to eat. I will begin to coupon end of february and beginning of March,hoping to save a little and stock pile on some cleaners, tp, and laundry detergent(or find a good cheap recipe to make my own laundry detergent).
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Family of 5: 2 adults, 14 yo (every other weekend), 8 yo, 6 yo

$480/mo includes all food, paper, cleaning products, etc. Excludes eating out.

We eat meat about 4x/wk, not organic and not grass fed.
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Re: What is your grocery budget?

$100 a week for everything including bathroom stuff, cleaning supplies and paper products. If we need more food we get less paper/cleaning stuff. We have stuff in the freezer or plently of leftovers then we get more supplies. Sometimes I go over to stock up on a good deal. We are a family of 5 (mom, dad, 7, 2 and infant). I don't go out of my way to get organic. I try to buy what's in season. We eat a lot of simple staples like bananas, apples, eggs, pasta, potatoes, green beans, grilled chicken. I only buy whole wheat bread and pasta. I use turkey and chicken in place of beef or pork for health reasons and it happens to be less expensive. Like ground turkey, turkey bacon, turkey hotdogs, etc.
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Re: What is your grocery budget?

For the four of us we spend about 400 a month. Thats a chunk of our hba, but not all. I am slowly making more from scratch/thrifty recipes. I have never been a great cook so there is a learning curb going on, lol. We dont buy allborganic but we do buy some, avoid hormones, and eat mostly whole foods. This budget also includes the weekly convience foods webpick up instead of eating out.
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I budget $400 a month for our family of 3 (DD is 5yo). This includes HBA, cleaning supplies, batteries, etc. I shop at Walmart so socks or underwear could be included too.

I could probably get our bill lower, but I WOH and am willing to pay a bit more for convenience. For example, I buy thin sliced chicken breasts bc they cook faster. I'll buy some produce Pre- chopped/ sliced. Right now, it's worth the extra to have a few more available minutes with DD each day. If I were staying home, I would not.
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