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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

When I went to an OB with my first pregnancy, I would wait 45 mins, and then have a 10 min visit. BP, weight gain, measure fundus, "Any questions for us today?" And then was sent on my merry way. I HATED it. It felt like such a waste of my time. UGH.

Thankfully, it was right around the corner from where I lived and I did not already have kids. Otherwise I think I would have blown a gasket.


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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

I don't think I ever waited more than 20 minutes at my OB's office and if she was called out for a birth they would slot me in with another Dr. (6 in the same practice) and the wait wasn't much longer. I had over an hour drive to get to the office, so it was worth it for me to see another Dr. and it only happened 3 times over 2 pregnancies.

My OB didn't actually deliver either of my children, she was in the room for the first but it is a teaching hospital so the intern did it, 2nd was at night and you get whatever Dr. is on call. So, to me it doesn't really matter which OB sees me, all they did was listen for the HB, measure my belly and ask if I had any questions - the nurses did the weigh in, BP etc.
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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

I switched providers this pregnancy and have been disappointed in the waits...10-15 to get back to a room, then another 20 or so before my midwife shows up in the room. Having said that, part of the wait is my fault because I usually schedule my appointments for right before lunch time so DH can watch our kids on his lunch break. I've worked in healthcare and I KNOW that the further you get from the start of the day or right after lunch the longer the waits get. From the time I drop off the kids to DH until I return to pick them up, I'm usually looking at around 1.5 hours (including 20 min total drive time).
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I'm in the same boat as you, an average of 45 minutes to an hour wait, and I see my GP for 5 minutes for BP, fundal height measurement, and HB. When I go in I get my own urine sample cup and take my own weight. I've never been to a real OBGYN so I'm not sure how different it is. I'll be transferring to an OB soon, hopefully it will be different.
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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

This was a reason I switched to my midwives. Im busy and dont have time to wait for the OB to see me (usually 20 plus minutes past my appt time) and then see me for all of 5 minutes. At my midwives, Im seen as soon as I walk in the door. They only take a certain number of expectant moms/month because they pride themselves in this kind of patient centered care. Then, they spend however long they need to in order to answer my questions/treat me. If we get done in 5 minutes, great, but if I have lots of questions, they have spent over an hour with me before. They are great!
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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

My last OB appt was 8 minutes she checked the height of my uterus and left. I was always having a planned homebirth but saw the OB so I could get an u/s. With my midwife it's usually 1.5-2 hours.
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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

I would love to skip the MW visits. lol.

That being said she is Fabulous. I get right in and she has to drag out the appts so I feel like there is a purpose to them. lol. I'm out in 45 mins or less! I mean this is my 5th. BTDT! She is fun to talk to, but I'd rather be doing something else!
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Re: How Long Are Your OB Visits?

I'd love to suggest phone visits to my OB....I'll call you and tell you my weight, BP, urine dip results, can tell me whatever I need to know, and I can save myself the trip. Wouldn't that be great?

That said, my OB office runs on-time 99% of the time. Today my entire visit (32 weeks, very boring appointment) was 20 minutes, nearly all of which was spent with the OB and nurse. No time waiting in the waiting room. It's the drive there (30 minutes each way) that gets really annoying.

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Varied. Waiting in waiting room 5 to 10. Meet nurse, pee, weigh in. Then to exam room. Usually seen w/in 10 min but sometimes 40 min. My appts have been 5 min when no issues and up to 45 min talking w dr. So when I wait 40 min I don't mind I know he's giving great care to another patient. His staff has also let me know when he's running behind too.
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Today I got there 10min early. Left a urine sample immediately. Was called back 5 min later with the nurse for weight and blood pressure. Waited for a bit for the doc and main nurse. They checked baby's position and heartrate, asked if I had any questions, told me what to expect from the next few appointments, prayed over us (wonderful Christian doc <3), and were done within 5 min. I was back to my car within 30min of my actual appt time.
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