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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

I will NOT buy my kids a car or give them an old one. (I would not allow a grandparent to do that either.)

I bought my first car when I was 19. (I didn't have a drivers license till I was 19.) I had no help. I paid a down payment and then payments. I paid for my own insurance. (The car payment and insurance were more than my Rent!)

He was 19 and in the Army (in training) so it was easier for his parents to purchase it. They took it to a mechanic and did all that. He didn't pay any interest to his parents. It was a $1000 or so vehicle and he paid it off in 3 payments. He had a license since he was 16. His parents only let him borrow a car as a teenager if he paid for the gas, chores done, etc. He *might* have borrowed the car once a month or so.

We both agree that if they want a car enough they will find a way to pay for it themselves. DH said he would "pay for it to be looked at by a mechanic" before it was purchased but the kid would have to buy it, the tags, and insurance.


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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?


I bought my first car in college. It was in 2002 and it was a 1996 Jeep Cherokee. I loved that car My parents didn't pay for college, my car, or my wedding, but my mom paid for my dorm room for a couple of semesters. I had a big savings account that I'd made from raising animals for 4-H and that and loans financed my college. I have a huge loan payment now.

I'll be paying for college for them too. And I'd probably contribute to their wedding but it would depend on how much they intended to spend.
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happily married mama enjoying life with my dd 4/7/07 and my ds 6/7/09

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My parents financed a car for me when I turned 17, but I was responsible for the car payments, gas, and insurance and we made sure we found a vehicle that my part-time job could support.

I do not believe that I will be buying either of my kids a car outright, but perhaps I will do the same thing my parents did OR I will offer to match them dollar for dollar up to a certain amount.
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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

when x turned 18 his parents gave us a car. i plan on giving ds1 our infinity when he turns 16 since its old and we'll be getting a larger vehicle.
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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

First, depends on where we live, if we are here, no as a car is not that important, back where we were in the states, yes the lack of public transport options would make it impossible not to have a car. Most likely though we would arrange a deal, we would set a budget and if DS wanted to match it for a better car we would arrange that. DH had that type of deal when we was a teen and took it for a better car, my Dad gave me a car, though I never really drove it as I didn't want to drive a stick
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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

My kids will have the same rules my parents gave with mine and yes we will provide their first cars. The cars will be ours old ones (or grandparents old one) though. We don't buy used cars unless we know the owner and history. We've been burned too many times and won't buy other people's problems any more. So they will get our older cars and we get new ones- hehe lucky us. And if they are nice and appreciative (and take car of the first) they will possibly get new (or better cars) for graduation- they will more than likely be used cars again just better. I got my mom's junker at 16 (I started working at 15) than at 18 I was given my grandpa's (yes I said grandpa's) much nicer sports car.

The rules- if used irresponsibly its gone for good (drinking and driving, chicken, using it like a toy. Things I wouldn't do to begin with and hopefully my kids won't either), no if and or buts. If school gets cut, its gone for good. Those were really my only 2 rules. I worked so I needed the car. My mom would not take it away for bad grades because I needed to get to work. I got grounded for bad grades- but I never had any. They also paid ins until I got too many speeding tickets and then I had to pay. Run of the mill speeding was not considered irresponsible in my family.
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Probably won't but one for THEM but will give them our old one. They are close in age so it would be fine to have one car for them all when they are teens, they can share or carpool together.
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Yes, we bought dd a 2009 Hyundai. She turns 16 next month. My parents did not buy me a car.

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Re: s/o Do you plan to buy your child's first cars?

What do you mean by lemon? A fixer-upper?

Anyway, my husband bought a Honda civic when DD was born, she is now 11. Last year, we replaced the engine and the transmission was rebuilt a few years back, so she will get use of this car when she is able to drive. I'm not sure if we will be giving it to her.....probably so considering we are not straight up paying for college. Next in line is our son and I'm thinking he will want a little pick up truck.
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