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Medicine Cabinet

Can you show me pictures of your medicine cabinet and give me a list of what you keep in there, please? TIA!

I'm struggling with the medicine what-ifs...
What do you keep for just in case if you aren't using it regularly?


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Re: Medicine Cabinet

Mine needs some work but this is it so far.
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Re: Medicine Cabinet

There's no point me giving you drug names because across the pond it's all different but here we go.

Painkillers - headaches etc
Anti-histamines - allergies and runny noses
Child pain killer - teething / vxing etc
Anti diarrhoea - well it's obvious!
Rehydration salts - adult and child
Simple linctus - coughs both adult and child

Tiger balm - cure all

Basic first aid kit.

+ everyones prescription medicine.

Our medicine cabinet is kept locked and I'm not sure the children even know where it is (Long may that last!)
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No medications kept in the medicine cabinet. Moisture from the bathroom can contaminate meds.

In the bathroom, I have qtips, current lotion for kids and nail clippers

We do bat have one.

In the actual medication box, we have Advil, children's pain reliever, baby Vicks, nose suckers, boo boo bunny (which I need to get rid of) day and night sinus medication,

In the kitchen I keep Ods's medications, dd's medication, toothbrushes for the kids and the vitamins.
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Re: Medicine Cabinet

This is not all in the medicine cabinet, per se, but here's what we have that is regularly found in a medicine cabinet.

pain killer
allergy medicine
tea tree oil
aloe gel
nail stuff (clippers, scissors, tweazers, a file)
toothbrushes and toothpaste (and floss, of course)
hydrogen peroxide
DH's contacts stuff
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Re: Medicine Cabinet

I don't keep anything in there because it's just not practical. Reach for one thing and they call fall out. So instead all my stuff is in the pink lidded container under the sink.

I keep all medicines because you never know what you need. Odds are you'll have a cold again, get diarrhea again, get constipated again, etc etc etc. But they all fit in my little pink container thingy. Good luck.

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Ours is pretty minimal. Toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and first aid.

Attachment 131167

We use it daily since we keep our toothbrushes in it. But we only have a pedestal sink so no counter space in the bathroom.

Eta I keep my meds in the hall closer up really high. They are jut my migraine meds so not something I use everyday.
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Re: Medicine Cabinet

I don't keep medication in the bathroom (and we don't have a medicine cabinet anyway). Instead, I keep it all in the utility closet off of our kitchen (which is lockable if that becomes an issue).

I use one of these:

And each drawer has its own purpose. Top has kid meds and hygiene items. Second has first aid items. Third has adult med items and my neti pot. Bottom I store things like extra baby wipes, our heating pad, etc.

Inside of the adult med drawer I use something like this, except it has 4 layers:

And then I keep different types of medicine in each layer (pain, cold & flu, tummy/acid, miscellaneous).

We don't keep a ton of stuff on hand, but I do like to have essentials so we wouldn't have to run out to the store for basic things. And then of course we have stuff like saline nasal sprays, stuff for the neti pot, band-aids, antibiotic ointment, peroxide and alcohol, etc.

We keep our multivitamins on shelf in the kitchen, since we all have our own and that way they are easy to reach for every day use.
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Re: Medicine Cabinet

I was just reading the other day that all Rx meds, or any meds that can be abused for a "high" should be kept locked up. That teens regularly steal meds from their classmates' medicine cabinets, and the offenders are getting younger all the time. So good job everybody that is locking up their meds. I certainly never thought about it, as my kids are 4, 7, and 9 and know not to touch medicine without the supervision of mom or dad. But I never thought about other kids in my house who may not have been taught the same thing.

Personally, we have a medicine cabinet in both our full baths and the powder room because it is a 1960s house. In the powder room, it has a first aid kit with bandaids, Bactine, Neosporin, and tweezers because that is usually the closest bathroom if someone gets hurt. In the kids' bathrooms, it has all the ointments, like A&D, hydrocortizone, etc because it is mostly post-bathtime we will notice if a kid needs it. In our bathroom, it holds things like face lotion, aftershave, that kind of stuff. We are fortunate enough to have a small linen closet that we can keep all the other meds in, and I am on the case to figure out how to lock them up.
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Re: Medicine Cabinet

I stock mine up, seems silly with empty shelves... so I move things into my medicine cabinet and out of other places (like top of my dresser). We have a large 3 mirror one. So I have:
nail polish and clippers, file, nail polish remover
q-tips, vasoline
toothbrushes, floss, toothpaste, mouthwash
face wash, face lotion, zit zapper
razor, body lotion
hair bands, brush, comb, hair spray
band aids, neosporin
pain meds, vitamins, Rx
pregnancy tests, tampons, pads
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