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*NEW UPDATE (11/13) POST 366*The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend

Hello, I've not posted in this forum before but have been a member of DS for a couple years now. The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend and I just feel like I need to talk....or type it out. Hoping it will be therapuetic but I know it won't help get it off my mind. This story does involve the harming of a baby, so please don't read on if this will upset you too much.

A bit of history:

I have a cousin who is 16yrs old. Her name is Brooke. She got pregnant with her son when she was 15 years old. She had been on a rough path (drugs, anger problems, etc) and we weren't sure how she would do as a mother. She considered adoption early on in her pregnancy but ultimately decided to keep the baby.....a boy she names Brody. Brooke didn't really have a normal childhood. Yea, her family had money, she had all the material things she wanted and her parents where still married (which can be unusual in today's society) but she didn't have the things she really, attention, acceptance, affection and caring...etc. Her dad (my uncle) is a very unemotional man. Very disconnected from his family. He had rules and expected a lot from them. He had an image to uphold. He owns his own business in a small town and everyone knows him. He did not want his family "embarrassing" him and he let Brooke and her sister know that. My aunt (her mom) was always a great woman. But my uncles critiques eventually took a toll on her and when Brooke was around 6 or 7, her mom started trying to kill herself. On a pretty regular basis. She was in and out of psych units and spent her time at home overmedicated and sleeping. Not being a mom. Brooke and her sister were left caring for themselves. She's had electro shock therapy and has been diagnosed with severe depression. All this "therapy" and medications has left her shaky, disconnected, withdrawn and emotionless. My aunt and uncle always told thier daughters that if they ended up pregnant before they got married, they would be disowned. Well, Brooke's sister got pregnant at 19. Unmarried. Not with the father, who was actually a one night stand. My aunt took to it ok but my uncle was so mad! He eventually came around, rather quickly actually until when she was about 5mo pregnant my cousin Brooke got pregnant also. That was the straw that broke the camels back. He was NOT accepting that. Brooke, who was only 15 at the time, was told not to come home. To just live with the father of the baby. Many times, she'd call me hungry and alone and I'd take her lunch. One day that sticks out in my mind was a day she sent me a text that said only "can you feed me?" I cried. I couldn't believe that her own parents were doing this to her. She decided she was keeping the baby around 4mo and my aunt began to come around. It wasn't until around her 8th month that my uncle, her own father, began to talk to her again. She went on to have a healthy 8lb 2oz baby boy named Brody. She stayed with her boyfriend and father of the baby, Ryan, until their fighting got to be too much and she moved home. My aunt and uncle were in love with their now second grandson. Grandpa cuddled him and played with him and grandma got alone time in the mornings when she allowed Brooke to go back to bed for a nap.....Brody wasn't exactly a good sleeper.

Fast Forward to this past weekend...........

Brody is now 8 weeks old and a total mama's boy. He was going to have his first overnight visit with his daddy this past Saturday night. She wanted a night to relax. She deserved a night to relax. After all, she'd been taking care of Brody all on her own, without Ryan, since she'd moved back home. She dropped Brody off to Ryan and went on her way. She called every 2 hours to check on him....he answered none of those calls. Brookes phone rang at 6am Sunday was Ryan. He said "Brody's not breathing, what do I do?" They immediately called the ambulance and Brooke rushed to the hospital to meet them. She asked Ryan what happened and he kept saying he didn't know. She was a wreck. She told him she knew he wasn't telling her everything. She felt that he was hiding something. Thats when he admitted to shaking the baby. He hasn't admitted to more but who knows what he did to that poor boy before he got to the point of shaking him. He was immediately arrested. Baby Brody however was lifeflighted to another hospital equipped to handle this type of situation. He is in critcal condition and is clinging to life. He is on life support. Not breathing on his own. Has been unconcious since this nightmare began. His brain is still bleeding and the swelling of his brain is noticeable. His eyes are swollen and black and blue. His little baby face deformed. His brain is seizing. He has significant brain damage though a test measuring brain waves showed that he was NOT brain dead. The doctors want to sit down with the whole family tomorrow or Friday and talk about what they do next. I'm sure I can imagine what that conversation will entail. I'm so scared of how Brooke will handle this if the unthinkable happens. I'm afraid she'd take her own life. That little boy meant the world to her and she hasn't left his side since he's been in the hospital. She turned her life around for him. She wasn't a teenager anymore. She was Brody's mommy. And now this monster....his own father took her son from her. No matter the outcome, he took her son from her. Whether Brody makes it or not, he will never be the same. Please, Please, Please just stop and say a prayer for my family today. That we all find a way to deal with this tragedy!

Here is a link to the newspaper article if anyone wants to read more:

UPDATE AS OF 4/9: I talked to Brookes sister last night about the meeting they had. Brooke has some hard decisions to make in the near future. They are starting to wean him off the respirator and take the tube out of his throat. IF he still is not breathing on his own, Brooke has to decide to put him back on or let him go Please continue to pray for strength for her. I'm going to the hospital in a couple hours to see her and Brody. Her mom and dad were leaving and she could use the company. Gonna talk about a lot of hard issues with her. I think she just doesn't want to face this and thinks that he will come out of it, but the dr's don't think he will. She has to face this though and be prepared for the worst. I know you can probably never be prepared....but you know what I mean. I'll update after the hospital. Thanks for all the prayers and gift offers mama's!

NEW UPDATE: Just home from the hospital where I shed many tears with Brooke today. Brody is stable. They have the respirator turned down to it's lowest setting. It gives him 10 breaths a minute but he is taking 35, so he is doing some breathing on his own. They are taking the tube out Monday to see if he can breath completely on his own. If he can, we will all be like this- If not, then they will sit and talk with Brooke about the next step. He is opening his eyes occasionally, but it is a completely blank stare. His eyes are soooo empty. He is moving his arms. He moves his legs a bit, but they are very stiff and the nurse things that while he may not be paralyzed, he probably has some spinal cord damage affecting his lower extremities. Oh, and though they said he could be deaf, I swear to God at one point I said his name in his ear and he opened his eyes and moved. He didn't do it any other time I tried, but I swear he did it that one time and I just smiled from ear to ear!!! I am filled with hope......
Oh, and a pic from tonight.....sorry it's blurry, I had to enlarge it. It was so small and I can't get it to upload on here for some reason:

I've had a lot of mama's ask me about donations so I set up an account for them. If you'd like to make a donation, the paypal account is

UPDATE: I talked to Brooke earlier and Brody's breathing tube was taken out today. For now he is breathing on his own He is struggling a bit but doing it none the less! They also re-did the catscan today. Sadly there is no improvement in his brain function. In fact they told her that his brain is "shrinking" and that this is bad. I researched this and my best guess as to what it means is that parts of his brain that were severly injured are dying. When this happens, they are just absorbed into the blood stream, but he will NEVER get those parts of his brain back. They have no idea what functions those parts of the brain controlled but he will NEVER get those functions back. Thanks for all the prayers. It means more than you can imagine. I will update again as soon as I know anything new.


Jessica~Trying hard to keep my sanity with a 14 yr old , and 11 & 7 yr old boys. Wish my kids did more of this and less of this .

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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

Said a prayer. How heartbreaking.
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

So sorry to hear this, that is just horrible, I can't imagine... Praying for your family and little baby Brody
Crystal,wife to Adam , SAHM to DSS Ryan (99), DS Bradley (07) DD Madalynn (08) and DD Braelynn(10),EDD 10/19/14
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

I can't imagine what you are all going through right now. I have prayed for and will continue to pray for your family and sweet baby Brody.
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

Brody and Brooke are in my prayers, as are you, Jessica.
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

I am so sorry. Praying for your family.
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

I will pray, how heart breaking.
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

How very very horrible. (((HUGS)))
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

OMG I am so sorry that is terribly
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Re: The saddest thing happened to my family this weekend.....LONG

I cannot imagine.
Praying for baby Brody, Brooke, and the rest of your family.

Good Lord, if the baby was crying and he couldn't handle it, why didn't he just call her????????
Carla ~ paramedic
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