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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

Originally Posted by mothergooseofthree View Post
Sometimes it is simply misinformation or lack of knowledge. My MIL hated our cloth because she thought it was bulky. In truth, her generation thought sposies were the greatest thing because they didn't have to deal with cloth anymore. She said only poor people used cloth. So, by using cloth I think she considered it a slap to the face of her generation's parenting. She demanded that I provide sposies for my first cded baby on the rare occasion that I left him with her. I provided front aplix pockets, but she said she needed "easy diapers." I even told her to just stick poopies on the wetbag and I would deal with it. How is that not just as easy as sposies??? Dh finally told her that we did not buy sposies and that she would only be provided with cloth, but that it would be just as easy as a sposie.

Often, it is just like any other decision in life....if you do something different from others, for some reason they are offended. I got it when I used cloth, when I breastfed, when people hear about my diva cup, and when I started homeschooling. I hear it when I tell others that we don't own paper plates or that I don't eat things in a box. I think basically it boils down to the fact that people are accustomed to convenience, and when you go against the "norm" then they take it as you saying that their decisions are inferior.


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Originally Posted by Art mama

Funny. I think I'll post on my fb and see the reaction
I follow a lot of CD bogs and brands on Facebook and because people are nosy they can see what I like and comment on. I have yet to actually write a post about cloth diapers. That said, a couple months ago I asked a question about something random and get a comment, "at least it's not cloth diaper related!" Lol. I have a cousin and 2 gals in my moms group who use cloth but that's all I know of around here!!!
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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

All the unsuportive families is really sad. My mother pushed for us to use cloth. My grandparents(of course) used cloth. But so did my mother, aunt, and step mother. In my family it is much more mainstream even though the general public in our area is not into cloth diapers. When I had to improvise cloth with my second my mother and grandmother went out and bought us a total of 5 dozen prefolds(gerber but that was all that was locally available). They worked for us though until we could afford better quality cloth.

I don't think I have ever been looked down on for using cloth. Some people think I am weird but not just for our cloth. Also because of our extended breastfeeding and co sleeping. The last 2 are in their opinion much weirder than cloth diapers. And of course our wool which to them is totally separate from cloth diapers.
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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

Originally Posted by boysniris View Post
cuz they ignant
This, exactly.
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I love all these answers and I love even more that we are all so passionate about cloth. I personally started cloth diapering because I thought it was cute and different, but now am glad that its better for my baby and for the environment. Besides you ladies, I don't really know anyone who CDs (besides you ladies ), but I know a lot of people who have teased me and such for CDing. It's seems like people aren't informed about modern diapering... Just as disposables have improved, so has cloth. One of my friends who is a real environmentalist (she's a geologist by trade), actually makes fun of me the most! I'm pretty sure it's because she feels guilty that she doesn't CD.
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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

Well I don't hate cloth but I have come to find that it's not right for our family anymore. Just too much on my plate. Preg with #6, homeschooling a wide variety of ages, on limited water usage bc of our septic tank, etc etc etc. just not the right circumstances to us to use cloth anymore.

But I do think they're cute. Just not practical or possible for everyone in every stage.
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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

I agree with those who say people just aren't familiar with modern cloth. I get very strange looks, but have been able to explain how easy it really can be. People sometimes get grossed out by EBF poo going in the washer, but I liken that to not throwing out a toddler's skid track undies and they seem to be pretty understanding.
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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

My family is fine about the cloth diapers but they have also made comments about my son's amber necklace. It is true, by the way, that you can't control the amount of succinic acid absorbed through the skin (which is why I don't leave it on my son all day, frankly)....but that's not what they commented on. My Dad said it was "hippie" and made comments to my son about, how he's going to end up "busking on the street, playing guitar with his hippie necklace on". hhahahah. I actually thought to myself, "well, that's fine if that's what he wants to do... I like guitar."

Why do people see cloth diapers and amber and instantly think "hippie"?
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Because it is gross. That's what I used to think of CD. Why put all that effort into cleaning poopy diapers when you can just throw them away? Obviously I have changed my thinking

Also just typical mommy wars. Oh you think your cloth diapers are better for your baby than my disposables? Allow me to loudly voice my opinion about how they're not
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Re: Why do people hate cloth?!

When I first started cd I was worried about my daughter becoming bow-legged. She seemed to have trouble walking in prefolds at first. She was having weird leg issues at the time (now has very bad knock knees) so I googled it and found out it was actually BETTER to cd a baby because it supports the hips.

So there it is, I was ignorant and completely unfamiliar with the subject, reasonably worried about my daughters development and educated myself. I have a ton of people asking me about cloth diapering now.

-Side note, my prefolds were not properly prepped at the time and were super stiff, so there you go! I also had a ton of washing issues at first and if my daughter wasn't allergic to disposables I likely would have given up. Sooooo much to learn.
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