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Re: Vent: my brother's girlfriend.

Originally Posted by MarchMama2010 View Post
I think your brother has just as much responsibility for the situation as she does. Why didn't he ask your mother if she could move in? Why doesn't he insist that she share in the expenses? If she's spending your brother's money, he must be giving it to her. Your brother was an active participant in her cheating on her ex, as well...
My advice? Stay out of it.
Thank you mama. Maybe my brother loves her so much that he was willing to cover his part of expenses for her. He didnít ask mom for his gf to move in because he thinks that he can do whatever he wants now that heís an adult.

Originally Posted by Sweet_Fantasy_Fox View Post
What does your mom think about the girl living there?
At first, she was against the girl, but as time passes, sheís comfortable with her around the house. Iím the only person who sees the opposite in her. I donít know why, Iíve tried not to think about it.

Originally Posted by I_run_with_scissors View Post
its between your brother, his GF and your mother. Not your business IMO
I know, Iím just venting. Thanks mama for your opinion!


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Do you possibly have a different ethnic baxkground? Then the way you feel (about the driving, & your brother being the "man" of the house therefore being in charge of making the decision of who comes & goes a bit different.
I do not understand otherwise why your mother would just "allow" her to come & live & "free load" off of her household. I don't believe I would allow something like that at all unless she was actually putting efforts in- & even so- most likely not.
I don't get the big deal on learning to drive either. She may be a big help to the household if she learns- since your brother seems to be the only driver?
At her age- I don't necessarily believe once a heater always a cheater. She is still young & made bad choices. She still could- but there is a possibility that she could think your brother is finally the one & isn't goofing off.
Either way is leave living in he household stuff to your mom unless she's specifically using your stuff- then I'd talk to your brother about her being more respectful of your things.
I also wouldn't mention I you do not think she's good for him because if he loves get it will go In one ear & out the other, he'll be offended & if they work out it'll be a dark cloud on your relationship.
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Originally Posted by JustSomeChickVee
She's 23 years old and she doesn't have a license? Not a good sign IMO. Unless she is from NY or another area with amazing mass transit, what is her excuse?
Whaa? I was 29 when I got my license and nothing was wrong with me. Someone doesn't need an excuse to not have a license.
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It sucks that you aren't able to get along with her.
At this point since your mom is fine with her living in the house, then you don't have any say whatsoever.
I don't quite understand why it bothers you for her to be learning to will make her more independent.
As for the comment she made about you moving out...maybe she didn't mean it as a negative comment. Maybe she was just asking out of curiosity.
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I do think usually once a cheater always a cheater.

Why don't you drive OP? Also I don't like that she asked when u and ur daughter are moving out. If she asked again I would Say I dunno when are u moving out?
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Re: Vent: my brother's girlfriend.

I don't think once a cheater always a cheater, for what it's worth. I do believe some people are takers, others are givers, and others are balanced. She sounds like one and your mum sounds like the other, but unfortunately there isn't much you can do but ignore her and hope he moves along. It's gotta suck though
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I think maybe the originally post was poorly written out to get her point across. Clearly quite a few of us are confused about a few things. Maybe she meant/thinks one way but its not coming off that way with what she wrote.

Btw the way I took the thing about her getting her license was OP was mad that she would be expecting to use the family cars, and she is not their family?
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Re: Vent: my brother's girlfriend.

Does anyone in the household pay rent? If your brother or mother suggested this to her then it doesn't shock me. I know she could have offered, but????

ALso from the sounds of it your brother may think the man in a relationship is a provider, so he pays for things. Also maybe your brother would move out with her, but feels stuck since no one else drives in the house?

Lots of guessing.
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Re: Vent: my brother's girlfriend.

Sorry that you have to deal with someone you dislike on a day to day basis but it's not your house and it's not your relationship.
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Originally Posted by angelisagemini
Honestly, I think it's not your place to judge. It's not your relationship or your house.

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