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WWYD? House question

We just bought our house last year. It was a much needed move as we were living in an 1100 sq ft 2 br condo with our 4 kids. Our new house is an 1800 sq ft 4 br new build and it has been great. But, now that we have been living here for 6 months a part of me wishes we had gotten a bigger house with a game room for the kids, and a bigger utility room/mud room, and I also wish the kids' bathroom was bigger with a double vanity. I also like nicer finishes and our house is pretty basic except for the kitchen. We got cheap carpet and vinyl flooring in the wet areas. My plan was to put wood and tile in eventually, and to replace the bathroom vanities with granite to match the kitchen. However, these changes will cost $15-20k since I want solid hardwood and the more expensive granite tops. I also can't change the layout of the house without gutting the house, which is totally not doable, lol!

So, my quandary is putting the money into the house, or saving for a down payment and planning on selling in 5-10 years and buying our "dream" house with more space and the nicer finishes I like. I feel selfish asking this, but would just like some input. I just find myself not enjoying the house as much as I should because it doesn't look how I want it to yet.


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Re: WWYD? House question

In 10 years, a couple of your kids will very possibly not be living at home. How does that play into it? If you fix up the house you're in now, would you stay there or do you think you'd still want to move in 10 years? Would you be able to get the house you want for a price you can really afford?

I would probably do what I could to the house now, knowing it would raise the value without it raising my mortgage payment. Then, in 5-10 years, if I felt we still needed something different, the house would bring more in when sold.
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I agree. I would fix up your current house to make it as close to the way you'd like it as possible. Especially because of your kids ages, they may not still be living there in 10 years.
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Re: WWYD? House question

I'd fix up your house if you won't be moving for 10 years cos if you buy bigger in 10 years, in a few years after that you'll find yourself in a too big empty house wanting to downsize. Also, is there ways you can make your house more doable or convenient. Purge furniture or toys. Create more storage space in unique ways. There are tons of DIY ideas on pinterest. Our house is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom. The bedrooms are small but we plan to stay here forever. We're fixing it up, but my husband is a carpenter so we save money doing it ourselves.
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Re: WWYD? House question

Do you have a basement you can finish for more space for the kids? I'd start there if you do! I'd much rather put money into a house than save for 10yrs, be unhappy for that long, and then move to what I want. If you can't move for 10yrs then fix it up. If the option were to move NOW or fix it up I would say move if you're unhappy but there's no way I would stay in a house I didn't like for 10yrs if I could make it how I like before then!
We just moved into a 3200sqft house that didn't have all the finishes that I wanted and the floor plan wasn't perfect but the location/acreage/new build were ideal. We have lots of plans for things that we want to change to the house and sometimes it's frustrating to not be able to just get it all done now. I'm constantly looking at listings and wondering if we made the right choice, I really need to stop doing that because we are happy here and have everything we need!
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Re: WWYD? House question

I know exactly what you mean...we are currently in a 900 sft townhome, with 4 kids....looking at 4 bedroom houses....I have noticed that small bathrooms are the norm...when you put 4 kids in there it can get tight FAST.

Do you have a patio you can add windows/doors to to make it like a "green room" to use for playing? Around here a bunch of the houses turned back patios into enclosed patios ....that would help with your "space" concerns.

Do you use your garage? Can you convert it to a playroom with an extra laundry area and maybe a half bath? You could even enclose the garage and build on like a "carport" (made out of the same materials as the actual house so it looks nice...not really a pre-fab carport)...
kinda like this

or like this

These are popular around here to add space or to convert a garage into a "mil suite"
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Re: WWYD? House question

10 years is a long time to not be happy where you are. I'd do my best to add little touches here and there to the house you have to learn to enjoy it. Besides, you never know what will happen in 10 years. Even if you saved as much as possible, stuff could happen and you might not be able to afford to move. Better to do what you can to be happy now IMO. If you have a bit extra, put it aside to save by all means but find a way to be happy with the house you have. And it might grow on you as the years go by.

The place we live now was only going to e our house for 5 years. 5 years later, we can't afford to move. It isn't my dream house but we've added our own touch to it and I do love the house. It has its issues, and always will, but I am content. I can't imagine not living there now (which is good because it would be a good 10 years before we can probably think of moving most likely). And when we can move, I'm not sure we'll want to - it will be where our kids grew up.
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Re: WWYD? House question

If it would take 10 years to get into the size of house you want then I think I would fix the one you have now. We HATE our house and have been in it for 6 years and are planning to try and sell in a couple months. If I had to live here another 10 years we would be doing some major work right now.
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