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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

My oldest had about half a dozen words that she said consistently, and then about 2-3 times that she would say for about a day, and then never use again as she was closing in on her 2nd birthday. I was worried, no one else seemed to be. I told myself I would get her evaluated if she didn't really start talking before she turned 2.

Then about 2 weeks before her birthday she started really watching us when we talked and started picking up a new word a day, at least one, sometimes more than one, and she retained them. I started to calm down. By our wedding, 2 weeks after her 2nd birthday she was really starting to take off, by Christmas 2 months later, she was talking up a storm. Now she's only quiet when she's sleeping, eating something she really likes, or into something she shouldn't be. She's reading at an advanced level for her age - she just turned 5 in October.


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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

27mos and only saying some words is definitely on the later end, but the later end of normal for sure. I know the docs here tend not to do much other than check hearing for kids not talking (esp boys) by that age. That's assuming everything else seems normal of course.

My nephews both didn't really talk until 3. Their dad was the same. It's just the way they are. Even know at 4 and 7, they don't talk a lot. Not because they can't, they just don't feel the need to narrate their lives the way my girls do.
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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

My son didn't say his first word until he was about 3 years old. He had been in early intervention since the age of 20 months. When he was first evaluated he had the speech of a 6 month old. He was diagnosed on the spectrum shortly after turning 3. DS is almost 8 now. He tests normal on all of his speech evals- he just has an odd way of constructing sentences. He is thriving in one of the top private day schools in the city and doesn't need any help in the classroom other than a few modifications for his sensory issues. He received speech therapy 3 times a week for about 5 years before he tested out in first grade. (He's in second grade now)
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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

Our neighbor was a late talker, he spoke in that sound came out but nothing was comprehensible until age 4 and not easily until age 5. Their family had a history of late talkers. He went on to catch up and do well in school.
Autism is much more than not talking, the keys are not communicating, so if your son is interested in others, persistent in getting his message across by pulling you to things, pointing, word approximations. To me the concern would be no interest in communicating, not just talking
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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

ds2 was a late talker. even age age 3.5 he didnt talk that much and i had a very hard time understanding him when he did. no issues
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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

I heart this thread!
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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

My son was a late talker. I have my bachelors in early ed. I was actually concerned for At 3...HE DOES NOT STOP! Lol. Seriously he talks non stop and very creative. Dont stress OP
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Re: Late Talker Success Stories?

I think the fact that he has new words every day is a great sign that he is well on his way!
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DD just finally started talking about 2 months ago. She turns 3 this month. And just like we figured, when she finally decided to speak, it was a word explosion. She literally went from having 5 total words one week to saying two word sentences the next, to saying 4 word sentences the week after that. We still have to remind her to use her words sometimes, since she's so used to pointing or gesturing, and she also pronounces some words weird, so my bet is that she will still need speach therapy of some sort.

But overall she's made huge progress in the last two months, all of her own accord.

DS1 spoke late as well, around 2yo, and went almost directly from knowing/saying maybe 10 single words to speaking in full sentences. That's why I didn't stress (too much) about DD. If she hadn't improved like she did, I had planned on talking to her pediatrician at her 3 year well check.
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Love these stories, mamas! My son has started predicting (remembering?) his favorite stories and helping me read words! He is using more to indicate he wants me to read again and using my finger to point to every word on the title (like I model for him). He even made the beginning sound for one book today. I'm worrying less and less because the progress he's made in the last week alone has been astounding! I don't think it works like that with autism.
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