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Re: Whats your take on this?

I plan to unschool, but considered virtual school. My sister did virtual school and liked it a lot.


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Re: Whats your take on this?

A lot of people I talk to love Connections Academy. We did k12 one year and it was ok. I found the order that they had their math book set up in to be weird and you can not change the order of lessons, so that kind of annoyed me. There were some other minor things I found weird or annoying, but the math thing was the biggest for me.
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Re: Whats your take on this?

Guess I should add, our virtual school was through Connections Academy.
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Originally Posted by NotLad View Post
Virtual and homeschooling is a great way to educate your children. But doing it out of fear is not a good thing. You may want to speak to your doctor about the anxiety you're experiencing.
I agree that doing it out of fear is not a good thing. It shouldn't be your #1 motivator.

I have hs'ed and ps'ed my son, he is currently in ps because that is what works best for him.

Yes awful things have happened in schools but its extremely rare. Home invasions are far more likely to happen than school shootings and everything else.The media only focuses on the bad things and it makes is appear that that is all that ever happens. You can't wrap your kids in bubblewrap and keep them home forever.

However if you think they would thrive and make better progress at home then that is a totally different matter.
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Re: Whats your take on this?

We do K12 in TN and I hate it. We have to log in 6.5 hours a DAY and DD is in Kindy! We can only be absent 4 days all year. Overall there are lots of restrictions an we just haven't enjoyed it. Will not be using it next year, for sure.
And while I am a big fan of homeschooling, I agree with some PP's that it shouldn't be done because you are afraid of sending your kids out into the world. If that is your only motivation, you might want to reevaluate.
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Thank you's not my only reason but a big part of it. My children are having trouble in regular school and the teachers are not great fit for my kids in my opinion. My now 1st grader was an all a student last year and 1 level above where she needed to be in reading and hated missing school...would literally cry if she had to or if I picked her up 5 minutes she's barely passing and hates going to school...literally hates it and despises it because of her teachers and other students...she only likes speech and her speech teacher. My now 2nd grader (her 2nd year of it) hates it and is making good grades now but still her teacher os constantly downing her for little things and is awful. She sends home notes saying brylei handwriting is awful and she is going to start counting off due to her sloppiness (I've looked it's not great but nowhere near awful& wayyyy better than last year) and misspelled words and she says she needs to take responsibility and needs consequences but in the same note misspellings multiple words herself. I do agree with it about she needs to do better but for years we've told the school to check her for dyslexia because she writes numbers and words backwards but they say there is no funding but she still gets them counted off. I got her tested after a year of them fussing about her daydreaming or playing with her hair while working and got her on meds but it's not enough for them. My 1st grader got paddled (which I gave them a talking to and said she was suppose to be on the do not list) and so then they send her to school suspension bit in the handbook it says no ISS til 4th grade. A lot they do doesn't not go with the handbook. But taelyn my 1st grader says she'd rather be in ISS away from the other kids and her teacher. Other things...the school has no funding for anything but they always have funding for their football program...not education...they have $ for anything they need but not even a tutor in school for anyone not on the team...another thing is the lunch lady...preaches to my kids...and gives them gifts...let's them charge even though their accounts are blocked (been up there multiple times about this and still does it), let's them use each others account...they have free lunch but let's my 2nd grader charge on other ones account. Also she has gotten my address off the computer and came to my house multiple times to say she wants me to let her carry my kids to her church...even though she has no clue what our religious preference's just little things adding up...and its getting old...they nit pick about little things and then say they are a zero tolerance on bullying but then let the rich kids and some teachers do it!!!
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Re: Whats your take on this?

I know a few families whose children go to a virtual school. They all like it, and many have advanced classes too if your kids do really well.
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Re: Whats your take on this?

Eeeek... so many, many things I don't like about that! If you feel you have the time and ability to homeschool I would really consider it mama.

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Originally Posted by jessicanashville View Post
My son goes to Connections Academy. It's an online charter school. We love it!

He has live lessons with other kids his age and it's 100% free. We do have a 25 hr week requirement that has to be logged.
How is this free? When I looked at it each course was around 500.00.

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Originally Posted by lisaaag

How is this free? When I looked at it each course was around 500.00.

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Most states have a feee virtual public option with both connections and k12.

They also sell their program seperatly. They also have a private school option.

Both are 100percent free in my state.

We used both for years. They have a place. Both made me confident in my choice to keep my kids at home and on a schedule. But now we do out own curriculum.
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