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Re: Best product to encourage naturally curly hair?

Originally Posted by seeinstarrz View Post
I read that it was really great too, so I bought some for my super curly-headed daughter and myself. Unfortunately, all it does is make us look like we haven't showered in 2 weeks. WAY too greasy, even in tiny amounts.

Most days all DD and I do is wet our hair and scrunch it with our hands and let it air dry, but if I want a little bit of hold or if it's super humid out I will add some styling mousse while I scrunch.
same w/ us. w/ DD now I wet, work in 1 spritz of cj's butter spray, comb out knots & scrunch. DH uses a few spritzes but his hair is super thick


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Re: Best product to encourage naturally curly hair?

We tried coconut oil in the past too on our hair - not good! lol It takes on a strange odor too IMO.
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Originally Posted by Junipervt

same w/ us. w/ DD now I wet, work in 1 spritz of cj's butter spray, comb out knots & scrunch. DH uses a few spritzes but his hair is super thick
Where can I try this cj's butters spray from?
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Originally Posted by carriek38

I know that it works for some, but I've never had any's one of the few things that makes my hair look greasy & stringy.

I'd also recommend Live Curly, Live Free. It talks more about the science behind curly hair & appropriate products, so you get guidance on figuring out your hair's characteristics, then what types of ingredients work best for those characteristics.

For me, wavy-curly hair, thick, porous, coarse hair, I cleanse my hair 1-2x wk, usually w/ cleansing conditioner. I condition daily with a silicone-free rinse-out conditioner. When I get out of the shower, I add a goodly amount of leave-in conditioner, finger comb it through. Right now, for styling I use (homemade) flax seed gel (LOTS of it!) & I scrunch in a couple tablespoons of regular, silicone-free gel (I mix Garnier Pure & Aussie Instant Freeze gels). But I've also been doing CG/no-poo for about 2.5 yrs & all of my pre-CG hair has been trimmed off, & that makes a difference. I've used a number of different gels, mousses, conditioners, etc., most of them with good results.

If I were you, I'd check out, but as a starting place, I'd go to Sally Beauty & get their GVP moisturizing balm conditioner & their natural protein filler. Both are really reasonably priced. Condition with a 2-3Tbsp of the balm with a couple drops of the protein filler mixed in. Put it in wet hair, finger comb through, leave it in through your shower, then rinse out. After shower, gently squeeze some of the water out. Add leave-in conditioner...I like Giovanni Direct Leave-In Conditioner or Beautiful Curls for wavy to curly hair (I hear great things about their gels, too). Follow with styling products...gel &/or mousse are favorites. At some point, you'll want to "plop" your hair or gently scrunch out some of the water...a flour sack towel, a microfiber towel, or an old t-shirt will work better than a regular towel.

You can buy lots of good stuff at Target; Kinky Curly & Shea Moisture are two brands that are generally sulfate- & silicone-free, but even most regular drugstore brands have some good options. If you like non-discount products, Jessicurl is highly recommended, as are Deva products...Curl Mart is a great place to shop. And some of the curly "holy grail" products (none of which I use, mostly b/c I'm cheap ) are Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (hard-hold gel), Kinky Curly Curling Custard (natural, light hold gel), AG Re:Coil (curl activator), & Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper (anti-frizz)
I'm not the OP, but thank you for all of this information! I have curly hair, and lately it has been so frizzy and dry. I use mouse and gel but it just doesn't seem to be working anymore, so I think I need to try some new products/brands. I actually just bought some flax seeds to attempt to make the gel. How do you like it? My hair is curly, but thin, non-porous (floats in a bowl of water), but is prone to dryness and frizziness
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Re: Best product to encourage naturally curly hair?

My hair is super curly. I have to wear it really long otherwise it takes over the entire space around my head like a cloud.

For awhile my hair was really damaged and dry from all the abuse I gave it trying to tame it (shampoos, gels, anti-friz products, oils, etc). I gave up and did a two month no-poo to get its health back. After that I started shampooing again, but only my scalp every other day. I shower daily, but just rinse it out well between shampooing.

My daily routine is to only comb it out in the shower with a tangle free comb under the water. The water helps loosen up any knots and the comb is very gentle. Then I go to bed with it towel dried. When I wake up in the morning its pretty wild. I just run water over my hands and card through it with my fingers till its reasonable. If its frizzy I use a small bead of regular conditioner in my fingers to add moisture back to the tips before I go out. That's it. No fancy products, no smell, no grease, just bouncy healthy curls.
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Originally Posted by napua

Where can I try this cj's butters spray from?
Any cloth diaper store online. is their website. It's the most well known cd safe diaper cream but has lots of other uses as well.

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