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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

Pregnancy 1 I was shocked. I really didn't think the IUI would work. A couple of weeks later when we learned it was triplets, I was more worried about DH passing out then anything.

Pregnancy 2 I assumed I was going to get pregnant and I think I was a bit arrogant about it. This one ended in a miscarriage and was IVF.

Pregnancy #3 I went through HELL with HPT's. I had positive, then negative then back to positive. I am one of the few that can honestly say that I had false negative tests. I figured out how high my beta should have been for the negative tests and they should have showed up. My son's first beta (14 days past a 5 day transfer) was over 1000.

Pregnancy #4 I was cautiously optimistic when I found out. Sadly this resulted in a chemical pregnancy. (FET)

Finally I have pregnancy #5. That is this one. I was down in Florida visiting my mother for Thanksgiving. This embryo was my oldest embryo (from my pregnancy #2 round), he had the odds stacked against him to survive the thaw. He did. He had the odds stacked against him to implant so when I got the +HPT I just prayed that he would hang on. I was excited but so scared! Honestly till this one is in my arms I am going to be walking on egg shells. He is really my miracle baby. And I know all babies are miracles but he fought some tough odds already so I think he really is my miracle and if he is a well baby at birth, I will believe he really is living up to his name and it's meaning.


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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

I cried with my first. I was happy!

With this baby, I laughed. This pregnancy was a COMPLETE surprise. I realize that not using BC can lead to pregnancy, but I was so sure I would have a harder time than I did. Previously, I TTC for 2.5 years, had my PCOS diagnosis, and was told by a doctor that I would probably have to use fertility meds to have another. Lesson learned, doctors don't ALWAYS know what they are talking about.
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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1 - didn't take a test myself, did a urine dip at the dr's office at 5 weeks... actually I never saw the test myself, lol. we were happy and excited, though.

#2 - no hpt again, I fell down the stairs with DD in my arms and we had to go to emerg to get her ankle and my arm/shoulder checked out. I realized I should have started AF that morning, no sign of it coming, mentioned it to the Dr before we did x-rays. Again, I never saw the test myself. But we were happy and excited again!

#3 - shocked. And a bit confused and slightly worried - I'd taken the hpt after 12 days of (what I thought was) a very heavy AF, didn't feel right and felt off, wanted to take a test to prove the Dr's wrong... backfired? After we knew that he was okay in there, we were very happy.

#4 - finally took an hpt right around Christmas, after spotting for a week - never had had that happen before (spotting had started a week before AF was due) and someone suggested I might be pregnant. We didn't quite know how to feel, kinda shocked, definitely worried with the spotting. It unfortunately progressed and I miscarried on Christmas day.

#5 - worried, but naive that miscarriage couldn't possibly happen twice to me. (yes, I know how extremely stupid that was to think, especially now!) When we made it past the first few days (4-5 weeks) with nothing happening we started getting excited and hopeful, then I started miscarrying.

#6 - again worried, especially with light lines. After 3 days, the lines disappeared and I miscarried again.

#7 - very stressed and worried. No happiness or anything, walked on eggshells until after 6 weeks. Then we started to get excited and hopeful. (that babe was Levi)

#8 and #9 - again very worried, with one I just knew something was wrong because the line was way too light for where I was. Both pregnanices were miscarriages.

#10 - very worried (see the pattern here, lol?), holding our breath until we got past 6 weeks. Then we were excited and hopeful and happy... sort of. DH was. I honestly had some strange feeling that something wasn't right, constantly worried and obsessed over movement (lack of) once I hit 10 weeks. At 20 weeks we found out Elliana was very sick, a couple weeks later she died.

#11 - we were in shock. Not trying. Using condoms. Not anywhere near ready to make a decision about whether we even were going to try again, or if DH was going to get a vasectomy. But Hiccup came along anyways - the reason for our indecision, I think. This pregnancy has been the hardest. All those worries and fears... what we truly felt, from the + test until seeing Hiccup bouncing away in there at 20 weeks... was absolute terror.
Now we are cautiously hopeful.
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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1--a little shocked because it was the first month I hadn't been POAS every day. I was already late and thought "huh, I was supposed to start today". It was 9pm and (now ex) dh was away at work. I was shaking and had to tell someone, so I took my SIL to lunch the next morning lol We had been trying for 18m and that was round #6 of Clomid, so I was starting to wonder if I would ever be a mom.

#2 I kinda knew and was excited, but nervous too since I had just moved in with DH.

#3 TOTAL shock. DS2 was only 8m and we had just gotten married the month prior. I was terrified to tell DH because I thought he would be mad (it was a NFP fail, so totally my fault lol)

#4 (m/c) I wasn't even going to test because I had a "period". Then the bleeding stopped abruptly and my temp was back up. Sure enough dark BFP. Ended up losing the baby at 10 weeks anyway.
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#1- oh crap! We weren't even out of high school. It was our senior year.

#2- Oh crap! She was an engagement night surprise. Had to replan when the wedding was going to be. Lol

#3- Oh crap! I ovulated a week early after months of tracking for prevention. No signs of ovulation coming at all!

#4- Oh crap! Kids ha all been sick or literally a month. DH and I hadn't even managed to be in bed at the same time all month long, except for once which should have been 10 full days past ovulation. But due to the afore mentioned sick kids I hadn't been tracking really. He was still supposed to PNP. He didn't. Boy was I shocked 9 days later.

We're not the planning type, obviously. Lol. They've always been the most amazing blessings though. Zero regrets.
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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1 - YESSSSSS! Drove to DH's work, called him and said "come out, I have something really important you have to see..." He came running out to the car and I put the test on his lap. He was like, 0_o "I was at work hun. Couldn't you have waited till I got home?" LOL

#2 - "WOW THAT WAS FAST!... um, what now???" We were trying but expected it to take much longer than it had. And then, about 2 wks before I tested positive, we'd decided to wait a bit longer for a second baby b/c DH's job was supposed to go to full time permanent, but instead, they cancelled his contract. So we wanted to wait. Too late! We caught the egg.

#3 - "Uh oh. .... EEEEK! .... YESSSSS! WAHHOOOOOOO!" I wanted a 3rd, DH did not. We were careful, but not careful enough. No BC failure, just human error - using NFP and traveling through time-zones throws off your Ov dates, btw... in case anyone was curious.

#4 - "What the.... how.... wait.... I don't.... um....oh no...." We were debating a 4th baby, being careful... I still cannot figure out when this baby was conceived based on my dates. Either this baby is a total fluke, conceived from DTD 7/8 DAYS before ov. OR our typical method, that we'd used for 4 yrs FAILED. Not sure. I got a BFP at 5 DPO. Which only throws it off even worse. I took the test b/c my Ov date wasn't clear based on my temps, and I was all sorts of confused. Plus I love to pee on things. lol
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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1: No way, there is NO way there are two lines there. We has just started to TTC 2 weeks before.

#2: Thrilled!

#3: Wow, that was quick, sooo excited!

#4: WooHoo!!
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With dd I bawled for like 2 hours, we were so happy and overwhelmed, we'd been trying for 2 years.
Baby #2 was a surprise and I just laughed, like hysterically, so nervous and shocked.
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#1 - really excited but in disbelief. We had been trying for a while (7 months/8 cycles) and I was shocked to see two lines. I POAS before getting in the shower to get ready for work. I remember looking across the bathroom and thinking "really???" I had seen so many stark white tests that the BFP stunned me a bit. I stopped by DH's work to tell him on my way in :-)

#2 (this one) - we decided to NTNP and it was my first cycle. I had little expectation since it took a while to get pregnant with DS. I had a dream one night that was very vivid. DS was there and I was holding a baby girl. I didn't really know where I was in my cycle but I guessed some where around 9-10 DPO. I couldn't shake the dream and took a test mid-afternoon that next day. I got a very slight positive but I wasn't sure if it was an evap or not. The next day, I re-tested with FMU and the line was darker. I had a digi that was about 4-5 months expired but decided to try it anyway. "Pregnant" :-) I ran in and have the digi to DH since he was sort of dubious of the BFP the day before (it WAS light). There is no arguing with a digi, though! I bought a new digi that day and re-tested the next just to be sure, too :-)

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Re: What was your first reaction when you got your positive pregnacy test?

#1 I freaked. I didn't believe that it was real. My face was red and my knees went week.

#2-4 beyond excited and I never could keep my mouth shut!
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