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I have a sprayer and I just give it a spray and then into the pail. With diarrhea you can just throw in the wash and do an extra pre rinse. We don't switch to disposables.


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Re: diarrhea in cloth?

If you use disposables the mess would have been in the diaper, up the back, and possibly down the legs. I just have a diaper sprayer and rinse it out or rinse it out in the sink if somewhere that doesn't have a diaper sprayer. Never switch to disposables due to diarrhea, because you'll just have to wash out the clothes or throw the whole mess away depending on how you feel in general about poop.
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Depending on the age, we switch to sposies. My 2 year old, definitely. I don't want to risk getting the virus by putting my hands all up in it trying to swish. We started with this yesterday. After the second super crazy bm, I realized something was up and made the switch!
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Re: diarrhea in cloth?

We don't use disposables. I think, based on DDing my older ones, that there is a much worse chance of diarrhea poopsplosions in disposables than in cloth.

N and I have had stomach bugs this week and he's had diarrhea on and off since Sunday...whenever he poops it's been diarrhea, not that he's necessarily pooping more often. I treat a diarrhea diaper like a normal poop diaper, if I happen to use a liner great, if not it gets sprayed off and tossed in the laundry bag. If I think about it beforehand I may put a liner in but usually I don't. I have both disposable liners and reusable microfleece liners. On the rare occasion I have just not wanted to deal with the poop I've thrown the microfleece liners in the trash.
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Originally Posted by s@hmommy
I will be the first to say, diarrhea = sposies in my house. I use pampers the sams club brand diaper and have never had a poopy leak.
Same here. Luckily it is very rare for us.
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Ill just mention, I've never had a sposie leak and my oldest two weren't cd'd ever. The only tune we've ever had poo come out is if they're sitting in a chair- carseat, Highchair, stroller, carrier. Sposie or cd, its never mattered.

Hope your lo gets over it quick! Do whatever is easier on you.
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We do disposables when it's really bad, and will use a cover at nap/bedtime to help hold in leaks. In my experience, CDs really don't do a better job of containing it than disposables do.
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Re: diarrhea in cloth?

I have found that disposables are a little more prown to blow outs, but honestly in an illness situation it hasn't made a huge difference. In the past we have just used our cloth and not worried about it. I don't have a sprayer now and we can't use bleach because of our well water, so if in doubt of whether it is something may be a true contagion we go with the disposables. My little guy is battling some gut health issues right now that really would require bleach to keep using cloth so he's in disposables until he's better. I am looking forward to him being healthy again so we can go back to cloth

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Re: diarrhea in cloth?

We just got over a tummy virus for both boys. I don't have a sprayer and haven't needed one. I throw the offending diaper in the toilet let it sit for a bit swish and throw it in the wash with a little bleach. No biggie. We've never "needed" disposibles in three years. I actually think that the CDs probably do a better job of holding it all in. Good luck!

BTW and this is a giant overshare, but if anyone should be wearing paper pants while they are dealing with a tummy virus its adults. My poor husband wound up with the plague and dear lord . We washed his boxers with the diapers.

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