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i was 39+2 when i went in on mon. feb. 4th to get my membranes swept. i was 1 and 1/2 cent dilated at this point and had been the previous 2 weeks. i got the sweep done because i was trying to avoid a repeat c/s due to be done on the 11th.
i had been wishing, hoping and praying for a VBAC ever since DS was born almost 2 years ago. i wanted to be able to experience childbirth, the pain, the labor and be sober and awake for it all and to tell everyone I DID IT. it's not risky, it can be done. i am a rock star.
Now of course i knew the risks and whatever for a VBAC. i did ALOT of research and spoke with different MW's, who all gave me their own opinions. which was fine, but didn't scare me.
i was a good candidate for a VBAC. which was all that mattered to me.
after my sweep on the 4th, i started to get contractions late that night. nothing regular or too strong. maybe 1 every hour for about 5 hours. eh, not a big deal. woke up, getting a bit closer together..thought "well, maybe tonight will be the night..or even tomorrow" by 12:00 that day-bam. 5 min apart. DH got home around 2:15 and i had texted him what had been going on saying "I LOST MY PLUG, MY CONTRACTIONS ARE 5 MIN APART, WERE GONNA HAVE A BABY TONIGHT!!!" I dont think he believed me.
shortly after he arrived home, contractions were 3 minutes apart. and getting very intense at this point.
i called the MW told her about everything and also mentioned i hadnt felt her move much which was unusual. she told me to get to L&D to be monitered. i thought GREAT! while we are there they will tell me that my contractions arent close enough, strong enough, i'm not in labor and they'll send me home.
well, on the drive there i must of looked like a posessed demon riding around because i was in some pain. contracting every 2-3 min. i felt like i was already 5 cent dilated.
we get to the hospital around 4:45, i get hooked up and the nurse says "Well,,,you're contracting every 1-2 min now." of course i knew that!!
i got checked, still 1 and 1/2 cent dilated. i was upset of course thinking well with these contractions i thought id be atleast 5 by now!!!
i remeber asking the nurse if my contractions were at the most painful they'd be, or if it would get worse. she looked at me like i had 8 heads and said "i dont know." well no kidding. i felt like an idiot after.
so with a VBAC i wasnt aloud any meds. nothing. all i had was an IV. Which was just fine, i didn't want meds, i didnt want to be hooked up and poked and proded with all these things. so i was free to move and walk around and do different things. which was heaven compared to DS's birth where i was 10 days overdue, had to be induced then have an emergency c/s.
long story short, we got the hospital around 5, and by 8 i was having the urge to push with every contraction-which was great. not sure exactly how far dilated i was at this point, but it had to be enough to be able to want to push. so i pushed. and pushed. harder with each contraction.
we had a fabulous and supportive team of nurses with us. my 2 MW's (angels) and all 5 nurses who were in the room with us (precaution since my previous c/s and this was a VBAC and because of the "risks" involved). they were ALL so, so supportive. i could cry right now just thinking about it.
My MW's. nurses and DH would all turn around and say "no. you will not give up. you're body is ment to do this. this is what you wanted and worked so hard for. you're almost done. you are a rock star. you can do this and you will do this. you're body is ment to do this. you will not give up." it was amazing. all the love and support from everyone. i honestly thought that when i was crying and begging for a c/s, my MW would have been like "Well, ok...that probably would be the safest way anyway." but no. she was against me getting another c/s. i thank my lucky stars for her.
so around 9:20, i was REALLY pushing. legs up, on my back, turning into a demon (atleast i felt and sounded like it...even DH agreed!), the MW tried to suction babies head. since her heartrate kept dropping and it was VBAC they wanted her out as quickly as possible. she struggled to do that for about 15 min. while that is going on, my other MW is stretching my vagina to no end to open it quickly so baby can come out. meanwhile i am crapping myself and feeling like i am dying a slow and VERY painful death.
this went on for about 30 min.
POP! out she came at 9:49. done.
they immediatly cut her cord as she was still coming out of me (i have the pictures to prove it), brought her to the warmer and assesed her. i kept asking "is she normal looking? breathing ok? is she crying? does she look ok? 10 fingers, 10 toes?" YES. YES. YES. then they took her to the nursery. she was a little pale so they had to do some blood work on her which all came back negative. 20 min later we are reunited. i immediatly called family. my phone shows calling times of 10:02. i had her at 9:49.
the whole time i was getting cleaned up and stitched (2nd degree tear) i kept yelling "holy ****, i did it. I DID IT. i cant believe it. am i dreaming?! i did it. omg. i had my baby girl all natural. my body let me birth. i cant believe it." DH cried. never seen him cry in our 3 years together. i looked over and tears streaming down his face. he leaned in and kissed me and said he loved me. and that she was a beautiful baby girl. i was crying, i was elated, happy..OVER THE MOON. on cloud nine. i had a labor high. i was thrilled. proud. accomplished. i felt loved. and supported like in no way ever before. i was complete. my body didnt fail me. i didn't fail myself. it all worked out beautifully. we were all healthy. i couldnt believe it...i really couldnt.
Ramona Eileen born 2/5/13, 7lbs. 9oz. 19in long. healthy. happy. beautiful. and a proud VBAC baby with a proud VBAC mama.


Katy-working mama, loving wife, Doula in training proud mama of DS 5/18/11, Leon , and DD Ramona 2/5/13:,
My lil family means the world to me
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Awesome! Sounds like it was a healing and empowering birth.

Hope you're getting some good sleep right now!
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Congrats and good for you!

I'm mobile.... sorry for the typos!
Amanda- wife to DH. Mama to W (2010), L (2011), H (2013), K (2016)
Forever missing Jeremiah Asher (our angel lost to Anencephaly at 31 weeks)- November 6th, 2015
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Congrats! I'm glad that you had an empowering birth!
Sara- mommy to Claire (01/10) and Micah (3/12) and Corbin (10/14) and someone new (11/16)
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Wonderful!! Congrats
Jen , Wife to Scott, Mama to NINE 14, 13, 11, 9, 8, 5, 4, 4, and 22 months! Servant of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! and a homebirth midwifein my spare time

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So awesome! Congrats
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You go MAMA!!
Just in case.
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Congrats, mama!! Such an awesome, amazing thing child birth is, isn't it?!?
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Congratulations mama!! It sounds so powerful!!
Kimberly, wife to Martin , Catholic, Waldorf, RIE inspired mama to Benjamin David(2-14-11) and Mariah Celeste(3/28/13) Trying everyday to love this world in the right way.
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