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Inverted Nipples?

So I find that I have inverted nipples, and am 7 months pregnant. I am totally dedicated to breastfeeding 100% but donít know if the fact my nipples are inverted will be a problem? Is there anything I can do that you have found effective? I here pros and cons of using breast shells, and the Hoffman technique, did you do them and did they work? Any post delivery tips?


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Re: Inverted Nipples?

i had flat nipples and had to use a nipple shield (the shells didnt help me, neither did pumping right before feeding to pull them out-they would retract as soon as I put baby on) for the first 6 weeks. I was able to wean from it and went on to BF for 14 months. You can do it!
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

Are they deeply inverted or do they protude some when stimulated? Mine are severe and the hoffman tech and the shells didn't help me. I would recommend having a nipple shield on hand jic, as a last resort. For some it is not an issue at all, some of it depends on your babies ability to latch onto the breast and not need the nipple so much for guidance.
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

have you looked into something called a latch assist? it draws out the nipple to help breastfeed
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

I used the nipple shield quite a bit for my first two. By my third my nipples did just fine on their own.
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

I have one inverted nipple, but it does come out with stimulation. I have had no problems BF'ing, and my babies actually prefer that breast. I did start out pumping with my preemie, so maybe that helped. Good luck
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

I have inverted as well. One is still inverted after 3 babies and the other is much better. It may be hard in the beginning, but you CAN do this! It may just take more work, or it may work out perfectly! With my last baby, I could not get her to latch on my deeply inverted side for almost 10 weeks. I exclusively feed her on the other side and pumped the other side every 2-3 hours around the clock to keep up my supply. I tried everything, including nipple shields, but she just couldn't latch until her mouth got a little bigger. I really wasn't expecting that since I could get my other two babies on with help from a lactation consultant and a nipple shield. So you never know!

Look up the nipple sandwich technique. A lactation consultant showed me that it and really helped me get my first and second babies on while still in the hospital. Also, make sure you get as much areola in your babies mouth as possible. Babies latch onto the areola, not the nipple, so if you can get a nice deep latch, you should be fine and have no problems!

Also, when a baby doesn't get a deep enough latch can it cause excruciating pain as feeding after feeding causes more and more nipple trauma. So keep trying to get a good deep latch. If you do end up in pain, there are creams, soothing gel pads so ask for help! I have ended up with cracked bleeding nipples that feel like they are on fire every time. It is so hard in the beginning for me and sometimes I almost felt like giving up, but just I stuck it out and everything worked out. I don't tell you this to scare you, and you may have a super easy time! But I just want to let you know if you do experience it, that others have as well and still have gone on to nurse for extended periods of time.

I nursed my first for 18 months, my second for 26, and my third is 9 months old and still nursing, so it can totally be done!

Oh, and there really isn't anything you need to do to prepare. I tried with my first and didn't find that they did anything. But I did find that the breast shells were nice to have after the baby was born. I would put them on to keep fabric off my nipples when they were cracked and raw.
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

I used a nipple shield for the first 3 months and then weaned DD off, she is 26 months and still nursing away. My nipples actually protrude now. It may be difficult at first but don't give up!
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Re: Inverted Nipples?

I have one inverted nipple and we had a hard time getting a latch on that side, LO didn't like it because he had to work harder for it, but we stuck with it and given time he figured out that he could in fact latch on and get milk from that side too, and now we have no more problems. Good luck, and be patient!
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The only thing that worked for me was pumping. I pumped exclusively for the first 3 weeks (long story) and now it works!!!! Lol

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