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Emmerson Kate - induction

Wednesday, February 20th

I was 37w6d and scheduled for an induction. The little miss was now too big for MFM to safely monitor her for anemia and hydrops due to the Fifth's Disease exposure. It was safer for us to deliver her early rather than risk heart failure if we let her come in her own time. MFM wanted me to have one last u/s just to make sure they didn’t need to have a neonatology on standby at delivery. My u/s was set for 7:30AM. DH stayed home to get the kids on the bus while I headed to the hospital. The tech who did my u/s was the same one who had done most of my other u/s in the last 10 weeks. She confirmed that things looked good and did a quick growth scan. Her measurements showed that Miss E weighed about 7 lbs 14 oz. The tech told me that she’s only ever been off by a few ounces. After that she walked me over to L&D. DH still hadn’t arrived yet, but they put me in the last room they had open at the time. Of course this was all right at shift change, so I was left to my own devices for awhile. DH eventually showed up to the party and finally my day nurse came in, Lindsay (the blonde one) and had me change into my gown. She then hooked me up to the monitors, started my IV and hooked me up to a bag of fluids. Then we sat around and waited for my OB to arrive.

Around 9AM my OB showed up to see me and do a cervical check. I had yet to be checked during this pregnancy so I was anxious to see what kind of changes had been going on. I’d been having irregular contractions since 32 weeks, baby felt like she had dropped some, so I was hoping for some good progress. During the check I literally almost climbed up and out of the bed. It felt like my OB was shoving his whole arm up in there. Imagine my disappointment when he then told me that I was only 1cm, posterior, thick, and she was floating (not engaged). By this time in my other pregnancies I had already been at least 2cm and 50% effaced. Since I was still thick, our induction process was to start with a round of Cervadil to soften things up. My OB gave the orders to my RN and told me he’d be back around 5PM to check on the progress. Two hours later, the slow a** pharmacy finally decided to send up the Cervadil. The RN placed the Cervadil a little after 11AM. Again, I about climbed up and out of the bed. Once in place I had to lay in bed for the next hour. The Cervadil was to stay in place for 12 hours and then it would be removed. For the rest of the day DH and I just sat around doing whatever, waiting for things to happen. We watched TV, played games on the tablet, read a bit on my Nook (hard to concentrate though so that didn’t last long), etc. The Cervadil did cause contractions, but they were irregular. For awhile they were 7 mins apart and then they’d be 4 mins apart and then back to 7. Nothing painful, but I could feel when they were coming. Around 4PM the in-laws brought the kids up to see us. DS was insistent that there’d be a baby for him to hold so he was a little disappointed to find out that she wasn’t here yet. We visited for awhile and they left around 5PM when the OB was expected to be back. They did leave us 2 super yummy cupcakes that I had requested from a local bakery. I couldn’t eat any real food yet (just clear liquids), but my RN had told me that I could have a little something once the Cervadil came out at 11PM, so we were saving them until then.

5PM came and went and my OB never came. I asked the RN when she thought he’d be back, but she seemed to think that he wasn’t coming back until morning. I sort of freaked then, thinking that I had misunderstood what he had said to me earlier. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen once the Cervadil came out at 11 since he never said. 7:30PM came, as did shift change. My night nurse, Lindsay (the brunette) told me that my OB would indeed be back to see me, but it wouldn’t be until after he was done with another case. So again, we sat around waiting. Around 10PM my RN told me that my OB was on the floor, but he was waiting until the Cervadil came out to come and see me. 10:45PM rolls around both my RN and OB came in to see me. I was anxious to hear he progress since it had been a long day. The RN took out the Cervadil and my OB checked me. 2cm and still pretty thick. After sitting around all day, contracting and everything, there was hardly any progress. Miss E was bound and determined to share our anniversary with us. I’m sure my OB saw the look of disappointment on my face. He then told us the plan. Since he didn’t want to rush my body and since baby and I were both doing well, we were going to do another round of Cervadil. He said that if we started Pitocin then it would just make labor longer and more miserable for me. I’m glad he was thinking of me! He told me that they’d unhook me from the monitors, let me shower, eat real food and walk the halls a bit before inserting the next dose. So, that’s exactly what I did. While I showered, DH ran to Taco Bell (the only thing open that late at night near the hospital) to get me something to eat. At midnight, we toasted to our 9th anniversary with our delicious Boston Cream Pie cupcakes. Yum!

Thursday, February 21st

My RN inserted the next round of Cervadil around 12:15AM. When she did that, she told me that she tried to “stir things up” while she was in there, hoping it’d help things progress. She then gave me an Ambien so I could get some sleep. We all thought that Thursday was going to be a long day. I fell asleep pretty quickly and awoke around 2AM to some pretty good contractions. I had DH help me up to the bathroom and then I sat in the rocking chair for a little while, trying to get comfortable. When that didn’t work, I got up and walked around my room for a little bit. My RN came in to check on me since I’d been unhooked from the monitors for a little while. She helped me back to bed, did a quick cervical check (3cm) and then gave me a little Dilaudid in my IV to help take the edge off so I could fall back asleep. That there is some good drugs. I started to feel a little loopy within minutes and fell right asleep. I awoke again around 4:30AM to more strong contractions. This time my RN helped me to the bathroom and when I wiped, the Cervadil came out at the same time. The RN said that there must be some good changes going on down there for the Cervadil to have fallen out. Right about then I started feeling nauseous. Presumably from the Dilaudid. Without any vomiting incidents, I made it back to my bed. She asked me if I wanted an epidural, and since I thought we still had a long ways to go, I said yes. She called anesthesia and had me sit up on the edge of the bed. By now it was about 5AM and the contractions were coming right on top of one another and were hurting like a mo fo. The RN had me sit up on the edge of the bed to get ready for the epi, and this is when I decided that I needed to throw up all over her shoes and the floor. In my defense, I told her that I was going to be sick, but she just couldn’t grab my puke bucket quick enough. Poor girl. I continued to vomit through contractions. I think it’s safe to say that I will not be eating Taco Bell any time soon. Shortly after that, I told her that I thought I peed the bed. I would later find out that she didn’t see any fluid or wetness on the bed. Looking back, I’m pretty sure that this is when my water broke. The anesthesiologist showed up about 5 minutes after my RN called him. Ironically, it was the same guy who I had for my d&c back in Dec 2011. He kept asking me a ton of stupid questions…height, weight, allergies…and I was answering, but I guess I wasn’t talking very loud because he was getting frustrated with DH relaying my answers. I remember thinking to myself, “All of this is in my chart! Just shut the he** up and put the da** epi in!” After that I started to feel the urge to push. I was still sitting on the edge of the bed and the RN was telling me I needed to lay back so she could check me, but I refused. I just couldn’t move. So she checked me while I sat there and then proceeded to yell out into the hall for some help, and for someone to call my OB. That’s when she said I was already 9cm and it was too late for the epi. Da** that anesthesiologist for talking so much! Some how they pushed me back onto the bed. I was half laying on my back, half laying on my right side. They told me not to push, but yeah right, that wasn’t going to happen. My OB came in and asked if he had time to put on his booties, to which the RN told him No. They didn’t even have time to break down the bed and break out the stirrups. After 2 pushes her head was out, 1 more push for her shoulders and then 1 last push for the rest of her.

Miss Emmerson Kate was born at 5:30AM on the dot. Right on our 9th wedding anniversary. She cried right away and they immediately put her on my chest for skin to skin contact. Her APGARS were 8 and 9. I had a tiny outer tear that required 2 measly stitches. While my OB stitched me up, I tried to nurse. Emmerson’s blood sugar was super low (23) and the colostrum would hopefully help with that. Unfortunately, she was too sleepy to nurse and because her blood sugar was out of whack it also threw her body temp out of whack, too. After about 15 mins of trying to nurse, they finally had to take her over to the warmer to warm her up and give her 10cc of formula via syringe. While all this was going on, my RN helped me up and to the bathroom. I think this was the quickest I’ve ever been up & about after birth (it was about 6:15AM). Then they weighed her (8 lbs 5 oz) and measured her (20.25”) before taking her blood sugar again. Because her sugars were still low (under 40), she had to be transferred to the newborn nursery. I requested to go with her, since I’d be transferring to the mother baby unit soon anyways. Once in the nursery they checked her sugars again and kept her under the warmer. They did her belly and head measurements as well. After about 30 mins they said she could come to the room with us. Good thing because I was tired!

All in all, my labor was pretty quick. From onset of regular contractions it was only about 3.5 hours. DS' L&D was quicker by an hour. Still, I can’t complain. I think most of the changes happened while I was relaxed and sleeping, just letting the body do its’ thang.


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Awesome story!!
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

Congratulations and I hope that all is well with you and Miss E .
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

Congrats and thanks for sharing your story. :-)
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

I'm glad that everything went so well for you
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

Im glad that it all turned out well. I love her name!
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

Fast! I guess your body just needed a taste of the induction to really get going! I love wehn cervidil does the trick and pitocin isn't needed. Congrats .
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

Great that you didn't need the pitocin! The vomiting had me cringing That had to be awful during labor.
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Re: Emmerson Kate - induction

Great birth story! Congratulations mama!
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