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Flip for sure. Just a great workhorse of a cover. I adore them. Always have.

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Re: Which is your favorite- flip, grovia or softbums?

Flip first, Softbums next, and Grovia last.

I love the gentle elastic on the Flip, they fit a wide range of babies, and the ease of stuffing whatever I want to into them with it sliding around too much.
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Re: Which is your favorite- flip, grovia or softbums?

I never tried flip or softbums but we really loved GroVia, the only issue is that we were a velcro family and the velcro was eh. that said we used them as half our stash for 2 years, I went through 3 sets because of the velcro.

You mentioned exposed pul and sweaty. Would fleece be any better?
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Re: Which is your favorite- flip, grovia or softbums?


I am a Grovia mom. I have not used the Flip or Softbums. I have used Fuzzibunz and I have seen the China remakes. Not impressed. I gave my Fuzzibunz away. I'm just not a fan of folding, stuffing, etc. Diapering should be simple and the Grovia's fit my needs. I have not had the problem of washing poop out of the mesh. The new soakers work beautifully with TPU backing. No mess plus the built in gussets are soft and snug. I agree with the aplix wash tabs. They are cumbersome but for the quality of the diaper it is a small nuisance.
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Re: Which is your favorite- flip, grovia or softbums?

Love flips they are super trim and cover everything for us, like Grovia but not as trim and mesh gets stinky quicker, and don't like soft bums as I don't care for the toggle elastic, the fleece gets stinky quicker and not a fan of their velcro
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Love hearing everyone's experience and preferences!

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I haven't tried grovia but softbums all the way. The inserts slide around too much in flips and I don't care for the exposed PUL. I had. Hubby go through all our diapers to pick out which one would be our second child's first diaper and he chose softbums a) because of how soft they are around the legs and waist since they are lined and b) because they would fit no matter how big or little he was.
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Re: Which is your favorite- flip, grovia or softbums?

FernHollow, I totally agree with you about the Aplix....I have finally decided to go with all Aplix BG 4.0 and flips because its just so much easier to me and my husband and families and I love that I can get a better fit and they are more like disposables. Also, this is my thinking:

If I buy 8 Aplix flips for our baby due in June and use them a year and a half or 2 years until we have our next baby, I can always just sell those flips and use that money to fund a new stash of them...I mean seriously if I buy seconds they are $7.00/each so i will spend $56 and I can probably resell them for what $4.00?!!! So then I will make $32 back and I can use that to buy 8 more and will only be spending $24 per child to buy a new stash of covers....I mean come on I think that's a lot better than spending thousands on disposables!!!! I am going to be using flats to stuff both my 4.0s and use in my flips so I know the flats will last a long time so that won't be a problem..ill probably only have to look at getting new Aplix flips and that will be CHEAP!!!!! Actually, even if I want to replace my 4.0 Aplix stash with each child that will not end up being that much either!! I will just sell them and use that money to buy new ones! So say I buy 20 BG 4.0s(for hubby and nights/naps and gparents to use and then the 8 flips for me to use) and say I get the seconds since I am not going to use the mf inserts anyways. So I'll spend $11/diaper or $211. Say I sell them for $6/each to fund buying a new stash for the next baby....I will make $120 back on them and then use that towards new ones and so only be spending about $90 for a whole new 4.0 stash per child and then $24 on new flips so about $100 per child. That's not too bad in my opinion, Especially if I stick with them like I plan on doing and not get drug into trying everything or start spending money on all other types of fluff? And thats only if i feel like i really need to get new aplix. i plan on hang drying the shells and covers so maybe they will last longer.

Anyway, that was really long sorry...but that's what I'm thinking

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Re: Which is your favorite- flip, grovia or softbums?

We've tried all 3. My thoughts:
FLIPS: a great cover, but just ok as an AI2 with trifolded prefolds or padfolded flats (the organics are great, but bulky). Works fine with trifolds as a daytime solution, but the wide crotch makes it so that once the prefold has been peed in, it shrinks down so that any additional pee will leak out of the cover. I love it as a cover over a snappied prefold, though, and it was fine as a nanny stash diaper as long as it was changed often enough (great for toddler). They washed out great and aplix has held up (we line dry covers, thouhg)

GROVIA: elastic was too tight for chubby thighs and the mesh and inserts were harder to wash clean. Great with trifolded prefolds, though, but I hated how the mesh held onto smells and I'd have to wash them twice.

SOFTBUMS: Never tried their "pods" (too expensive for what they are IMO), but I like these with prefolds or flats as long as you tuck the dipaer in completely. Great aplix, and they wash out fine (I was nervous about the fleece but it hasn't been a problem). They are super adjustable which I love, but having said that, I actually prefer the Flips on my newborn (surprisingly) because the one layer PUL is just so much trimmer than the PUL+fleece of the SBs.
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