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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Originally Posted by jessreichenbach View Post
I was Born in Maine, Raised in Canada, lived in the south for several years and now am Back in Maine... I've picked up so many things and now random saying come out at random times. By location:

Maine: Wicked... used like the word 'really' or 'very'
"Ay-uh" best way i could think to spell it... ends a sentence or agrees with something, or fills in the awkward silence when you're not sure what to say. used like "oh ya" "you bet" "for sure" ect.
There's no R's pronounced at the end of words... ever. Neither ar G's and the ing of ing words (startin, standin, jumpin etc.)
"Upta Camp" means you're up at your hunting camp
We have Door Yards (pro-nounces Dooah- yahd) not drive ways or front yards
1 syllable words are often turned into 2. Here= He-yah, there= Tha-ah
Old people will always call you "Dee-ah"... non mainahs would say Dear.

I love this! My mom's side of the family is from Maine and my older brother's family lives there now. I had forgotten about ayuh!


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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Back home everyone says "oh yeah" pretty much after everything you say. You could say my house burned down and they would say "oh yeah ,did it?"
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Re: Things people say where you live.....

I thought of a few more.

Not sure if this is just in our state/area but we generally say "whatcha" for everything, like "whatcha doin?" or "Whatcha up too?" We say "Ouknow" for I don't know, "Mwaukee" for "Milwaukee" and apparently other people think we say our own state name weird. We say Wis Cahn sin, and the Cahn is really nasally and drawn out.
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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Originally Posted by BigSamsMom View Post
True True, alot of the southern phrases seems to be familial in nature, but I wouldn't say it is outgrown just because you don't speak that way. Although it may sound backwoods and redneck to you, you might be surprised at the amount of affluent Southerners that don't temper their native slang for anyone. I worked for Conoco many years ago, and their former CEO, Archie Dunham, who was an OK native, could put my little list to shame. We all looked forward to town hall meetings with him, because he'd have the whole room in stitches, with the things that came out of his mouth. There is really nothing wrong with being proud of what you are and where you are from. I also worked for BP Wind Energy and had the pleasure of knowing their former CEO's Tony Hayward and Lord John Browne personally. One of their favorite things to do when they visited, was sit down with us "natives" and learn what all these different phrases meant, and comically enough, they were more than willing to enlighten us on their own British slang. It's all in good fun. I am certainly not trying to make Texas out to be a backwards, redneck state, but I am very proud of our colorful speech.
They're all ...old! From a younger generation's view, it is indeed being outgrown.

it reminds me of the HEB commercial
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Originally Posted by Hillargh
Man I wish we had good soil. We have GA red clay.

The blizzard bit reminded me, it's a given that at the CHANCE of even half an inch of snow or just ice, everyone in existence will run to the market and stock up on bread and milk. I don't know why. I never have been able to figure it out. But if there's a semi-bad forecast, the shelves are empty.

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It's like that here. Everyone panics over running out of it's oxygen or something!
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Re: Things people say where you live.....

Buggy = Stroller , grocery cart or a type of attitude

Saw is said = su=all

We say er instead of or a lot ex: Do you want milk er water

E and I are said the same Ex: Pen and Pin

Fixin' ta (it is smushed together)

Big ole'

Cargo area of a van or suv is called "the way back" Ex: go get the groceries out of the way back

Hissy fit= tantrum

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Re: Things people say where you live.....

My husband was talking to me today about someone being dishonest. He said "... he just won't put a pen to the line."

I kind of did this I was then told it means someone that won't commit.
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