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I married a man who was taught how to cook, sew, clean, and fix pretty much anything. God bless his parents. I don't think I could be with a spouse who couldn't fend for themselves (and our kids) without me. DH has been put to the test multiple times while I was on bedrest and in hospital multiple times. He did amazing!

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I always have heat and eat food in our freezer. There is always grilled or poached chicken, ham, pulled pork, browned hamburger, taco meat, sloppy joes, and spaghetti sauce. There is usually chili and/or veg soup in there as well.

With those items, I know DH could figure out something. He might call me and ask for directions but he could make goulash or heat up anything from the freezer. He'd add leftover veggies from the fridge and bananas, apples, or applesauce. If there were no veggies in the fridge, he has no problem opening up a can of peas knowing DS loves them.

If all that were to fail, he would make quesadillas with fruit and veggie sides. He would also follow the meal plan as much as possible so if it was a night we were supposed to eat leftovers, he'd be happy to do so.

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DH usually does the dinner cooking at our house, unless it is something that is baked. My DH is home with the boys 3 nights a week while I am at school, so he has to cook. When I was growing up, a couple times my dad had to make dinner for us when my mom had surgery, we got Mac and cheese out of a box. He can't cook to save his life.
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Re: What would your spouse do for dinner?

No one would get fed and they'd all die of starvation probably... Or he'd order take out every meal. Seriously cause my dh can't even put together a bowl of cereal (teasing- kinda).
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Re: What would your spouse do for dinner?

DH is as least as good a cook as I am, probably better. However when its just him and DD1 he keeps it simple. KD, or hot dogs and fries, chicken strips and veggies, something he know DD1 will eat without a fight. We havn't mealplanned in a while, but if I had left one, he could follow it.
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Re: What would your spouse do for dinner?

DH & I both love cooking, and he is the better baker of the two of us.

While we tend towards trying different things, we have communal cookbooks and he could (& probably would) follow the meal plan. I'm more likely to change the menu last minute based on a whim or mood.

He does do weird things for breakfast for our toddlers, though: olives, pickles.... today they were eating green peas with banana & raisin bread.
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Re: What would your spouse do for dinner?

My DH is not too bad with knowing how to make food. My oldest son (almost 11) can even make some meals on his own. We split up the week were my DH cooks weekends, I have 2 days a week I help our two youngest one day a week each and my oldest does one night a week mostly on his own. This last week my oldest made us smothered pork chops, mashed potatoes and mixed veggies. The potatoes were a bit lumpy, and the pork chops were a bit dry, but for an almost 11 year old it was a great meal.
I have a cookbook made up of our more popular meals so that they do not have to constantly ask me how to make stuff.
For things like pizza my DH would probably make my oldest make the dough, because he makes better dough then DH, but they would survive and be able to follow the majority of any meal plan I made up.
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Re: What would your spouse do for dinner?

Now don't get me wrong, the kids would have been fed. It would have been more like all day grazing on cheese, fruit, oatmeal, etc. He probably would have gone through all the fruit, veggies, and pasta in the house before he went to the store to get kraft easy Mac, frozen pizza and other convenience foods that I don't always keep in the house.

I did realize that had this happened during grill season, no problem. He would have been able to cook no problem. He would have thawed out a turkey, smoked it, and had turkey all week, probably with whatever raw cut up veggies or fruit he felt like. Oh and we have potatoes, so he probably would have thrown some potatoes on the grill too.
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I've been teaching him I to cook for years just in case of this, he'd probably splurge a little on eating out maybe once a week, but generally he'd be good. Mac and cheese from scratch, scratch pizza ( he makes crust better than me), bunches of pasta dishes, turkey tacos...the list goes on. And of course the grill...grilled veggies are awesome.
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Re: What would your spouse do for dinner?

Originally Posted by FernHollow View Post
My DH would probably make simple things like spaghetti, some other kind of pasta, mini pizzas, soft tacos. He has solid basic cooking skills, but tends to keep things pretty simple and likely would just serve raw veggies on the side.
Pretty much this.

The first night would probably be mcDonald's unless I specifically stated do not do that But after that, it would be basic foods and raw veggies- which is fine
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