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Originally Posted by keen1981 View Post
Let me ask this.

Where do you think your list pet SHOULD go?

Do you have ANY idea what is costs to run a shelter?

Most people who go beyond the 10day holds DO NOT want their pets. Pets can not be held indefinitely. Due to cost and due to the fact that they are not a material item. They have needs.

What happened in this situation was sad. I agree. But I am guessing this pet was not chipped. Nor did grandma look for pet. That is clear. If either of the above things took place, the pet would be with owner. What if owner was on cruise?!?? Owner should have picked a responsible pet sitter who would actually LOOK for pet. The first Step? Call shelters. Everyone knows that.

Now, let's pretend we can 'hold' a doggie until his Owner appears. Who pays that bill? Owner did not 'consent' to the fees. So they often abandon pet anyways.

This is HOW it works people. The shelter did what it could/should to SAVE a life. The previous (not rightful) should be thankful their pet lives.

And also- the term rightful is NOT the previous owner. That was proved in a court of law here. I know that case very well and it was very very similar to this case.

You can not expect anything of new owner outside of loving and caring for her new pet. I find it incredibly sad people are acting like she stole this dog. I work with lots of rescue dogs, shelters and owners turning their pets in or abandoning them.

Don't like the system? Donate money to shelters. A lot of money. So they can hold dogs indefinitely to be sure no owner appears. For that 1% chance that an owner appears after adoption.
Totally agree


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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Originally Posted by NotLad View Post
It's possible they didn't have access to a phone (cruise ship or abroad) or grandma didn't tell them the dog was missing until they returned.

It's also possible that the shelter was contacted and the owners were falsely told the animal wasn't there. Happens a lot here.

I'd return the dog.
While this is possible. I was told she was out of town "a couple" days. Not 10. Today was the first day she contacted the shelter. The shelter has a website. It is a very small shelter. I typed in chihuahua and she came right up on the first page. ANY looking on their part would have found the dog immedietly.

Also, with the teeth, it is baby teeth actually growing out of the top of her gums. Completely out of the place teeth should be at all. They should have been pulled out years ago. She also has very inflamed gums and dirty teeth which is less of an obvious need.

We shall see how this all goes. I will not keep a dog if the home is loving and decent and even somewhat responsible. If it is not, then I probably will. She will have to drive several hours to come get the dog and will have to pay for her spay. If she loves her dog, this will not be an issue. I would drive where ever I had to for one of my dogs. If she was still in the shelter, she would be paying them no less then $200 in fines so she would be getting a deal.
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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
It has been less than two weeks and the owner was out of town. I would suspect the owner was unaware that the dog was missing for at least half of that time if not more. Even if they were aware there is not much one could do out of town. I would say the original owner of a LOST/STOLEN pet is always the "rightful" owner. DH and I had an amazing dog that we loved to pieces when we were first married. We let him out to play (Fenced yard)one day and he just disappeared We are assuming he was stolen . We searched everywhere we could think of for months to no avail . If we found him tomorrow, we would want him back even if he was living with a nice family.
Wow, that is really surprising to me. I can't imagine expecting my dog back after all that time. I guess to me that seems selfish. No matter how wonderful of owners you were if dog is now established in a new home I don't understand expecting it back. To me that seems to be about what you want not what is best for the animal. I know that animals don't have the same rights as people but I don't think they should be treated like they have no feelings.
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Another note: most pets are excited to see owners. Even abused pets. Their love is unconditional. So you can not use that as a gauge as to how well loved, cared for, or treasured a dog is. Their love is unwavering.

My adopted rescue dog sees his previous owners at Christmas each year. They had to give him up, but are now in a position to have him back. They have no asked though. They have only asked to see him once a year and they come and have a cup of coffee and play with him. They love him so much and SEE how much we love him. They did what was best for him back then- and are doing it now. He rescued ME 2 years ago.

Not applicable to this story per se but honestly pets love. My dog goes crazy when they come. But is happy when they return him from a walk. He loves them and me. It is what it is. People wouldn't rescue dogs if there was a stimulation that previous owners could come back and it's the 'right thing to do' to return the dog. Kwim? Who wants that pain?
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I think you should give it back. The owner didn't loose the dog. As soon as the owner was able to look for the dog, they did.

Maybe "technically" it could be considered yours at this point, but it would eat at my conscience to decide not to give someone else's dog back to them. What if there are kids missing her???

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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

I'd keep it.
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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Just because the dog isn't spayed or chipped doesn't make the owner irresponsible. The dog could have had a medical reason for not being spayed (yes there are dogs that have medical conditions to where any surgery is dangerous). As for bad teeth, there are genetic reasons. Doesn't mean dog isn't being taken care of.

The owner wasn't home. It doesn't matter if the dog would have been euthanized or not, it wasn't, and she is here now and looking for her dog. It is not her fault that her Grandmother was irresponsible (and the owner probably thought she was responsible, sometimes you just don't know until it happens). One of my dogs has gotten out before, and the shelter was not the first place I called/looked. Luckily a local Sherrif knew the dog was ours, picked her up and brought her back home a few hours later (I wasn't home originally as I was out looking for her). Dogs get loose sometimes, it happens, doesn't make someone a irresponsible owner.

Since where you live the dog is legally yours, I would meet with the owner and make sure she truly is responsible. I wouldn't be assuming anything about her until you've met her and see the living conditions. It's certainly possible she's irresponsible, but again, the few things listed here doesn't make her so based on just that.
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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

Originally Posted by oregonmom View Post
I don't think I would give it back. This dog would be dead if you had not adopted it, so really it is too late to claim it now.

My FIL adopted a dog about a year ago. About 6 months ago he found out that it belong to a guy that was military and had been on a tour in Afganistan. The guy left his dog with a friend and the friend got tired of taking care of it so he abandoned it in the woods. The guy who owned the dog before is just grateful that this dog is in a loving home. My FIL and this guy have gotten together at a local dog part a few times so the guy can play with the dog.
now in that case, I think i would give the dog back... but thats cause I am sad for most military personal seeing so much bad stuff, their dog is a calming thing for them.
but again in the posters case, I would keep it.

perhaps make a poll as you already have 6 pages of responses in just a few hrs.

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Give the dog back! I'd be devistated if one if my pets went missing while I was gone. Devastated!!

You don't know the situation. In 2009 my cat was picked up. I went to get him an they told me I had to wait 2 days for whatever paper reasons. I go back and he is "gone".

The person wants the dog back, obviously they care.
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Re: My new dog has an owner, wwyd?

A couple of weeks ago my dog got out and went missing. I was freaking out, up all night getting the word out through our community trying to find him. The very next morning I picked him up from animal control about 45 minutes away. I love my dog very much, and I can't imagine waiting that long no matter the circumstance is to find him. Keep the dog and clear your mind of any hesitation. You are doing/did the right thing.
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