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Any professional moms or moms in school?

Hi! I'm a veterinarian and am now in school working on my PhD. I almost done and was planning to graduate in May, however I am due with my first baby on April 7th.
Has anyone gone through grad school with a baby? I have this idealist view that I will be able to write my dissertation while baby sleeps or try to cram it all in before baby comes. Now I'm thinking of pushing back my graduation date.
Not too mention I will also have to job hunt as well.
Guess I'm already feeling the pressure of balancing work and family.


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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

I'm a psychologist. I had my babies WAY after grad school, thank goodness, but I had colleagues who were having babies during. I honestly can't imagine how they did it. Just given the sleep (or lack thereof) issue with a new babe, I would def suggest getting as much done before baby comes as you can. If you push off graduation date, no telling when everything will eventually get done. ;-)
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I had my first daughter end of February 2012 and had to do my masters thesis in May as well as take my pediatric dental board exams in April of the same year. It is possible but you have to buckle down and do it. I was studying or writing my thesis anytime baby was sleeping.
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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

Babies sleep less and less as they get older. My husband and sister both have graduate degrees and both had to have their dissertations done before graduating. If you are due early April, I would aim to have as much done as possible in advance and then do whatever it takes to graduate in May. Take advantage of the newborn sleepiness. If you push back graduating you will likely have even less time available later, and you could be trading 6 weeks of stress and difficulty for years of having an unfinished degree.

My husband completed his degree but never took his boards. His first employer straight after graduating allowed him to practice with a provisional license with the understanding that he would get fully licensed within a year. But less than a year later he was promoted to a management position and has never gone back to practicing. He has continued to get promotions so thing are going great in his job, but he can't take the boards if he isn't practicing. That was 8 years ago and he said he probably couldn't even pass anymore because he is so out of practice. Which means his graduate degree basically went to waste and he no longer has it as a backup if he needed it. I remember pushing him to take the boards after graduating, but we were having a baby and convinced that we would have more time later when the baby was older--ha! We had sooooooo much more time back then.

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I was in undergrad when I had mine and I am glad I pushed thgrough. She was a january baby so I took semester off but went through summers to graduate on time. I couldn't imagine going back now. If you have help do use it. It depends on little one too. My second I would have been fine with but my son would have been a struggle.
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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

I have a PhD. My kids were much later, but I did have colleagues that had kids in school. However, if you are planning on graduating in May, almost everything should be done by April anyway. At my school, if you were planning to graduate in May, you had to have the official final copy of the dissertation submitted to the graduate school by April 14th. I'd plan to step it up and have everything done by April 1st. That would mean a defense in mid-March so there is a couple weeks to make changes your committee may ask for. That also means you'll probably need to get a copy to your committee by March 1st so they have time to pretend to read it. That may sound daunting, but babies are daunting and if you put it off, it is likely to never get done. Good luck!
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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

I'm a 3rd year medical student. Had a baby in my 2nd semester. Making it work
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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

I defended my dissertation while over 8 months pregnant in Veterinary Pathobiology. It was not easy, but you just kind of go to autopilot while everything is happening. I graduated when the lo turned 1 mo old and I am still working on getting papers out. I still have to type one handed while breastfeeding or I will take her to friend's house and let them hold her while I type for an hour or two. Getting things done while the baby sleeps is a far fetched dream, so get as much done before he/she comes! Good luck with everything!
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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

For typing while nursing: I like the iPad voice recognition. I don't have software for saving stuff, so I email myself then clean it all up when baby allows.
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Re: Any professional moms or moms in school?

I was in school with my first and I was able to get work done on naps but probably not as much as I hoped. You have to imagine that you will have lots of 20 minute bits of time. For me, it took me 10 minutes to get re-focused and then only had 10 minutes to get something done before I had to nurse or pee or eat.

If you have help - definitely take it. It is ideal not to have to delay graduation. Family members love to help and sometimes feel special being asked so take advantage. even if it's just for 1-2 hours every couple of days so that you can have a larger time period to focus.

Good luck!
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